SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 8

This is the recap on SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 8, Hye-Na gives up the school president since Seo-Jin threatened Do-Hoon’s mom. The girl is shocked that her father’s Joon-Sang, and calls him since Eun-Hye passed away. But he fears Seo-Jin.

SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 8

SKY Castle

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 8

Soo-Chang asks Joo-Young to get in his car, she sees a gun inside. He takes her to leave, and Seo-Jin follows them to a lake. He takes the gun and tells Joo-Young that he killed animals and thinks they were her. He wants her to taste the feeling when Myung-Joo held the rifle in her mouth. She claims she is very sad about his wife’s death, but it isn’t her responsibility. She mentions Myung-Joo asked him to receive a parent-child consultation, but he turned her down saying her weak and idiotic son is the problem. Joo-Young thinks Soo-Chang should be trying to be a proper dad to Young-Jae.

But he thinks Young-Jae lived obediently following his parents’ orders, and his wife and his son trusted her as a teacher. But she incited his son to take revenge on his parents. He thinks she isn’t a human being, and points the gun to her. He says he’d like to kill her, but he needs to start being a decent dad. So he warns her to end the misery with his son, otherwise he will kill her without anyone knowing.

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He walks to Seo-Jin and asks her if she wants to end up like his wife, and reveals his wife would never have listened to anyone’s advice either. He thinks they only find out after they do. Joo-Young asks Seo-Jin if she is ok. Seo-Jin thinks Joo-Young must’ve been startled. But Joo-Young worries about Young-Jae instead.

Jin-Hee is in the jewelry store and looks for fancy, elegant, and luxurious jewelry that whomever receives it becomes appeased the moment they see it. So the saleswoman shows a necklace to Jin-Hee.

Jin-Hee gives the spicy pollack gimbap to Yang-Woo as she heard Seo-Jin’s dad loves them. He asks her if she made it with her elegant hands. She denies and reveals she searched the web and made a special order. She asks him to eat them with his colleagues, and tells them that she made them. She asks him to schedule a date for the surgery, and thinks about their son. He agrees. She adds that Joon-Sang is angry because he lost the executive director position. But he humiliated the chief by trying to receive surgery from Chi-Young. But he points out that she is the one who kept telling him not to get surgery from Joon-Sang.

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She points out that he couldn’t trust his surgical skills, and yells at him. So he calls the doctor Joong-Sun, and asks him to tell Joon-Sang what he says.

Joong-Sun follows Joon-Sang in the hallyway, and praises Jin-Hee’s fish. Joon-Sang returns office, Yang-Woo is waiting for him and gets the chopsticks for his leader. But Joon-Sang takes the food with his hand. The doctor reveals the spine center asked them to send over some residents to help out. Joon-Sang thinks the person whom the new director’s bugging can go. He says cola. Yang-Woo gets the cola for Joon-Sang. But Joon-Sang asks Yang-Woo to drink it up himself.

Jin-Hee suggests Yang-Woo to send message to Joon-Sang. Yang-Woo reveals he sent nine messages, and he has pride. The doctor thinks he can send the tenth to mention the frog incident. He yells at him and thinks he shouldn’t send that many since he didn’t do anything that bad. But he changes his mind then.

Joon-Sang receives the message from the traitor Yang-Woo who calls him as Hua Tuo, and asks him to fix his body. But Joon-Sang thinks he mocks him. The new message comes again, Joon-Sang thinks it’s Yang-Woo again, but it’s Soo-Chang.

Joon-Sang arrives at the bar. Soo-Chang claims he has been living off wild boar. Joon-Sang thinks it’s time to get over all this, and asks about Young-Jae. Soo-Chang says the jerk wants to cut ties with him, and he doesn’t take his calls.

Seo-Jin sits in the dressing room and remembers Soo-Chang’s words, “Do you want to end up like my wife? But then again, no one knows before they die. They only find out after they do.”

Soo-Chang adds that he has no choice to send him to Med School, his wife was in charge of the kids’ education, and he believed that bringing home money was his duty as a husband and father. He is in tears and reveals he thought he was a wise parent, and that he was much better than his violent father. But he realized only after the disaster had struck, and mentions the name Kim Joo-Young was eating away at his son and wife.

Joon-Sang is shocked and remembers Ye-Seo said Joo-Young is weird, she told her to give up on being the school president. Seo-Jin reveals the women is an instructor at their daughter’s academy.

