Love the Way You Are Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

This is the recap of Love the Way You Are Chinese Drama Episode 2. Dong Sheng cooks for Uncle Gu, and Uncle Gu thinks the taste is like the one his master made. But Dong Sheng drains it as he knows that he fails again according to Uncle Gu’s expression.

Love the Way You Are Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Love the Way You Are Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love the Way You Are Chinese Drama Episode 2.

Dong Sheng cooks for Uncle Gu, and Uncle Gu thinks the taste is like the one his master made. But Dong Sheng drains it as he knows that he fails again according to Uncle Gu’s expression.

Uncle Gu thinks it’s hard to get back the taste what Dong Sheng’s dad cooked, and comforts Dong Sheng that he will make it when he is rehabilitation. Dong Sheng says that he tried many methods but it didn’t work. He won’t give up as he wants to complete the career his dad didn’t do.

Eva checks the footage and thinks the cook caused her calorie overload because he used whole milk. She tells Xiao Nan that she doesn’t get fat after eating Dong Sheng’s foods.

Xiao Nan reminds what Eva said that she doesn’t want to see Dong Sheng. She wants to find the reason why she didn’t get fat. But he doesn’t want to be related to Dong Sheng.

Yi Ren visits Xiao Nan and wishes Eva to be the spokeswoman of their group. She gives the contract to him, but he puts the contract into the shredder.

Xiao Nan tells Yi Ren that Eva is the fairy who is only intake of 1,000 calories per day, and she won’t endorse dirty restaurant. He says that he blacklists their group because of what Dong Sheng did on Eva.

Yi Ren says that it was a misunderstanding, but Xiao Nan asks her to tell Dong Sheng that he will never cooperate with him. She smiles to agree to it, but thinks Xiao Nan is a jerk.

Yi Ren thinks Dong Sheng is more cute than Xiao Nan, although Dong Sheng is the outstanding person in potholing.

Dong Sheng wonders why Xiao Nan didn’t satisfy when he offered 10 times of the price. Yi Ren wants to visit Xiao Nan again, but Dong Sheng rejects it as he never begs someone else to cooperate. He asks Yi Ren to arrange an activity.

Eva starves and mistakes the man’s head as food. She asks Xiao Nan why she got illusion, and bites his fingers.

Xiao Nan is surprised that Eva bit him, and she says that she will have no moral when she is hungry. Eva sees the video that Dong Sheng intends to give the foretaste event.

Eva wants to try if she will get fat after eating Dong Sheng’s foods. Xiao Nan rejects it. She complains that she hasn’t eaten any carbohydrate in the past ten years. He threatens to tell company that she will drop out stage since she wants to be a happy fat person.

Eva thinks Xiao Nan isn’t a human since he knows that she won’t give up her dream. He prefers her not to be a model, and doesn’t want her to see Dong Sheng. She swears just going to eat Dong Sheng’s foods, and will never be moved by him.

Xiao Nan asks Eva to swear not to see Dong Sheng again, and she says that she will become meat made dumplings next life if she sees Dong Sheng.

Eva wears sunglasses showing up, and thinks Dong Sheng’s looks is deceptive. She says that she wouldn’t come if it wasn’t for experiment. She tells heaven not to take the oath seriously as she was helpless.

Yi Ren asks Ni Hao to take photos of Dong Sheng and send them to social media. He agrees to it and thinks Dong Sheng can get fans with his looks. But Yi Ran asks for very perfect.

Yi Ren cheers Dong Sheng up and tells him to keep smiling. Ni Hao reminds Yi Ren to take a look at Eva’s eating, and thinks she will make the company go bankrupt. Yi Ren asks Ni Hao to give Eva extra portion and get photographer to take photos of what Eva eats.

Eva feels great and thinks the feelings of intake 1,000 calories is like the pinnacle of life. She finds out that she doesn’t get fat, and wants to eat more.

Eva gets changed and intends to get another portion. The man invites her to the east area, and she mistakes it as leading actor halo.

Eva goes to take food but Dong Sheng recognizes her after taking off her kerchief. Eva is asked to explain why she is there. Dong Sheng says that Eva’s appearing is just a special section of the event. He catches the chance to hug her shoulder when people applaud, and tells them that Eva will be spokeswoman.

