My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 6 [Recap]

This is the recap of My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 6. Xiao Qi asks Fang Lie to help her get in the scientific research department, and he brags that he can pass anywhere with his good looking face. But he is informed that he cannot get in without the certificate. Xiao Qi blinks to Fang Lie, and he tells the guard that he is Fang Lie’s younger brother.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 6.

Xiao Qi and Fang Leng glare at each other, and Ms. Chai reminds him that his couple dolls are ready. He takes the dolls to return his seat, and Jiang Xue asks him if the dolls are for her. He says yes, and she thinks he is different from the Fang Leng she used to know. He says, “I’m not feeling well. I’ll have to go now. I’ll have Mr. Han drive you back.”

Fang Leng is surprised that Madam Zhou visits him, and asks her, “What brings you here?” She says, “I came to see Fang Lie today, but I didn’t expect that he wasn’t with you.” He replies, “Fang Lie has his own place to live and his own affairs to deal with.” She says, “I didn’t expect that you two brothers are quite alike. You’re both stubborn and don’t listen to the advice of the elders. In those days, your mother insisted on a divorce, but you didn’t agree. If she hadn’t saved you, she wouldn have…”

Fang Lie remembers his mom died in front of him, and stops Madam Zhou, “You’re not qualified to talk about my mother!” He is dizzy, and she asks him, “What’s the matter with you? Should I take you to hospital?” Mr. Han shows up and tells Madam Zhou, “Mr. Fang is not feeling well. You’d better go back first.” Mr. Han asks Fang Leng to take the pill, “Your condition seems to get worse. Should we consider Dr. Zhang’s suggestion to contact Xiaoqi?”

Fang Leng rejects it, “This is my mother punishing me. Don’t mention Xiaoqi anymore. She can’t help me.” Mr. Han disagrees, “She’s the only one who can cure you.” Fang Leng points out, “Today Aunt Zhou is coming for Fang Lie. The top priority is to deal with Fang Lie’s affair well. Tomorrow is the last day. I hope he won’t let himself down.”

Xiao Qi brings take-out to Fang Lie when he is painting, and she wants to take a look at the painting. But he stops her, “My drawing is not perfect yet. You’re here to help me guard the door. No one can come in. I’m about to finish this unmatched work in the world.” He gets a call from Fang Leng, and tells Xiao Qi not to answer.

Fang Leng is surprised that Xiao Qi answers the phone, and tells her, “You tell Fang Lie that Filner changed his flight ahead of schedule and tell him to go to the airport immediately.” But she says, “His drawing is nearly finished. How about I stalling Filner first?” He says, “It’s too late now. No matter how much he has drawed. I’m taking him to the airport right now.” She disagrees, “You go upstairs and watch Fang Lie and I’ll stall Filner.”

Xiao Qi rides motorcycle to chase Filner, and Fang Lie completes his painting. He finds out that Xiao Qi left, and sees Fang Leng. Fang Lie tells Fang Leng in the car, “She can’t go far with a scooter.” Fang Leng stops his brother, “Just figure out what to tell Filner later, okay?” Xiao Qi freezes Filner’s car, and she lies in front of the car.

Fang Lie and Fang Leng rush to Xiao Qi, and Fang Leng hugs her. Fang Lie wants to send Xiao Qi to the hospital, and Filner wants to call an ambulance. Xiao Qi wakes up, “I just got some abrasions.” She asks Fang Lie to tell Filner about his works. But Fang Leng stops her as she worries about Xiao Qi. She thinks they worked hard for the moment.

Fang Lie takes the painting and walks to Filner. Filner worries about Xiao Qi, but Fang Lie tells Filner, “What she did is to give me a chance to show you my works.” Filner laughs and asks Fang Lie to show the painting. Fang Lie says that he draws himself and it named “bullshit”. He adds that Mr. bullshit can sparkle when someone appreciates him. Xiao Qi tells Fang Leng that she will racketeer again if Fang Lie’s works doesn’t get passed. He asks her if she is ok, and asks if she did it for him or Fang Lie.

Xiao Qi thinks there is no different, but Fang Leng thinks she is stupid no matter she did it for him or his brother. She thinks the word is used to scold her, and he says that he wants to hit him. She tells him not to get angry, and says that she promised to help him. She tells him to try to rely on her. Filner tells Fang Lie that his works moved him and his friend is good. He says that he agrees to help him in the exhibition.

Xiao Qi and Fang Lie are excited in the car, and she wants to eat three bowls of rice to celebrate. Fang Lie wants to order 5 take-outs, and asks Fang Leng what dish he wants to eat. But Fang Leng doesn’t reply him. Xiao Qi tells Fang Lie that Fang Leng wanted to beat her, and Fang Lie reveals he cannot defeat his older brother. Fang Leng glares at the two, and Xiao Qi tells him that she remembered that she has a business. She asks him to drop her, but he asks Fang Lie to get off his car.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi to sit next to him and asks her to be his girlfriend. Doctor Zhang is surprised that Fang Leng confessed to Xiao Qi, and tells his friend that women are mercurial and easy to fall out. He says that he can only do the confession after he spends enough time, money and energy, and he can only ask her to be his girlfriend when she falls for him. But Fang Leng thinks men are ok when he is rich and handsome. But Doctor Zhang thinks she will only be attracted by the money.

