Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap of Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Lu Lu tells Xi Chen that Ye Lin rejected the drama of top director, and he reminds her that she is a manager not assistant. He thinks it’s Ye Lin’s turning point of his career, and Lu Lu accepts it. But Ye Lin shows up and claims that he won’t film the drama of top director.

Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

Love Cures All

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Lu Lu tells Ye Lin to accept it as she thinks it’s a chance to him. But he wants to put all of his energy in the advertising of Jianai apartment. Lu Lu doesn’t know who she should listen to, Xi Chen reminds her that she is the manager of Mei Shan and tells her to protect the profit of the company. But Ye Lin tells Lu Lu that she is his manager and asks her to protect his profit.

Xi Chen and Ye Lin pick An Jie up, but she doesn’t choose them. Xiao Xiao tells Ya Li that she is the future wife of Ye Lin in her mind. She thinks Ye Lin disappointed her, and apologizes to her for Ye Lin. Ya Lin thinks the love is ended, but Xiao Xiao points out that Ya Li still loves Ye Lin. She tells her not to give up Ye Lin, and Ye Lin shows up. He asks Xiao Xiao if she starves, and she wants to go out to eat. He agrees with it.

An Jie returns home, and Yu Ling runs to welcome her. But she tells him to keep some distance so that they can get along well. He trips on the stairs, and she finds out that his leg is in red. Yu Lin thinks An Jie likes him, but she denies. So he asks her to hug him. Xi Chen shows up and hugs Yu Ling. He tells him that An Jie’s hand isn’t good. An Jie tells Xi Chen to apply some ointment on Yu Ling’s knee, and she leaves.

Ye Lin takes Ya Li and Xiao Xiao to eat, and Xiao Xiao gets the shrimp for Ya Li. But Ye Lin takes the shrimp away and shares that Ya Li is allergy to shrimp. Ya Li smiles.

President Xu gives out the idea in the meeting room, and tells young people to buy the apartment instead of being entanglement in love. But Ye Lin says that he doesn’t want to buy the apartment after seeing the advertising. President Xu tells Ye Lin not to mess things up, and Ye Lin says that he won’t film the advertising. An Jie shows up, and Qing Yu introduces An Jie as Zhen Lin’s daughter. She shares that she invited her to give out an idea.

But people only see the trees and flowers in An Jie’s scheme. She explains that it’s environmental protection. Ye Lin stops people mocking at An Jie, and Qing Yu asks for the specific idea of An Jie. An Jie shares her slogan: moving shadow of tree is the clock of returning home. But nobody applauds except Ye Lin. Xi Chen thinks An Jie’s slogan contains artistic conception, and tells her to continue. She shares that she likes the house, which is around by trees and flowers. So she thinks the young people will like it. But President Xu thinks it’s not advertising.

Xi Chen asks Qing Yu if she arranged An Jie to take part in the project of Jianai apartment, she tells him not to be nervous because it’s Zhen Lin’s intent. He thinks An Jie isn’t suitable for the scene with her nature, but Qing Yu points out that An Jie will manage Jian group one day. She says that she just helped Zhen Lin train An Jie in advance, and confesses that she has treated her as biological daughter. But An Jie didn’t accept her. Qing Yu wishes An Jie to know her efforts. Xi Chen thinks it wrongs Qing Yu.

An Jie calls Jia Zhen and asks her to accompany her. Jia Zhen agrees and offers to meet up at the shop. Xi Chen shows up and tells An Jie not to feel stressful because she isn’t regular employee. She thinks he came to mock at her, and he admits that her performance entertained him. He expects her next performance, and thinks she likes to escape when she wants to walk away. He tells her not to take part in the advertising creative meeting, and thinks she will shame Jian family.

An Jie complains to Jia Zhen that Xi Chen mocked at her, and Jia Zhen tells An Jie to ignore the scheme. An Jie doesn’t want Xi Chen to look down on her, and Jia Zhen mentions Xi Chen lost Tairui. An Jie asks Jia Zhen how to make a scheme, which everyone will approve. Jia Zhen offers to ask Xiao Di, and they see the the woman cries to her boyfriend. She wants to know if he will put down his work if she jumps off. He says that he cannot afford the house so that he has to work hard. She reminds him that it’s family when he returns.

Jia Zhen sighs that many lovers part for the house, and An Jie mentions most people think it’s family when they live in the big house. She thinks family is simple with love, and remembers Xi Chen told her that happiness won’t give up her when she doesn’t give up happiness. An Jie realizes that Xi Chen reminded her to move people with advertising.

Lu Lu asks Ye Lin to take a look at the scheme of the drama, and tells him that she will be fired by Xi Chen if Ye Lin doesn’t take part in. He claims that he won’t accept it except advertising. But Lu Lu reveals Xi Chen asked her to sign the contract. He asks her who is her boss, and she says that he is her boss. She points out that he wants to take part in the creative meeting and she asked for leave for him to the crew.

Nian Yi thinks Xi Chen is the real winner of the purchase war as he sold Tairui and became large shareholder. Xi Chen asks An Jie to eat and is surprised that she made the scheme so perfect. An Jie runs to take away her laptop, and thinks he wanted to delete her scheme. He laughs and points out that it won’t benefit him. She tells him to get out, and he thinks it’s untruthfulness. She yells at him and asks him to get lost, but she realizes that he is right.

Yu Ling invites An Jie to drink tea with them, and Xi Chen thinks Yu Lin wants to live in the house with love. An Jie remembers Elvis described the house with cookies and candies. She returns her room, and Yu Ling asks Xi Chen what he said as he doesn’t understand it.

Ye Lin tells Pao Zheng that he kept An Jie with provoking, and reveals he provoked her to take part in the advertising. Piao Zheng thinks An Jie did it for her dad, and Ye Lin wonders why she doesn’t speak out since she cares for her dad. He thinks he helped her, and Piao Zheng worries if An Jie can deal with the advertising. Ye Lin claims he will help her, but Piao Zheng says that he worries about her because Ye Lin is there. Ye Lin glares at Piao Zheng, and Piao Zheng reveals he is the stepson of An Jie’s aunt. He tells him that he won’t let anyone hurt his younger sister.

Ye Lin worries that someone will hurt An Jie because he offered to break up first. Piao Zhen wonders why Ye Lin and An Jie broke up, and Ye Lin shares that he was self-abasement. He says that he was poor and didn’t have any money to go overseas with An Jie. So he said breaking up to keep An Jie, but she left for six years.

Xi Chen tells the driver Lao Wang that he will drive An Jie, and Lao Wang drives away. Xi Chen tells An Jie that Lao Wang left, and she mentions Lao Wang promised to drive her. She realizes that she will be late, and Xi Chen tells her to get in his car. He drives her to the company and thinks she doesn’t have courage to walk in. He thinks her scheme is very mediocrity, and she is furious to walk in the building.

An Jie tells the story about a poor boy and a rich girl’s love. The poor boy wants to earn money to buy the rich girl a big house. But she thinks the home is there when he is there. Ye Lin remembers he wanted to buy An Jie a big house, but she only wanted him.

An Jie adds that the boy neglects the girl and her heart for earning money, and she leaves. He buys the house one day, but he can only says to the empty house that he comes back. He sees the girl showing up at the gate, and they hug each other.

An Jie tells the slogan: Jianai apartment, simple and happy home. People applaud.

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