Eva asks Dong Sheng why he is doing. He says that there isn’t any free lunch in the world.

Eva rushes into the gym and casts the balls to Xiao Nan. She asks him why he abandoned her. He reveals the light group will be the sponsor of world angel when she wants to be a world angel. She mentions what he said that he will ask her to quit if she goes to see Dong Sheng.

Eva asks Xiao Nan why he wanted her to be spokeswoman, and thinks he concealed something from her. He mentions what she said not to see Dong Sheng again, and she thinks he shouldn’t see her death without saving her. She thinks he fears Dong Sheng, but he says that he wants to help her.

Xiao Nan says that he cannot stand it since Dong Sheng keeps bullying Eva. She wants Dong Sheng to be on knees under her skirt, and gets him to tell the secret of eating without weight, and dumps him. Xiao Nan reminds Eva not to fall into same cesspit twice. She says that he will take everything back belonging to her from Dong Sheng.

Yi Ren tells Dong Sheng that the event is very successful, and she reveals there is another sponsor competition with them for world angel. Dong Sheng wants to know the competitor, and Yi Ren thinks the competitor will attend the party holden by Mr. Wang. Dong Sheng wants to take Eva to attend the party.

Xiao Nan tells Yi Ren that Mr. Wang only invites his close friends to the party, and he says that he can call the person dad if he gives him the invitation. Dong Sheng asks Eva to attend Mr. Wang’s party, and tells her that his secretary to pick her up.

Eva claims someone will drive her there, and tells Xiao Nan that he will see his dad.

Xiao Nan drops Eva, and blames her for her dressing up. She says that men are animals to visual sense, and she wants to catch each change to hook up with Dong Sheng, taking her revenge.

Ni Hao takes Eva to Dong Sheng’s room, and Dong Sheng warns her not to touch his photo frame. Eva reminds herself that Dong Sheng is a jerk.

Eva finds out that Dong Sheng’s drinks tastes terrible, and puts more ingredients into the drinks. But he is fine after drinking it.

Dong Sheng learns that his competitor is Gao Quan, and tells him that he cannot take away the sponsorship. Gao Quan tells Dong Sheng to see who will laughs til the end.

The cook tells Gao Quan’s man Mr. Yang that he put the alkali into Dong Sheng’s food, and Mr. Wang will knows Dong Sheng losing his sense of taste.

Eva and Gao Quan spit the soup, and Mr. Wang calls the cook. The cook explains that he mistook the alkali as salt, and Mr. Wang asks his men to take away the cook.

Mr. Wang tells Dong Sheng to send Eva to hospital. Dong Sheng asks Eva when he knew Gao Quan’s scheme.

It’s flashback. Eva hears Mr. Yang and the cook’s talk, and she exchanged Dong Sheng and Gao Quan’s dishes.

Eva tells Dong Sheng that she did it for herself, and thinks Gao Quan wouldn’t eat his evil fruit if she told Dong Sheng early. She tells Dong Sheng that she didn’t eat for him, and asks him to cook for her.

Dong Sheng cooks for Eva, and he asks her to keep the secret for him. He intends to wipe off the food from her face, but she avoids it.

Dong Sheng remembers he wiped off the rice from Yuan Yuan’s nose, and gives the tissue to Eva.

Eva asks Dong Sheng how he lost her sense of taste, and he says that he had an accident when he was a child. She learns why he transfers the food into liquid diets, and thinks the food doesn’t contain soul.

Dong Sheng agrees to it and says that he likes to watch people’s expression after they ate his food. She learns why he minds people’s opinions to his food.

Dong Sheng apologizes to Eva as he thought she wants to hype. But he finds out that she knows food deeply than he thought. She brags that she took part in many food shows.

Dong Sheng thinks what Eva said is right that her food is like made by robot, and the feeling is too luxurious to him. She accepts his apology and drinks with him.

The two are drunk, and they sleep in the bed. Eva tells Dong Sheng that he is a jerk with good looking face. He agrees to it and reveals he is a jerk who hurt the person he liked. She puts her palm on his face, and is surprised that he had someone he liked. He thinks what he likes is himself, but he says that he likes Yuan Yuan and kisses her.

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