Love Is Sweet: Episode 9 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 9. The masked man asks Jiang Jun where she goes and tells her to give her phone to him. He robs her bag and runs away. She chases him to the corner. He asks her why she chased him. She tries to take back her bag. But he pushes her over and runs away.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 9 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 9.

Jiang Jun sees the blood on her hands, and tells herself not to cry. Yuan Shuai calls Jiang Jun, but she doesn’t pick up his phone. He sees her walking with a stagger, and runs downstairs to hug her. He asks her what happened. She tells him not to stare at him, and thinks she’s going to cry. He carries her.

Yuan Shuai treats Jiang Jun’s leg and asks her if it’s hurt. She says yes, and he asks her to show her hands to him. He’s careful to treat her hands and asks her if she feels better. She says yes. He asks her if she means that Wan Shan used his power to sleep with Tang Xin, and the place is the secret room next to Wan Shan’s office.

Jiang Jun nods. Yuan Shuai asks her about the evidence Tang Xin gave her. She says that it was in her phone, and the phone was robbed by the thug. He is furious to tell her to rest at home and he will ask for leave for her to the company. He tells her not to step in the business of Wan Shan and Tang Xin.

Jiang Jun is against it. Yuan Shuai points out that she shouldn’t care for the dangerous thing when she cannot take care of herself well. She talks back that the thug was hurt as well. He thinks she is stupid and thugs won’t rob at the street. He tells her that the thug was hired by Wan Shan, and Wan Shan is watching on the movement of Jiang Jun and Wan Shan.

Yuan Shuai tells Jiang Jun that she will make herself more dangerous if she’s close to Tang Xin. She says that she cannot let the thing go. He tells her that it won’t cared by her. She’s furious to get up and tells him not to care for her. She says that she will find the evidence back herself. She leaves his house. He tells her not to go out and promises to look for the phone for her. But she says that she doesn’t listen to it, and closes the door.

Xu Li looks for Li Xiaochuan and remembers the words that she can find the person through six persons. She asks the girl if she knows Li Xiaochuan. The girl says yes and reveals Xiao Chuan is the Male God in the school. Xu Li learns that there’re many people liking him. The girl admits it. Xu Li asks the girl if she knows the place Li Xiaochuan likes to stay.

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