Skate Into Love: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for Skate Into Love: Episode 6. Yu Bing and Tang Xue begin to train, and he thinks she is potential as she followed his physical training. Tang Xue tells herself that she will get rid of the demon soon.

Skate Into Love: Episode 6 Recap

Skate Into Love: Episode 6

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Skate Into Love: Episode 6.

The two run along the street, and Yu Bing thinks tractor is faster than Tang Xue. She blames him for not helping her as she is carrying the sandbags.

Yu Bing runs into Tang Xue and praises her for her progress. She smiles to remind him that she cannot treat him nicely anymore, and gives him a present.

Yu Bing opens the present and sees worms. He picks one of worms, and asks memorial day is the day. She says that today is due of one month. Yu Bing is startled to put the present on the floor after Tang Xue left.

Tang Xue visits Manager Ma and asks to settle the salary. He shows the wage sheet to her, and it’s 2,450 yuan. She tells him that Yu Bing owed her 7,000 yuan fees. He says that it’s 9,450 yuan, and she asks him to pay her while taking out her phone.

But Manager Ma asks Tang Xue to pay him 40,000 yuan as she has a fine. He thinks she set a new record to sell privacies of athletes for twenty-nine times.

Manager Ma adds that Tang Xue sold the privacies of ice hockey god every morning, and it disturbed his life. Tang Xue explains that she just got someone to deliver a breakfast to Yu Bing.

Manager Ma points out that Tang Xue accepted the money, and thinks it’s a intent of selling privacies with profit. He says that she made fans to wait for Yu Bing each day, and tells her that the money is less than he wants her to pay.

Tang Xue rejects the pay the fine, so Manager Ma shows the contract to her. He reminds her that she has to ride donkey to go home if she is on the blacklist.

Tang Xue thinks the words of riding donkey is only said by Yu Bing, and he waited for the day to bully her. Manager Ma runs away and tells Yu Bing that he wasn’t successful.

Da Jiang asks Yu Bing for money as he needs to buy the new console. But Yu Bing only gives Da Jiang 400 yuan. Da Jiang doesn’t believe Yu Bing is so poor.

Da Jiang asks Yu Bing if he and Tang Xue are in love as he found out that they’re so close. Yu Bing claims that Tang Xue is just the assistant helping him train.

Tang Xue rushes into men locker room, and tells people that Yu Bing cheated her in love. Tang Xue blames Yu Bing for not letting her go since promise for one month. Yu Bing tells Tang Xue to work for him to repay the debt.

Tang Xue calls Dad and asks for 40,000 yuan. Dad mistakes that Tang Xue is in pregnancy, and wants to come with Mom. Tang Xue tells Dad to treat it nothing happening, and hangs up.

Tang Xue wipes the helmet and wants to kill Yu Bing. Yu Yan comes, and Tang Xue complains that she has been truancy many times for Yu Bing. Yu Yan asks Tang Xue to accompany him to celebrate his birthday. Tang Xue agrees and remembers Yu Yan wished to go to aquarium.

Tang Xue wants to leave, but Yu Bing asks her to complete the helmets. She tries to subdue him like she did in the childhood, but it doesn’t work. Manager Ma promises to President Wang over the phone that Yu Bing doesn’t have any gossip, but he spots Yu Bing hugging Tang Xue.

The friends ask Zhen Yu about his love with Meng Huan. Zhen Yu brags that he will settle Meng Huan in two weeks. Meng Huan smiles at Zhen Yu, and asks him who he wants to take down. He prevaricates and asks about Tang Xue.

Meng Huan reveals Tang Xue left for the public welfare, and Zhen Yu thinks Tang Xue wants to help him. He chases Meng Huan and wants to have a meal to enhance their friendship. Meng Huan doesn’t think they have any friendship, and Zhen Yu promises to treat her goose liver. But Meng Huan wants to eat goose liver, frog and suckling pig.

Tang Xue takes Yu Yan to the aquarium, and recommends herself as the tour guide of his childhood trip. Yu Yan sees the balloons and remembers the birthday present Mom gave him was the training plan.

Tang Xue brings the ice cream to Yu Yan, and he is surprised that the ice cream is so sweet. Yu Yan tells Tang Xue that it’s his first time to eat ice cream. The two watch dolphin show, and Tang Xue brings the drink and some foods to Yu Yan.

Yu Yan tells Tang Xue that he hasn’t eaten them since childhood. She understands it and thinks he is a poor student. He denies, and she asks him about the smartphone she gave him.

Yu Yan takes out the smartphone and says that he doesn’t know how to use it. Tang Xue teaches Yu Yan how to use the app of Lin university, and Yu Yan sees the photos of her and Yu Bing. Tang Xue tells Yu Yan that the story of her and Yu Bing is full of sadness.

Yu Bing plays basketball with Da Jiang and Wei Wei, and he intends to get Tang Xue to bring some foods to them. But Tang Xue doesn’t pick up his call. Wei Wei asks Yu Bing to eat out with them, but he rejects it. Wei Wei is furious to leave with Da Jiang.

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Tang Xue tells Yu Yan that she owes Yu Bing money, and Yu Yan wants to raise money for her. Tang Xue is moved, but he rejects his kindness.

Meng Huan tells Zhen Yu that she will take him to the restaurant, but she takes him to the animal lab after blinding his eyes. She drops the wax on him, and explains that she did it for mood. Zhen Yu is very happy.

Meng Huan asks Zhen Yu to touch the bullfrog, goose and wild boar. He is startled to open the blinder.

Childhood Time

Yu Bing asks Tang Xue to return the club to him. But she takes him down. He buys her the spider toy to take revenge, but she likes his present. Yu Bing thinks animals are afraid of Tang Xue.

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