SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 7

This is the recap of SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 7, Seo-Jin tells Ye-Bin that Myung-Joo felt hurt when Young-Jae wanted to cut ties with her, and reveals he was sick. He suffered from a mental illness, but he was better after he got treated. But Ye-Bin thinks it cannot explain why Myung-Joo took her life.

SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 7

SKY Castle

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 7.

Ye-Bin reveals the person who wrote the texts is Young-Jae, Soo-Im asks Ye-Bin since it’s his diary. Ye-Bin is curious why her mom had the tablet. Soo-Im remembers Seo-Jin took it from her. Just then Seo-Jin keeps ringing the bell, Ye-Bin blames Soo-Im for informing her mom.

Soo-Im opens the door, Seo-Jin scolds her for didn’t bring her daughter home, and robs the tablet from Ye-Bin. Seo-Jin chases Ye-Bin and asks her why she wasn’t happy. Ye-Bin says that Young-Jae wanted to escape from the inferno. Seo-Jin asks Ye-Bin if Soo-Im read it, Ye-Bin says they only read last journal and asks her mom what she thinks why he did such a thing. Seo-Jin says it’s just like she relieved stress from the convenience store. But Ye-Bin suspects it.

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Seo-Jin tells Ye-Bin that Myung-Joo felt hurt when Young-Jae wanted to cut ties with her, and reveals he was sick. He suffered from a mental illness, but he was better after he got treated. But Ye-Bin thinks it cannot explain why Myung-Joo took her life. Seo-Jin hugs Ye-Bin, and claims she nags at her to study hard because her future is important to her. Ye-Bin is in tears and says it’s too suffocating. But she promises to study.

Soo-Im writes a article about Young-Jae and finds a hole on the ceiling. Soo-Chang is driven to the street with his box. He opens the box, we finds a gun inside.

Young-Jae breaks the mirror and flower pot, and asks his mom to return Ga-Eul to him. Myung-Joo claims Ga-Eul is just a housekeeper, so she cannot keep her. But he says that he cannot live without the girl, and thinks his mom doesn’t know how he feels since she only wants the score. Soo-Chang shows up and yells at his son. He thinks Young-Jae is going to marry an insect like Ga-Eul.

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Young-Jae breaks another flower pot with his stick, and thinks his parents are insects looking down on people who didn’t come from SNU Medical School. Soo-Chang threatens to take Young-Jae out of family tree. Young-Jae asks his father to do it and claims he no longer wants to live in the house. Soo-Chang asks his son to wait and goes inside. Myung-Joo persuades Young-Jae to give up the stick, but he is miserable to break more flower pots.

Soo-Chang takes the gun, Myung-Joo persuades him that it ends since Ga-Eul is kicked out. But he points the gun to his son still, and asks him to get on his knees. Myung-Joo stops her husband, so he shoots the ceiling.

Soo-Chang is intention to take his life with the gun in the room, but he doesn’t have guts. Seung-Hye meets with Soo-Im in the library, and thinks Seo-Jin read Young-Jae’s diary, so she fired Joo-Young. Seo-Jin shows up and asks Soo-Im to have a talk alone.

She tells her that the coach has nothing with Myung-Joo’s death, but Soo-Im thinks Joo-Young knew Young-Jae wanted to take revenge, and thinks his parents are the ones that brought the tragedy. Soo-Im asks her why she fired the coach shortly, Seo-Jin is furious that it’s not Soo-Im’s business. Soo-Im thinks Seo-Jin’s greed makes her ignore…

Seo-Jin threatens to rip her lips off, and leaves. Soo-Im sighs. Jin-Hee talks about Joo-Young with Seung-Hye, and thinks the coach is a crazy witch. Seung-Hye is scared that she was intention to hire Joo-Young. Seo-Jin passes through them and leaves. Jin-Hee follows Seo-Jin to outside, and thinks she should grab the coach by the hair and drag her around. But Seo-Jin tells her to stop worrying pointlessly and crossing the line. Jin-Hee turns around and says if Seo-Jin is the 38th parallel, so she cannot cross over.