Joon-Sang realizes that his wife lied to him. Soo-Chang reveals his wife never told him anything about that woman, and he puts up with it all because he thought it was his doing. He suddenly wondered if the woman would create more victims, and thinks Joon-Sang shouldn’t end up like him.

Joon-Sang breaks into kitchen and reveals he met Soo-Chang. He asks his wife to explain it. Seo-Jin claims she didn’t tell him because she knew he’d object. He asks her if she still let the woman teach Ye-Seo after knowing who she is. She says she vetted her as thoroughly as possible and is confident in her, and asks him not to worry about it. He yells at her and thinks Myung-Joo’s dead because of her. She persuades him that Young-Jae didn’t get along with his parents and was forced to study. She thinks Ye-Seo studies because she wants to with no problem at all, and she wants to go to SNU’s Med School more than anyone else.

He points his index finger to her, and asks her not to use Ye-Seo as an excuse, and fire that woman immediately. She points out that he never cared about the kids’ education, and asks him why he is suddenly interfering. He gets angry and asks her where the money came from. She says it came from his mom. So he asks her if they have to go to such lengths to get her into SNU. She thinks these days it’s about grades and the environment, and kids win or lose based on their parents’ wealth and data. He asks her why it matters when their kid is smart, and thinks if she concentrates in class and takes some extra classes.

But Seo-Jin interrupts Joon-Sang that parents fake their kids’ grades to send them to good universities, and poor take out loans to hire essay tutors or even ghostwriters. She thinks they should do that when they can afford it. She pats his chest and asks him not to ruin things and thinks of their daughter. But he yells at her and mentions Soo-Chang wanted to shoot Joo-Young, and his family is in tatters.

Joo-Young stands in front of window, and remembers Soo-Chang blames her for inciting his son to take revenge, when she knew what kind of misery that would bring about. He thought she isn’t a human being.

Joo-Young calls Teacher Jo and thinks they should make Ye-Seo the school president, and asks him to watch Hye-Na.

Soo-Im prints the paper about tragedy caused by heated competition. She visits Seung-Hye and asks her for Joo-Young. Seung-Hye reveals the security there is very tight, and she is a discreet person. Soo-Im thinks someone has to ask since Young-Jae’s family suffered such misery.

Soo-Im arrives at the building. Seung-Hye’s voice appears, “there is no business name. You won’t find a sign either.”

Soo-Im runs into Ye-Seo and Teacher Jo in the 18th. He claims she has to have an appointment with Joo-Young. So she leaves her contact information. Joo-Young sees the note Soo-Im left, and asks Teacher Jo to look into her.

Jin-Hee meets with Seo-Jin and gives the necklace to her. Seo-Jin gets a call from Ye-Seo, and complains that Soo-Im visited Joo-Young’s office. She thinks Seung-Hye revealed Joo-Young’s office. Jin-Hee says Soo-Im is collecting information to write a novel, and thinks she wants to write about what happened to Young-Jae.

Soo-Im is picking the tomatoes at the garden, one tomato rolls. Seo-Jin tramples it, and warns her not to bother Joo-Young. Soo-Im says she cannot sit back and just watch the tragedy like she is doing, and claims she is a writer. Seo-Jin sneers and wants to see if she can pull the novel off or not. Soo-Im thinks it’s a threatening, and takes off her hat. She thinks Seo-Jin cannot beat her.

Seo-Jin tells Joo-Young over the phone that Soo-Im read Young-Jae’s diary. Joo-Young thinks Soo-Im will only realize the tragedy was casused by the family problem. She thinks she should focus on her daughter’s school president election.

Do-Hoon forces Hye-Na against the wall, and asks her not to threaten his mom for money again while pointing her head. Seo-Joon and Ki-Joon want to vote for Hye-Na. But Min-Hyuk thinks they should run in the election themselves. Seo-Joon thinks Hye-Na and Woo-Joo will be elected.

Woo-Joo is shy when he is close to Hye-Na, Soo-Im thinks they will win the election.

Seo-Jin tells Ye-Seo that Joo-Young will help her win the school president, and asks her to consider Ki-Joon as he running mate. But Ye-Seo prefers Seo-Joon.

