Please Love Me: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Please Love Me: Episode 1. Yi Han refuses to get up from bed, and Kan Di puts the iced coffee on his leg to wake him up.

Please Love Me: Episode 1 Recap

Please Love Me: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Please Love Me: Episode 1.

You You runs in the office and holds out to press the punch machine, but she presses her thumb on the man’s chest.

The man Shop Manager tells You You that she is late, but she presses the punch machine in another girl’s help.

The girl tells You You that Ms. Ran charged twenty cards, and Shop Manager tells You You to serve Ms. Ran well. You You asks for paying in advance about her commission.

Qing Qing brags that she will star with Yi Han in the drama, and the girl wonders what she will do with the guest.

Qing Qing claims that she asked for leave to Shop Manager, and being an actress is her dream.

Yi Han tells Kan Di that he won’t star if the director isn’t good. She thinks he is kidding, and points out that they signed the contract.

Yi Han says that he doesn’t mind to be breach of contract to compensate. Kan Di gets a call from someone, and she tells Yi Han that he is replaced.

Yi Han is furious to drive to the conference, and Kan Di wants to chase him. But Wen Yao stops Kan Di, and mentions she promised to go to see the hotel for his mom’s birthday party.

Kan Di says that she is in a hurry, and wants to explain it later. But Wen Yao is against it and trips her.

Kan Di tells her men to chase Yi Han, and asks Wen Yao what he wants to do.

You You does nail art for the customer, and her colleague thinks You You earned so much money for doing Chinese style nail art. You You comforts the colleague that she can do it like her.

But another colleague points out that You You has done fine arts for many years. The first colleague asks You You why she didn’t become a painter since she is good at painting.

You You thinks painting on the nail is harder, and tells the colleague that they’re nail artist. The second colleague wonders where You You spent the money since she is very rich.

Shop Manager tells You You that Ms. Ran looks for her, but You You says that she has customers. He tells Qing Qing to serve You You’s customers.

Yi Han is furious and his car hits You You’s motorbike. He wants to get off to see her, but Kan Di stops him. She intends to tell media that he quits the filming because of car accident.

Yi Han pretends to pass out in the car, and You You calls the traffic police.

Zi Shu wonders why the person doesn’t come, and the man says that Yi Han cannot come because he was replaced. She says that she means the nail technician, and he tells her to wait for a while.

Zi Shu says that she cannot wait as the conference is going to begin, and Assistant offers to get the person from nail shop. She asks to cancel the cards.

You You learns that Zi Shu wants to cancel the cards, and she tells Shop Manager that she will go to see Zi Shu. She picks up a brick and walks to Yi Han’s car to save him.

Yi Han opens the window, and the brick hits his head. You You learns that the person is Yi Han, and she wants to send him to the hospital. But he tells her to leave, and says he is fine.

You You asks Yi Han to compensate her for the motorbike, but he passes out after seeing the blood from his fingers.

The nurse tells You You that Yi Han is in a coma. Kan Di walks in Yi Han’s room and closes the door. She tells him not to act, and she is nervous when he doesn’t wake up.

Yi Han wakes up and thinks the car accident saved him. Kan Di asks if he is ok. He says that he was ok but got hit by a woman. Kan Di tells Yi Han to consider the drama, but he still wants to star Yu Sheng as it’s his first movie.

Kan Di tells Yi Han not to think of the movie, and tells him to rest at home. He sees the woundplast on her palm, and holds her hand, caring for her. She says that she tripped for worrying about him.

Yi Han thinks Wen Yao bullied Kan Di again, and she lets his hand go. She intends to leave but sees You You.

Yi Han asks You You when she was there, and tells her to offer a price. You You asks Yi Han to compensate for the motorbike, and Kan Di pays it.

You You gives his business card to Kan Di, and Yi Han learns that You You is doing nail art. Kan Di gets a message from Wen Yao who asks for divorce as he thinks Yi Han is more important than him. Yi Han asks Da Wei to follow Kan Di as he thinks Wen Yao will bully her.

You You returns to the shop, and Shop Manager blames her to bring loss to the shop. She says that she told him about the car accident, and thinks he could explain it to Zi Shu. He says that he couldn’t contact Zi Shu, and tells You You to apologize, making Zi Shu not cancel cards.

Zi Shu sees the man standing out of her car, and mistakes him as a stalker. But he just returns the passport to her. She asks for having a group photo. But he rejects it and walks away. She sees his back and thinks he is handsome. She tells Jiang Kai to follow the man.

Da Wei picks Yi Han up, and tells him that Kan Di cried to run to the bar. Da Wei thinks Yi Han shouldn’t get involved in Kan Di and Wen Yao’s business. But Yi Han thinks he shouldn’t ignore Kan Di as he is nothing without her.

You You watches the footage, and the the director Tian Ruo says that he misses his first love. She returns home, and receives Zi Shu’s message which requires her to return the fund.

You You takes Kan Di’s business card, and thinks Kan Di can help her. Yi Han sees the man tangling Kan Di in the bar, and he beats him. Da Wei tells Yi Han to take Kan Di away.

Yi Han drives Kan Di away, and she cries in the car that she doesn’t want to get divorced. He hugs her. Someone takes photos of them.

You You calls Shop Manager and tells him that her friend can help her solve it. He tells her to solve it today. The employee yells that Yi Han is in the trouble.

The reporters crowd Yi Han as they saw the news that he went out with the woman. Kan Di shows up, and tells them that she is Yi Han’s manager. But the man thinks Kan Di is similar to the woman in the photos. The reporters ask Kan Di if she is in love with Yi Han. The man points out that Kan Di got married.

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Kan Di explains that Yi Han was in the hospital yesterday, and tells them to check the cctv. But the man points out that they cannot see it without the authorization of police.

Kan Di thinks it’s not her business, and wants to sue them for slander. The man thinks someone won’t be wrong, and Wen Yao shows up to cast the photos to Kan Di.

Wen Yao tells the reporters that Kan Di went to the bar, and he asks Kan Di for divorce. Yi Han pushes Wen Yao over, and the reporters question Yi Han and ask for the evidence.

You You shows up and claims that she stayed in the hospital with Yi Han. But the reporters ask for the evidence. You You shows the photos of her and Yi Han, and he admits that she is his girlfriend. He says that they’re going to get married.

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