My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 7 [Recap]

This the recap of My Girlfriend is an Alien episode 7. Fang Leng gives the flowers to Xiao Qi and asks her if she is free. She denies. He says that it’s ok, and leaves. She thinks he is insane. Mr. Han wonders why Fang Leng returned so fast, and Fang Leng asks to cancel the appointment tomorrow.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 7

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Mr. Han thinks Fang Leng should talked with Xiao Qi, and Fang Leng claims that he will get Xiao Qi to visit him.

Jiang Xue visits Fang Leng and gives him the process of Fang Lie’s exhibition. She wants to date him, but he says that he has an appointment. She sees the couple tickets on the table. Xiao Qi throws the flowers into the trash can, but she thinks the flowers aren’t wrong. Fang Lie visits her and wants to steal the stuff again. But she says that the stuff isn’t there.

Fang Lie asks Xiao Qi how she knew it, and she reveals she can sense it. He says that he intends to paint a works of looking for thing, and asks her what the thing she looks for looks like.

Fang Leng asks Mr. Han to order at Xiao Qi’s restaurant, and thinks the best way to move a woman is to help her when she needs help. He points out that restaurant is off season, and he wants to improve her sales. So she will thank him. Mr. Han thinks, “Entrepreneur’s thought is so different.”

Xiao Qi is informed, “There is a customer who ordered one thousand cup of coffee.” She tells Ms. Chai about it, but Ms. Chai says that she is shopping and will come back in the afternoon. Xiao Qi gets Fang Lie to prepare coffee, and the two are tired to lie on the table. He complains that he never saw so many coffees, and she agrees with it and wishes to have the alien skill to make coffee.

Xiao Qi finds out that they still have half of coffees not completing, and intends to text the client. She learns that the client comes from F Group, and Fang Lie wants to fire the person. But he learns that it’s his older brother Fang Leng. He doesn’t want Fang Leng to know that he is making coffee there, and runs away. He left the drawing board.

Xiao Qi brings the coffees to the office, and asks Mr. Han to hand the coffee to Fang Leng. But he asks her to give it to Fang Leng herself as his leg is pain. Xiao Qi puts the coffee on Fang Lie’s table and wants to return the money to him as the coffee powder is used up. He tells her to treat it as tip, but she wants to make it clear because it’s her job.

Fang Lie mentions that he said to make her sense his sincerity, and she realizes that he ordered 1,000 coffees was to get her to be his girlfriend. She tells him that she won’t fall for him as she doesn’t have feeling of human being. She thinks he doesn’t like her at all, and love is just a game to him. She says that she cherishes ever day she stays there, and she likes the foods and people. She thinks she will leave one day, and doesn’t want to waste the time on the love game with him.

Fang Leng learns that Xiao Qi dislikes him, and promises not to tangle her. Xiao Qi walks out and confesses that she doesn’t dislike Fang Leng, but she doesn’t want him to be nice to her.

Fang Lie tells Doctor Zhang that he wants to cancel the treatment plan he mentioned, and Doctor Zhang realizes that Xiao Qi rejected Fang Leng. Fang Leng asks Doctor Zhang the medicine he mentioned, but Doctor Zhang points out that the medicine has the side effects. Uncle Kang sees Doctor Zhang walking Fang Leng out, and he calls Madam Zhou that he found Fang Leng’s secret.

Mr. Han hands over the ticket to Xiao Qi, and mentions she doesn’t want to see Fang Leng. She tells him to take back the ticket, and he asks her if she knows why Fang Leng asked her to be his girlfriend. She thinks Fang Leng is fickle in love, and Mr. Han tells her that Fang Leng cannot fall in love with women, and the only person can help him is Xiao Qi. He leaves the ticket, and asks her to visit him if she wants to help Fang Leng.

Shi Da takes the photos and asks Fang Leng why he went to the psychological clinic. Xiao Qi takes the ticket and arrives at the planetarium. She decides to help Fang Leng, and arrives at the F Group. Mr. Han is surprised to see Xiao Qi, and she says that she wants to help Fang Leng.

Shi Da asks Fang Leng what illness he got, but Xiao Qi claims the medicine belongs to her. Ms. Zhou asks Xiao Qi who she is. Xiao Qi reveals she is Fang Leng’s girlfriend and she is the one with illness. She adds that Fang Leng did it for her. Fang Leng holds Xiao Qi’s hand and tells Shi Da that he and Xiao Qi are in love. He asks him to approve them, but Shi Da rages to slap the table.

Ms. Zhou mentions Fang Leng took Jiang Xue to visit them, and the girlfriend had changed after a few days. But Uncle Kang thinks love and marriage are for the young, and tells her to leave them alone. He tells Shi Da to talk with Fang Leng in private. But Shi Da leaves. Fang Lie thinks Fang Leng is rebellious than him, and walks away.

Ms. Zhou chases Shi Da out, but Mr. Kang stops her. He tells her not to stop Fang Leng, and she asks him why he defended Fang Leng. He tells her that Fang Leng won’t leave any chance to them, and thinks Xiao Qi isn’t an law-abiding woman. He mentions Jiang Xue, and thinks Fang Leng couldn’t handle the two women in the meantime. Ms. Zhou realizes that Mr. Kang asks her to fish in the troubled waters. Fang Lie hears their talk.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi why she helped him, and she shares that Mr. Han said that he is sick and only she can help him. Xiao Qi says that she doesn’t know what illness he got but he helped her many times. She doesn’t want to leave him in the lurch, but reminds him not to have any improper thought as she just pretends to be his girlfriend.