Soo-Im is suprised that Hye-Na’s mom loves sweet osmanthus, and thinks they will get along well. Hye-Na is called to hospital, Woo-Joo asks his parents to return home, and he wants to accompany Hye-Na. But Hye-Na wants to stay with her mom alone, and pretends to be tough. But she is in tears after they leave.

Joon-Sang blames Madam Yoon for giving money to Seo-Jin, and reveals Myung-Joo died of Joo-Young. Seo-Jin steps in and says Young-Jae and Ga-Eul were in relationship. She thinks it’s not Joo-Young’s fault, and reveals Chi-Young’s son will be elected to be school president in Hye-Na’s help.

Madam Yoon calls Seo-Jin and thinks she has to get Ye-Seo to be school president if she wants Joon-Sang to give in. So Seo-Jin calls Seung-Hye and asks her sons to be Ye-Seo’s running mate. But Seung-Hye isn’t interested in it. Min-Hyuk runs to take the phone.

Min-Hyuk thinks Seo-Joon should be the school president because he got up to help the sick student. Seo-Jin agrees but offers Seo-Joon to be the vice president. Seung-Hye thinks Seo-Jin sweetened the deal with something, and asks Min-Hyuk what made him give up the presidency. He doesn’t reply her but mentions Se-Ri is so perfect.

Joon-Sang is furious that President Choi always stands by Chi-Young, and asks Seo-Jin to make Ye-Seo the school president. But she thinks there isn’t any problem if they leave it to Joo-Young.

Jin-Hee claims she will kill Joon-Sang after knowing he didn’t reply Yang-Woo’s texts, and takes her husband’s phone to text Joon-Sang. He tries to stop her but hurts his back more.

Joon-Sang gets the text from her then: “Joon-Sang, my dear beloved Joon-Sang. I may be an imbecile which is why I made a grave error, if my wife needed surgery, I would send her to you in a heartbeat. Why do you not see how sincere I am?”

Seo-Jin persuades Joon-Sang to do the surgery, and reveals Yang-Woo cannot sleep well because of the pain. Joon-Sang replies on the end, Jin-Hee tells his husband the good news.

Eun-Hye lies in bed and thinks Hye-Na is smart just like her father. Hye-Na asks her mom why she loves him when he died as soon as she was born. Eun-Hye tells Hye-Na not to hate her dad, and thinks the best thing she did in her life was having her.

Hye-Na wipes her mom’s tear and offers to go to Seonjae Island, and mentions Eun-Hye went there with Dad and caught baby blowfish. Eun-Hye says it was yellow and the size of a sunflower seed, her dad had studied all his life and was even scared of that.

Hye-Na walks out of the convenience store and sees Joon-Sang getting a slice of pizza to Ye-Seo. She is envy of Ye-Seo.

Joo-Young tells Seo-Jin that Ye-Seo will be the school president if Hye-Na withdraws her candidacy. But Ye-Seo thinks Hye-Na won’t give up since she is an ambitious girl. So Joo-Young gives her the flash disk.

Seo-Jin asks Do-Hoon’s mom to make Hye-Na withdraws her candidacy, and shows the video of Do Hoon and Hye-Na to her. Do-Hoon’s mom claims she gave the girl money as a scholarship. But Seo-Jin thinks the principal won’t accept it, and thinks the kids will be expelled.

Do-Hoon yells at Hye-Na and asks her to give up the school president. Hye-Na thinks Seo-Jin is behind it.

Ye-Seo thrills to scream that Hye-Na gave up. Joon-Sang offers to open a champagne. Ye-Bin thinks Ye-Seo has a crush on Woo-Joo. Ye-Seo threatens to smack her sister.

Woo-Joo thinks Hye-Na gave up because of her mom. Hye-Na cries when sending Eun-Hye to somewhere in the hospital. She is in black sitting on the floor, Woo-Joo and his mom arrive. Soo-Im hugs Hye-Na when the girl is crying.

Hye-Na finds Joon-Sang and Eun-Hye’s family photo from the memento. But Joon-Sang laughs that Ye-Seo became the school president.

Hye-Na remembers Joon-Sang is the one who got pizza for Ye-Seo, so she checks Eun-Hye’s phone and finds the text her mom didn’t send out. Eun-Hye was intention to tell Joon-Sang he has a daughter.

Hye-Na is shocked and steps down stairs. She calls Joon-Sang. Joon-Sang asks her if she is Eun-Hye. Seo-Jin bugs it when taking the snack.

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