Seo-Jin thinks of Soo-Im and Jin-Hee’s words in the house, and claims Ye-Seo is different to Young-Jae.

The trainers report to Joo-Young in the meeting that Ye-Seo is perfect in the study. But Joo-Young points out Ye-Seo has problem in Korean literature, and reminds them that only outcome can prove their value.

She takes Ye-Seo to the meditation room, and scolds her that Hye-Na beat her. But Ye-Seo disagrees that Hye-Na just came in second place. Joo-Young points out Hye-Na has to take care her mom, and thinks Ye-Seo will fails on the end. Ye-Seo is in tears.

She returns home and tells Seo-Jin that Joo-Young persuaded her to give up the position of school president. Joon-Sang agrees it and thinks his daughter doesn’t have enough sleep still. Ye-Seo ignores her father and goes upstairs. Seo-Jin scolds Joon-Sang that having 1 or 2 more achievements on their daughter’s student record can make or break her college admission, and school president is considered the most basic extracurricular activity.

Ye-Seo throws schoolbag on the bed, and reveals Joo-Young thought Hye-Na will be elected. Seo-Jin asks her daughter if she has a running mate, and mentions Woo-Joo. Ye-Seo is shy and says she will ask him.

Jin-Hee and Soo-Han ask Yang-Woo to go to work. But he stands beside the bed and cannot wear his pants. He asks his son to put on the pants for him, Soo-Han doesn’t know how to do and asks Yang-Woo if it hurts a lot. Jin-Hee thinks Soo-Han is a wimp like his dad, and tells him that his father will be fine after he gets the surgery. Soo-Han suggests his father to get his surgery from Chi-Young. But Yang-Woo claims he cannot get the surgery from a professor of neurosurgery. But Jin-Hee thinks each patient has the right to get surgery from a good surgeon. But he fears Joon-Sang. She ties him up, and mentions Professor Sung get the surgery three times.

Joon-Sang thinks Yang-Woo needs surgery after checking his condition, and asks him when he will do it. But Yang-Woo claims he has appointments with his patients. Joon-Sang offers to get it done during their lunch break. Yang-Woo is nervous.

He returns his office, and the doctor suggests him to get the surgery from Chi-Young. But Yang-Woo yells at him that he is an orthopedics specialist. The doctor thinks each patient should do his research and find the best surgeon. Yang-Woo gets up even if his back is hurt, thinking the doctor compares such a skillful spine specialist to Chi-Young.

He arrives at the neurosurgery, and runs into Chi-Young. He claims he is fine and reveals he drank too much last night, so he is limp. But Chi-Young asks him when the pain began in his leg, and checks his condition. He thinks Yang-Woo should get the surgery from Joon-Sang. But Yang-Woo thinks Chi-Young is better than Joon-Sang. So Chi-Young thinks he wants him to do the surgery. But Yang-Woo denies it.

Min-Hyuk hears the music and thinks Seung-Hye turns the room into playroom. He asks her where his pyramid is and claims it can motivate the kids.

She asks him to have a seat and shows him the foods she prepared. She thinks the cup noodle is bad to his health, and he was hard to train the kids. He eats the food and is happy that his wife realizes it. But he stops his action when she asks him if he knows why Myung-Joo took her life.

Soo-Im waits Ye-Bin and Soo-Han outside, and takes them to the restaurant. Soo-Im asks them if they know Young-Jae. Soo-Han reveals Young-Jae likes music and is close to the housekeeper Ga-Eul. Ye-Bin reveals Joo-Young is the only one who can talk with Young-Jae.

Min-Hyuk thinks the problem is Myung-Joo trusted the coach too much, but Seung-Hye fears the kids will cut ties with him if he forces them to study. She mentions Woo-Joo’s parents didn’t scold him even if he got bad grade. He thinks his kids are too stupid, so he has to train them.