Fang Leng agrees with it and asks for Xiao Qi’s intent. He says that he will help her achieve it. But she rejects it and shares that she won’t stay there too long. She asks him what illness he got, but he thinks she needs to pass the test of his father first. Fang Leng takes Xiao Qi to buy clothes, and she gets changed. She asks him what he wants to do, and he reminds her Shi Da’s words. She thinks Shi Da wanted Fang Leng to dress up her.

Fang Leng denies and points out that Xiao Qi is a person with mental illness in Shi Da’s mind. Shi Da wants to part them, and Fang Leng thinks they can save it before Shi Da makes the decision. He wants to take her to see Shi Da again and make him accept her. But Xiao Qi needs to get changed. Xiao Qi learns that she needs to change to the looks they like, and Fang Leng thinks Shi Da won’t trouble Xiao Qi if she doesn’t make mistake.

Xiao Qi thinks their love isn’t real, and wonders why she needs their agreeing. She offers to be in love in private, but he shares that many people will look into them. Fang Leng drops Xiao Qi and reminds her that it will be tough to be his girlfriend. She says that she never regrets for what she did, but she regrets for becoming a human’s girlfriend after returning home. She thinks she will be shamed if the people of homeplanet know it.

Xiao Bu tells Xiao Qi that it’s useless to regret, but she claims that she just worries to miss human in the future. He points out that she won’t want to leave in the future, and she explains that she has to stay there because she doesn’t find signal. Xiao Bu realizes that the signal is in Fang Leng’s company, and tells her to find signal since she is Fang Leng’s girlfriend.

Xiao Qi learns that Xiao Bu wants her to steal signal, and thinks it’s a good idea.

The next day, Mr. Han takes Xiao Qi to see Fang Leng. Fang Leng tells Xiao Qi that they’re successful if Shi Da isn’t against them. He thinks Shi Da will think he is playing if he doesn’t offer to get married. Fang Leng thinks Xiao Qi should be careful of Ms. Zhou, because she keeps getting Fang Lie to replace him. Fang Leng tells Xiao Qi to pretend to know nothing when Ms. Zhou tests her.

Xiao Qi thinks Mr. Kang is Fang Leng’s man as he helped him last time. But Fang Leng points out that he doesn’t have any man except him in the family. He reveals Mr. Kang is his enemy, and tells her to stay away from Mr. Kang.

Fang Leng asks about Xiao Qi’s family, but she says that she doesn’t have any family. She wants to work in his company, and Ms. Chai is shocked that Xiao Qi wants to resign. Xiao Qi tells Ms. Chai that she will return after she does it. But Ms. Chai hugs Xiao Qi because she is happy that Xiao Qi sold herself on the end. Xiao Qi thinks Ms. Chai will get angry because she goes to other place to work.

Ms. Chai thinks Xiao Qi is close to rich family because she goes to work at Fang Leng’s family. So she can hug her thigh. Xiao Qi wonders who would send take-out, and Ms. Chai is ready to recruit. Xiao Qi wants to live in the house, and Ms. Chai agrees with it.

Jiang Xue meets with Fang Lie in the bar, and thinks Fang Leng has a woman. She reveals she saw the couple ticket in Fang Leng’s office, but she thinks he cannot do the romantic thing because he is dull. Fang Lie tells Jiang Xue that Fang Leng isn’t suitable for her, and thinks she will get involved. He thinks she will get hurt again, but she reveals she tried hard to come back. She thinks he cannot understand it because he never loves a person.

Jiang Xue is furious to walk out, and Fang Lie thinks she doesn’t know he loves her. Jiang Xue calls Mr. Han and wants to meet Fang Leng. But Mr. Han shares that Fang Lie has personal thing to deal with, and he is off in the company.

Fang Leng and Xiao Qi arrive at Fang family, and he asks her if she is ready. She says yes, but she trips on the stairs. Ms. Zhou tells Fang Leng that Shi Da only wants to see him. Shi Da tells Fang Leng that he won’t see Xiao Qi, and Fang Leng explains that they just want to make an apology. Shi Da thinks Fang Leng lost his reason and rule, and doesn’t allow Fang Leng to stay with Xiao Qi.

Ms. Zhou asks Xiao Qi why Fang Leng took her to visit them, and Xiao Qi says that she returned with him because he wanted to go home. Ms. Zhou thinks Xiao Qi likes Fang Leng because his status, and Xiao Qi says that she likes him because he is rich and handsome. Ms. Zhou shares that Fang Leng made some girlfriends, and Xiao Qi is the one visiting them. She says that they won’t accept them even if she did so.

Ms. Zhou reminds Xiao Qi that she will get abandoned if she married to Fang family, but Xiao Qi points out that Ms. Zhou lives so well after marrying to Fang family. Ms. Zhou is furious and thinks Xiao Qi doesn’t know what i shame. Xiao Qi wonders why Ms. Zhou abused her.

Fang Leng tells Shi Da that Xiao Qi is very important to him, so that he wants to keep her. He says that he can promise anything except breaking up with her. Shi Da thinks his son gives up his pride for a woman, and agrees with it. But he doesn’t allow Xiao Qi to walk in Fang family, and doesn’t allow anybody to know their relationship, and she can only be Fang Leng’s stain. Fang Leng promises it.

Xiao Qi asks Fang Leng if his father is against them, and he asks her if Ms. Zhou troubled her. She says that she said nothing, and wonders why he doesn’t take her to see his dad. But he says that Shi Da doesn’t want to accept her, and they have to be in love in private. She thinks it’s ok because they’re not in love.

Fang Leng carries Xiao Qi and tells her to listen to him since she promised to be his girlfriend. She catches the chance to touch his chest.

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