Doctor Zhang tells Fang Leng to pursue Xiao Qi and makes her feel the love coming from arbitrary president. He tells him to send bag and other gifts to Xiao Qi and make her to see the different world. But Fang Leng thinks making Xiao Qi love his money is more simple.

Xiao Qi is furious to tell Ms. Chai that Fang Leng confessed to her, and thinks he is too lewd. Ms. Chai asks Xiao Qi if she rejected him, and Xiao Qi reveals she forgot to do it because it happened all of a sudden. Ms. Chai thinks Fang Leng is handsome and rich and he is nice to Xiao Qi. She tells her not to miss the outstanding man.

Xiao Qi thinks earth people are too random to choose lovers, and Ms. Chai asks Xiao Qi about Fang Lie. Xiao Qi thinks Fang Lie is handsome, and Ms. Chai realizes that Xiao Qi acts so because of Fang Lie. She reminds her that Fang Leng helped them, and points out that Fang Lie will feel losing face if Qiao Qi rejects him in front of him. She tells Xiao Qi to be cold to Fang Lie, so he will understand her intent.

Lang Leng keeps thinking of Xiao Qi and cannot sleep. The robot tells him not to think of Xiao Qi if he wants to cure his insomnia. The next day, Mr. Han gives Fang Leng the report about the sapphires. He reveals Allen said that the sapphires were never found on earth, and they’re with special magnetic field. Fang Leng wants Allen to find the way to make the sapphire.

Xiao Qi complains that there isn’t any customer visiting their restaurant again, and Ms. Chai wishes Xiao Qi to show in the TV with Fang Leng again. Xiao Qi senses the signal and runs out. But she is startled by the cars while standing at the center of the street. Mr. Han drives Fang Leng and thinks he fell for Xiao Qi. Fang Leng denies and wants to have meal at Xiao Qi’s restaurant.

Mr. Han reminds Fang Leng that he just had the breakfast, but Fang Leng wants to treat it as lunch since it’s 10 am. He sees Xiao Qi and runs to her, telling her to see signal light before crossing the street. But she is confused and cannot hear what he said. So he takes her leaving the street. But she leaves because she has a business.

Xiao Qi wonders why she keeps running into Fang Leng when she wants to avoid him. She senses that the signal is in the scientific research department, but she cannot rush through the door with her alien skill and hurts her head badly. Xiao Qi tells Xiao Bu that she found a kind of familiar energy but isn’t sure if it’s signal. He tells her to take a look, but she reveals her alien skill was failure when she was close to the room.

Xiao Qi wants to walk in the room legitimately, but she doesn’t want to beg Fang Leng. Xiao Bu reminds her to ask Fang Lie a favor.

Madam Zhou asks Fang Lie to be on knees and accuses him of helping Fang Leng. He says that he doesn’t want people to look down on him, and thinks he can get in the company more easy if he becomes an artist. Fang Lie gets a call from Xiao Qi, and he rushes out. Madam Zhou asks Master Wang to watch on Fang Lie.

Xiao Qi asks Fang Lie to help her get in the scientific research department, and he brags that he can pass anywhere with his good looking face. But he is informed that he cannot get in without the certificate. Xiao Qi blinks to Fang Lie, and he tells the guard that he is Fang Lie’s younger brother. He takes Xiao Qi to get in the department, and she touches the alarm by mistake.

Fang Leng accuses Xiao Qi and Fang Lie of stealing, and tells them that the person standing in front of them isn’t him but police if the worker called police. Fang Lie explains that he wanted to paint a painting with science and technology style, so he took Xiao Qi there. Fang Leng scolds them that the company isn’t their amusement park, and reveals he has to send men to clean the place.

Xiao Qi asks Fang Leng if there is any strange thing in the scientific research department, but he thinks there isn’t any strange thing except Xiao Qi and Fang Lie. Fang Leng asks Fang Lie to leave as he wants to talk with Xiao Qi in private.

Madam Zhou is surprised that Fang Lie got arrested, and asks Uncle Kang to find Fang Leng’s problem. Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi if she considered his confession, and he learns that the person she likes is Fang Lie. She explains that she doesn’t belong there, and wants to leave. She tells him not to choose her because he has many women.

Fang Leng gets Xiao Qi’s point, and claims that he will get her to feel his sincerity. Mr. Han prepares the dramas and books about bully president to Fang Leng. Fang Leng thinks he still needs to pursue women with some tricks, even if he is so perfect.

Xiao Qi cannot sense the signal and thinks it has been taken by someone. Fang Leng visits her with flowers.

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