Jin-Hee massages his husband’s back when he lies in bed. She thinks Seo-Jin will fail to control Joo-Young who killed Myung-Joo, and suggests Yang-Woo to get surgery from Chi-Young. But Yang-Woo fears Joon-Sang.

Yang-Woo looks for the colleague’s advise about the surgery between Joon-Sang and Chi-Young. Joon-Sang thinks Yang-Woo wants Chi-Young to do the surgery for him. But Yang-Woo lies that Chi-Young bugged him.

Joon-Sang abuses Chi-Young in the hallway for enticing his stuff. President Choi talks with Chi-Young in the elevator, and invites Joon-Sang to get in. Yang-Woo gets in the elevator as well.

President Choi asks Chi-Young if his son wants to be the school president. Chi-Young says yes and reveals he is looking for a running mate. President Choi asks Joon-Sang about his daughter. Yang-Woo is intention to reveal it, but he sneezes to President Choi. Chi-Young thinks Yang-Woo should be prior to surgery. Joon-Sang thinks Chi-Young was intention to say the words to him, and repeats the words to Yang-Woo.

Soo-Im picks the mother and son statue Seung-Hye left outside, and takes home. She writes the title, “Who killed Myung-Joo?” in the laptop.

The male teacher thinks Hye-Na is greedy for the school president. But she points out that he take students who have good background to the elite class. He is furious and asks the female teacher to scold Hye-Na. But the female teacher refuses it.

Ye-Seo practices to invite Woo-Joo to be her running mate in the restroom, but lowers her voice when running into him outside. He refuses her because he has someone in his mind.

Joon-Sang asks Seo-Jin to get their daughter to be the school president and crushes Woo-Joo. He reveals Chi-Young is stepping up for Yang-Woo’s surgery. Jin-Hee meets up with Seo-Jin and tells her that patients shop around for the best doctor, and asks her to accept it. Seo-Jin laughs that her her mother-in-law and the chairman’s wife do volunteer work together, and claims it takes a long time to win some favor, but she can lose it all in a flash, just like dust that blows away.

Jin-Hee returns home and asks Yang-Woo to get the surgery from Joon-Sang. She claims she will accepts the fate if he turns into a frog. Because she thinks Joon-Sang might become president of the hospital, so she persuades Yang-Woo to choose his side wisely.

Yang-Woo yells at her, and asks her if it’s more important than his back to her. She yells it back and says yes.

Ki-Joon asks Hye-Na if she will get rid of the elite class. He decides to vote for her after getting a positive answer, and thinks she is better than Ye-Seo. Ye-Seo pushes him over, and gets in the car.

Hye-Na meets with Do Hoon’s mother in the house. The lady is furious that Hye-Na asks her to double the fees. So Hye-Na offers a triple, and claims she is risking her future to take the performance assessments for her son. Because Do Hoon was dozing off during the English assessment.

Do Hoon’s mother thinks Hye-Na is manipulative. But the girl stills wants the 3,000 dollars, and pretends to leave. So the lady has to leave 1,000 dollars on the table. Hye-Na sneers and goes outside. The lady puts the money into Hye-Na. But the girl throws it off. So Do Hoon’s mom gives in and asks her to do the job on her son’s assessments.

Joo-Young meets with Seo-Jin and thinks Ye-Seo has no chance to be the school president. Because nobody will vote for her. But Seo-Jin thinks it’s the coach’s job. Joo-Young thinks her job is to come up with the best strategy. Seo-Jin reveals she and her husband want Ye-Seo to be the school president. She says she isn’t asking for a favor. Joo-Young gets the lady’s point.

Seo-Jin sees off Joo-Young and asks her to take good care of her daughter. The coach doesn’t reply her and is going to get in her car. Soo-Chang arrives and asks Seo-Jin for Joo-Young’s contact information. Joo-Young introduces herself to Soo-Chang.

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