Nine Kilometers of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap of Nine Kilometers of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3. Cheng Cheng drinks in the bar and remembers Lin Shu thought she knows nothing about love. She takes out the phone and kisses the family photo of her and her mom. She texts mom and asks her why she left. But the message is sent unsuccessfully.

Nine Kilometers of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

Nine Kilometers of Love

Lin Zhun tells Lin Shu that he didn’t find Cheng Cheng, and wonders where she went. Lin Shu thinks she will be fine, and Lin Zhun thinks Lin Shu grows in the honey pot when comparing to Cheng Cheng. He shares that Cheng Cheng’s mom sent her overseas for starting a business, and she lived overseas from 13 years old. She wanted to live with her mom, but her mom passed away.

Lin Zhun thinks they should take care of Cheng Cheng, and Lin Shu points out that he left the room for her. Lin Zhun calls Cheng Cheng and learns she is drunk in the bar. He asks Lin Shu to pick her up, but Lin Shu rejects it. So Lin Zhun takes Lin Shu’s model, and Lin Shu has to agree with it.

The two men see drunk Cheng Cheng, and want to take her away. Lin Shu stops them, and claims he is Cheng Cheng’s friend. He tells her to go home, but she thinks she doesn’t have a family. He carries her, and she treats him as a horse. He thinks she is a disaster, and tells her to get off. She thinks he is vicious.

Lin Shu thinks Cheng Cheng fears him, and she shares that she didn’t fear the white kids, even if they are taller than her. He thinks they bullied her, and she reveals they liked to surround her at the restroom and asked for money.

Cheng Cheng adds, “I gave them the money, they slapped me. It’s worse if I didn’t give them the money. There were always bruises on my face. I told the teacher I tripped myself. Yes, I fell on my own.” Lin Shu asks, “That’s why you kept mentioning the money.” She warns him, “I want you and your father away from my mother’s money.” He says, “Please, I don’t care about your money. We don’t simply take money from people.”

Cheng Cheng says, “I have nothing left with me.” Lin Shu asks her, “Why are you being so depressed? You spent a long time studying in America, I am sure you must have some friends.” She reveals, “Those so-called friends, the so-called Chinese community, if I had no money with me, I am as good as nothing. I missed my mother a lot sometimes. But, I never had the courage to tell her. I don’t want her to be worried. Let me tell you this. You don’t know anything at all! You are always so naive. Wherever I am, even if I am back to my homeland, I have no money with me. I have no friends. My mother left me. Money… could come in very handy. With money, you can have everything. Without it, you get nothing.”

Lin Shu takes Cheng Cheng to the bed, and she asks for her old phone which she left in the bar. Lin Shu asks the waiter if he saw the phone on the table. Waiter says that he threw it into the trash can. Lin Shu finds out that the phone is wet, and dries it out.

The next day, Cheng Cheng notes that Lin Shu took her phone apart, and scolds him, “This is the last item my mother left to me. How could you take it apart!” He explains, “I did take it apart. But I am not the person that broke it.” She is furious to leave.

The man tells Chu Fei, “This is a new course connecting Estonia. The landscape of this area is rather unique. Once we opened up this course, it will mean a great deal to the company.” Chu Fei promises to complete the mission.

Cheng Cheng tells Lin Shu not to hold her hand, and warns to reports sexual harassment. She says that he will beat him, and thinks he can only bully girls from back. Yin Shu realizes that she is still furious of the phone, and mentions he texted her to explain the case in the morning. But she thinks he made up a story, and doesn’t believe the phone would fly to the trash can.

Cheng Cheng asks about the family photo of her and her mom, and he explains he wiped it. He thinks she is like a hedgehog to attack people. Yu Hang tells Lin Shu that Chu Fei took the first flight of Estonia air line, and Lin Shu thinks there will be a thunderstorm. He thinks the difficulty of landing is very high. But Chu Fei lands successfully.

Yu Hang thinks Lin Shu will surpass Chu Fei in the future, but Yi Ming thinks Lin Shu needs to spend seven years to achieve that. Lin Shu points out that it’s not meaning that they don’t have a chance, although Chu Fei is always the first place. The man shares that Chu Fei was liked by big chop, who is the most severe teacher. Big Chop takes the blood and tears of students.

Yu Hang thinks Lin Shu will be liked by Big Chop, and Lin Shu mentions Lin Zhu said that they can graduate when they retire. Yu Hang offers to bet that Lin Shu will renew Chu Fei’s record, and Yi Ming agrees with it.

Yu Hang notes that Lin Shu is writing down what he ordered, and thinks he is going to get married. Lin Shu notes Lao Mao is talking with someone over the phone, and thinks he is in the trouble. But Yu Hang points out that Lao Ma talks over the phone each day.

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