Misty Kdrama Recap: Episode 2

In the second episode of Misty Kdrama Recap, Go Hye-Ran is hit after her mother died and she lost the position on News Nine. She gets the interview from Kevin Lee, but Jang Gyu-Seok still isn’t intention to let her to be anchor of News Nine.

Misty Kdrama Recap: Episode 2


Go Hye-Ran is shocked that the man Lee Jae-Young she dumped becomes Kevin Lee. His wife Seo Eun-Joo wants to meet her husband after knowing he is lawyer. Then Go Hye-Ran appears in her mother’s funeral with his husband, her friends think she is awful as she doesn’t cries and guess she got the special makeup from the salon. Han Ji-Won replaces her position and Oh Dae-Woong was pleased about it.

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Go Hye-Ran vomits in the bathroom as she ate too much foods. Kang Tae-Wook thinks she shouldn’t care other people’s thinking, she sneers at his dress instead and reveals Jang Gyu-Seok will bring his team to visit him, she will introduce him as the former prosecutor. He likes her tone as his Hye Ran is back.

Go Hye Ran recalls Eun Joo gives her her number while meeting at the airport, she asks to interview Kevin Lee after Eun Joo arrives. She breaks into the office, Jang Gyu-Seok and Oh Dae-Woong are talking about Han Ji-Won’s performing. Jang Gyu-Seok lets her have rest for more days and reveals he cannot wait for her too long.

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Kevin Lee and his wife appear, Jang Gyu-Seok is excited and praised by president, then he announces that Go Hye-Ran is going to replace Han Ji-Won in the next news nine. Han Ji-Won thinks Kwak Ki-Seok cares only Go Hye-Ran and didn’t tell her Kevin Lee’s comeback, but he reveals he lost him at the airport. She doesn’t believe what he said.

Go Hye-Ran takes the questions to look for Seo Eun-Joo and breaks into Kevin Lee’s room when he is changing clothes, she gives him the questions and warns him not to give irrelevant answer. He reveals he isn’t intention to make fun on here. Seo Eun-Joo blames his husband for changing clothes in front of her friend.

Kang Tae-Wook has a dinner with his mother who asks him whether or not Go Hye-Ran made breakfast for him, he claims they are busy and don’t have time to make it. She reveals Go Hye-Ran is replaced by other anchor because of her mother’s funeral and thinks she should leave and have baby.

Go Hye-Ran is nervous and fears Kevin Lee exposed their relationship on the broadcasting. Kevin Lee reminds her that she looked down on him and dumped him before while she asks him the questions, but he did a great job and gave her a perfect interview.

Jang Gyu-Seok decides to open a new project and invites Kevin Lee as the guest, Kevin Lee tells him that he will consider it if Go Hye-Ran joins him. Jang Gyu-Seok accepts it. Go Hye-Ran asks Jang Gyu-Seok why he still lets Han Ji-Won host News Nine since she brought Kevin Lee to him and thinks Han Ji-Won gave him the benefit. He asks her, “Did I get any profit from you since I let you to be the anchor of News Nine before?”

Kevin Lee looks for Go Hye-Ran’s suggestion about Jang Gyu-Seok’s offer, she tells him that the interview is enough and he doesn’t have to. Seo Eun-Joo thinks his husband was nervous in front of camera, but he feels comfortable while the anchor is Go Hye-Ran.

Han Ji-Won thinks Seo Eun-Joo is very luck as she got Kevin Lee and worries about her position in News Nine, as Han Ji-Won is her classmate. Kevin Lee and Seo Eun-Joo act like a perfect couple in front of camera while shooting, Han Ji Won feels uncomfortable. Seo Eun-Joo wants to have a dinner with Kang Tae-Wook, but Hye Ran rejects it and reveals she needs to tie things up at News Nine, Eun Joo reveals she watches the show because of her.

Ji Won gets a cup of coffee for Kevin Lee while seeing him staying at the office alone. He guesses she is the anchor who got Hye Ran’s position at News Nine and asks her, “Did everyone get the coffee?” She replies, “No! It’s only for special person like you.” Then Hye Ran and Gyu Seok run into them.

Tae-Wook and Ki-Chan run into Eun-Joo at the restaurant, Ki-Chan recognizes she is Kevin Lee’s wife who is calling Hye Ran to drive her husband home. Hye Ran is intention to reveal this message to Ji Won. Ji Won kisses Kevin Lee in his car. Eun Joo calls Hye Ran after her husband doesn’t return home, but Hye Ran doesn’t pick up the call.

Gyu Seok yells at Ji Won about the kissing photos of she and Kevin in the car and orders Dae-Woong to get Hye Ran right now, although he reveals she got a sick. Hye Ran promises Song-Yi a new car while they are siting in the car, Song Yi thinks she is a awful girl.

Ji Won knows what Hye Ran did on her and asks the relationship between her and Kevin Lee, and knows there is a problem after Hye Ran didn’t give her a answer. Ki-Joon lets her give him a answer after showing the photo of woman’s brooch which he found in the scene of car accident.

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