Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Mountains and Ocean episode 1. Ye Miao drives through the mountain nearby the ocean. He says, “Human’s memory is stubborn to choose to remember the important people or things. I can pretend that everything is passed, and can forget someone else’s evil action and hurt. But I cannot forget you.” He stops his car while seeing Rui Ning.

Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Mountains and Ocean

Six years ago.

In the auditorium, Hua Hua tells Rui Ling to see the person in white and thinks he is handsome. But Rui Ning only sees their backs, and thinks it will be ugly when Hua Hua says it’s handsome. The person Ye Lin turns around, and Rui Ning sees his sunny face. She recognizes him and remembers she saw the man playing violin from his back. She remembered she played violin with him, and went to look for him. But he had left.

Rui Ning tells herself that she won’t miss it this time. The two girls think Shen Zhen is pretty, and Shen Zhen smiles. They think her skirt is famous brand.

Hua Hua notes that Rui Ning is staring at Ye Lin, and tells her to wipe her saliva. She moves her head and makes her face her. She tells her that Ye Lin belongs to her.

Rui Ning asks Hua Hua if her grade is better than her, and Hua Hua points out that Rui Ning’s grade is last like her. So Rui Ning says that her legs are longer than her.

Hua Hua thinks Ye Lin has a girlfriend, but Rui Ning thinks he has it when she appears. Hua Hua pinches Rui Ning’s face and thinks she has a thick hide.

Shen Zhen begins to give mobilization speech. Hua Hua reminds Rui Ning that she is the sprint champion, and intends to rush to confess. She tells her that she needs to confess if she wants to be fast than her.

Hua Hua notes that Ye Lin is going to leave, and Rui Ning confesses to Ye Lin that she likes him. But Ye Miao points out that Ye Lin doesn’t like Rui Ning.

It’s flashback. Rui Ning runs to Ye Miao and asks him to stop the stuff. He finds out that the goose rushes to him, and runs away. But Rui Ning closes the door, and Ye Miao gets bitten by goose.

Ye Miao asks Rui Ning if she remembers it, and she pretends not to meet him. Hua Hua introduces Ye Miao as Ye Lin’s younger brother, and Rui Ning praises Ye Miao that he is very handsome.

Shen Zhen forgets the lines, and President thinks Shen Zhen ruined the ceremony. But Shen Zhen thinks the one who ruined it was Rui Ning. President thinks Shen Zhen has terrible psychological quality because she forgot the lines because of Rui Ning.

President blames Shen Zhen for wearing famous brand skirt while giving speech, and asks her if she wants to tell people that her student subsidies used to buy clothes. Shen Zhen explains that the skirt was bought by her mom, and she knows nothing about famous brand.

President reminds Shen Zhen to have the looks of poor student, but Shen Zhen questions President if she needs to wear the necklace to tell people that she is a poor student. President Fang Yuan calls teacher and asks to cancel the application form of poor student.

Shen Zhen runs through the street and hits Ye Miao by mistake. He notes that she is crying, and tears up her skirt. He thinks it’s good looking, and tells her not to thank him.

Rui Ning tells Hua Hua to buy snacks for two hours, and Hua Hua realizes that Rui Ning asks her to leave so that she can visit Ye Lin. Rui Ning lies that she is in the bathroom, and Hua Hua asks Rui Ning to flush. Rui Ning tells Hua Hua that she and Ye Lin are destined to be lovers, and reveals she saw him in seven years ago.

Hua Hua thinks Rui Ning is making up a story, and asks her what happened seven years ago while sitting with the bronze statue on the bench. Rui Ning tells Hua Hua to find a destined man, and reminds her she will be hit by the thunder if she finds him.

Hua Hua doesn’t believe it, and sees the bronze statue moving to take the coin the person left. She finds out that the bronze statue is a man, who smiles at her. Hua Hua gets the feeling of being hit by thunder, and screams, thinking he is a rogue. She chases him along the street.

The man mentions Rui Ning confessed Ye Lin, and Ye Lin thinks it’s a kidding. Rui Ning takes Ye Lin away, and tells him that it was not a joke. Ye Miao shows up from the window and tells Rui Ning to release his older brother.

Rui Ning takes Ye Lin to flee to the workshop, and tells him that she met him seven years ago. The headmaster takes the women walking in while praising Ye Lin. He notes the two stay in the workshop alone, and Ye Lin calls his mother. Rui Ning calls mom as well.

Ye Lin tells Rui Ning not to call mom casually, and the women introduces Rui Ning as her daughter.

Ye Lin wants to send Mom to parking lot, but Mom wants to have a talk with him. He knows that she wants to ask him about him and Rui Ning, and promises nothing happened on them. She thinks he knew that Rui Ning is the daughter of Ning Mo, and he wants to learn ancient painting fixing from Ning Mo.

Mom is against Ye Lin to be disciple of Ning Mo, and offers to choose another master for him. He wonders why she is against Ning Mo, and she asks him if he will listen to her if she dislikes Ning Mo. He offers not to talk about it.

Hua Hua swears to find the rogue, but Rui Ning doesn’t listen to her and worries about Ye Lin. Hua Hua falls for Chen Mo, and she doesn’t know he is the rogue.

Ye Lin walks to Rui Ning, but Ye Miao tells her to get in the bus if she doesn’t want him to mention the goose. Ye Miao sits next to Rui Ning, and she reminds him that it’s Hua Hua’s seat. But thinks the seat belongs to him.

Hua Hua thinks she met Cheng Mo but she doesn’t know who he is. Rui Ning reminds Hua Hua that it’s her seat, but Hua Hua says that she can sit behind. Rui Rui asks Ye Miao to eat his candy, but he thinks she poisoned in it.

Ye Miao tells Rui Ning that he seats there is to tell her not to have a crush on Ye Lin, but she says that it’s true love. She tells him it was a misunderstanding of goose, and Teacher scolds Rui Ning for eating in the bus.

Rui Ning puts the chocolate into Ye Miao’s mouth, and Teacher turns around to ask about Ye Miao’s place since Ye Lin is the first. He cannot speak because of containing the chocolate.

Ye Lin gives the water to Shen Zhen and tells her that he likes to wear earphone to pretend to listen to the music when he doesn’t want to talk. But she says that she doesn’t.

The instructor asks the students what they got in the school for, and Rui Ning says that she got in for Ye Lin. Hua Hua and Rui Ning walk in the dormitory, and Hua Hua thinks Rui Ning wants to live with her. But she finds out that Rui Ning is arranged to live with Shen Zhen.

Rui Ning tells Shen Zhen to choose the bed, but Shen Zhen thinks Rui Ning can talk directly if she likes the bed nearby the window. Rui Ning apologizes to Shen Zhen for the ceremony, but Shen Zhen calls Wei Ning big miss.

Rui Ning tells Shen Zhen not to call her that way, and offers to pack their stuff. Shen Zhen asks Rui Ning if she wants her to pack the skirt she awarded her, and reveals Rui Ning sold the skirt to her mom. Rui Ning explains that she accepted the money is for…

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