Doom at Your Service: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Doom at Your Service: Episode 6. Myul-Mang asks Dong-Kyung for falling for him so that she will be alive. But she rejects it because she doesn’t want him to die. She doesn’t want to live in the room with him. He threatens to burn the house. She has to give in.

Doom at Your Service: Episode 6 Recap

Doom at Your Service: Episode 6

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Doom at Your Service: Episode 6.

Doom at Your Service gets Myul-Mang to see Sonyeoshin. He tells her about Dong-Kyung’s decision. She thinks he’s very childish to kill himself, and tells him that love isn’t a good thing. Dong-Kyung walks Ye-Ji and asks her for setting up a guy for her. Ye-Ji thinks Dong-Kyung is insane after knowing she wants to kill the guy. The two women walk into the building. They encounter Sun-Kyung.

Sun-Kyung tells Dong-Kyung to resign because he thinks he can raise her. But she tells him that she likes the job, and persuades him not to take the job away. Joo-Ik asks Dong-Kyung to take Park Young to see him because the writer disappears. Dong-Kyung complains to Ji-Na what Park Young did on her when she’s furious to play the baseball. She wants to kill the writer but she gives up the mind.

Ji-Na tells Dong-Kyung that Joo-Ik cheered her up when she was sad. But Dong-Kyung tells Ji-Na that the president kissed her because he pitied her. It makes Da-In get angry. She goes to see Joo-Ik and asks him if he gave the contract to her because he pitied her. He denies and tells her to be self-confidence. Doom at Your Service arranges Hyun-Kyu to call Joo-Ik. He asks him for making dinner for him. But Joo-Ik rejects it and takes away the contract Ji-Na signed.

Myul-Mang picks Dong-Kyung up and holds her hand. He tells her that he has feelings for her after knowing she didn’t find the person she wanted to kill. But she asks for flowers and wants to take the stuff back. Sun-Kyung spots the two. He gives the food she likes to her. She takes him to the hospital. Dang-Myun tells Dong-Kyung that he decides to treat her. He tells her not to give up herself. Myul-Mang shows up and hands over the flowers to Dong-Kyung. Dang-Myun is surprised that Dong-Kyung’s boyfriend is younger than her.

Dong-Kyung sees Myul-Mang in the photo she just took. She wonders why he’s different. He tells her that nobody can see the real him except her. He adds that she’s the first woman he chose. She spots Hyun-Kyu who becomes an idol. It makes her get angry. Myul-Mang asks Dong-Kyung if she wants the writer to die. But she denies. Doom at Your Service makes Dong-Kyung encounters Sonyeoshin. She notes that she takes a flower pot. She wonders why she doesn’t plant anything. Sonyeoshin tells Dong-Kyung that she will ruin the flower if it doesn’t grow well.

Ye-Ji tells Dong-Kyung that she arranged a man for her. She takes her to see him. But Myul-Mang shows up with the guy and makes the two pass out. Myul-Mang tells Dong-Kyung that she will has feelings for him. But she doesn’t believe it. So he touches her hair. It makes her want to kiss him. She pushes him away after seeing his evil smile. She’s furious to walk away.

Joo-Ik touches Ji-Na’s face when they work together. He asks her if she had the feelings for him when he did that. She denies. Hyun-Kyu calls Joo-Ik so that he tries to leave her house. He spots the umbrella and remembers they had a kiss under the umbrella. He tells her that he’s going to take away his umbrella. She’s startled and feels regret for not throwing it away.

Ji-Na goes to the gathering. She finds out that she’s the only woman in the party. Doom at Your Service brings the man she loves to her. Hyun-Kyu arrives. Ji-Na is panic and wants to avoid him. So she keeps drinking. But the guy mentions Ji-Na still has feelings for Hyun-Kyu. Ji-Na waits for the bus at the bus stop. Hyun-Kyu joins her and helps her take the cab. He tries to leave. But he turns around and smiles at her. He actually leaves this time.

Joo-Ik takes a look at the umbrella he took back after he took a shower. He smiles at it. He’s surprised that Hyun-Kyu is in the house. Hyun-Kyu goes to his room and lies in the bed. He sighs when he thinks of Ji-Na. Dong-Kyung gets off the bus. Myul-Mang is waiting for her. He takes her to run in the rain after she complained why her life is so terrible. She feels better after she ran with him.

Dong-Kyung tells Myul-Mang that she wants him to fall for her. He rejects it but he kisses him. Doom at Your Service gives up the kiss scene ultimately. Dong-Kyung kisses Myul-Mang back. But Sonyeoshin knows it and she doesn’t want it to happen. Myul-Mang disappears after the kiss. Dong-Kyung stays alone in the rain.

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