“Forever and Ever” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Forever and Ever” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama is the continuing story of “One and Only”.

Forever and Ever is adapted from Mobao Feibao’s Chinese novelForever and Ever – Beauty’s Bone“.

Forever and Ever (2021 Chinese Drama)

Forever and Ever


Shi Yi dubs for Chinese drama “One and Only“. She tears up when she describes Zhou Shengchen got killed. The lady hands over the tissue to Shi Yi. She reminds her that she’s going to be late. Shi Yi arrives at the airport and runs into Zhou Shengchen. She doesn’t recognize him until the worker calls his name.

Shi Yi follows Zhou Shengchen. She stops him when he’s walking. She tells him that she knew him through a Chinese movie. He learns what she meant is the story of Little South City Prince. She asks him for his Wechat number. But he doesn’t have any phone because he just returned to China. He offers to give his e-mail to her. She agrees to it.

Half A Year Later

The girl tells Shi Yi that her mom asked her if she has a boyfriend. She complains that she wasted half a year to be in love online with a professor who is in Germany. She tells her to give up because they live in different countries. Shi Yi tells the girl that the professor is in Xian.

The girl tells Shi Yi that she’s going to go to Xian. She tells her to join her. Shi Yi smiles and sends the e-mail to Zhou Shengchen. She asks for a meeting up. The guy visits Zhou Shengchen and asks him if he’s surprised. Zhou Shengchen points out that he asked the guy to join him. The guy learns that Zhou Shengchen is very rich. He tells him to give a big red envelope to his brother because his brother is going to get married.

The guy asks Zhou Shengchen when he will meet the fiancee his mother arranged for him. But Zhou Shengchen claims that he doesn’t have any time. The girl asks Shi Yi if Zhou Shengchen replied her email. Shi Yi denies. She thinks she doesn’t just come for Zhou Shengchen.

The girl takes Shi Yi to the restaurant. She asks her about the interview. Shi Yi thinks the woman is very special because she saw the real inside of her husband. Zhou Shengchen thinks what Shi Yi said is true that people don’t know the real inside of a person.

Shi Yi is surprised to see Zhou Shengchen. She introduces her friend Hong Xiaoyu and another guy Liu Shuai to him. The guy shows up. He reminds Shi Yi that he has a meeting. Hong Xiaoyu offers to visit Blue Dragon Temple. Zhou Shengchen agrees to it if it’s not raining. Hong Xiaoyu thinks Shi Yi wouldn’t be success without her. Shi Yi smiles.


Ren Jialun as Zhou Shengchen

Bai Lu as Cui Shiyi

Wang Yueyi as Hong Xiaoyu

Jin Liting as Tong Jiaren

Ci Sha as Mei Xing

Wang Ruixin as Zhou Wenxing

Luo Mingjie as Zhou Wenchuan

Liu Ruogu as Zhou Shengren

Episode 1

Shi Yi and Hong Xiaoyu stay in the room. Shi Yi notes that the rain is going to get heavier. Hong Xiaoyu asks Buddha to stop the rain if Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen have predestined relationship. The rain stops.

The manager calls Shi Yi and tells her that the producer wants her to star the Chinese drama. Shi Yi tells the manager not to wake Hong Xiaoyu up. The manager says that the file has been sent to Shi Yi’s e-mail. Shi Yi checks her e-mail and sees the message Zhou Shengchen sent to her. Shi Yi wakes Hong Xiaoyu up.

Zhou Shengchen shows up at the Blue Dragon Temple. Shi Yi keeps staring at him when he go downstairs. Hong Xiaoyu reminds Shi Yi that she blushes.

The tour guide narrates the Blue Dragon Temple to the tourists. Shi Yi tries to record what the tour guide said. But she fails. Zhou Shengchen learns that Shi Yi is interested in the city. He tells her that he can give her the city book.

Shi Yi learns that Zhou Shengchen likes to read book. She asks him if he went to the ancient bookstore. He tells her that there’s a wood shelf at the place he visits, and there’re some stuff he cannot touch on the wood shelf. She thinks nobody is going to get into the lab according to what he said.

Shi Yi spots Liu Shuai taking photo of Hong Xiaoyu. She tells Zhou Shengchen that Hong Xiaoyu came to the temple for her. He invites Shi Yi and Hong Xiaoyu to the tea house which is owned by his student. Hong Xiaoyu laughs. She thinks it’s a blind date.

Shi Yi sees Zhou Shengchen off. Hong Xiaoyu thinks Zhou Shengchen has feelings for Shi Yi. She wonders why he didn’t ask for Shi Yi’s number. Shi Yi sees Zhou Shengchen getting into the bus. She’s lost.

Tong Jiaren visits Zhou Shengchen and brings the wedding invitation card to him. She tells him that the one she wants to marry is him. She adds that she is hesitating. But he tells her to ask her husband about it if she hesitates. She’s sad to walk away.

The student feels happy after knowing Tong Jiaren isn’t related to Zhou Shengchen. He says that he worried Shi Yi won’t know what to do. He mentions Zhou Shengchen called a cab for Shi Yi.

Episode 2

Zhou Shengchen tells Mei Xing that he wants to write an e-mail to Shi Yi because she’s going to leave the city. Mei Xing tells Zhou Shengchen to call Shi Yi and have a meal with her. Shi Yi stares at the gate tower. She sees Cui Shiyi stands on the gate tower when she wears a red dress. Cui Shiyi sheds tears and jumps off the gate tower.

Hong Xiaoyu hands over the drinks to Shi Yi. She asks her if she was thinking of Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yi tells Hong Xiaoyu that she thought about Cui Shiyi taking her life. Mei Xing takes photos of Shi Yi and Hong Xiayu. He fails to chase them after the two girls got into a taxi.

The girl hands over the pack to Shi Yi, and tells her that it was given by Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yi runs out of the hotel to look for Zhou Shengchen. She doesn’t spot him when he squats to talk with the tortoise seller. Shi Yi returns to the hotel, and opens the book. She sends the e-mail to Zhou Shengchen, and asks him for the number of his lab. He gives it to her. She calls him and tells him that she wants to visit his office.

Shi Yi arrives at the building to see Zhou Shengchen. But the guard stops her. She tells him that she has appointment with Zhou Shengchen. He tells her that Zhou Shengchen will appear soon after he called Zhou Shengchen. A Mei calls Shi Li and asks her if she’s sure that she will get back. Shi Yi says yes.

A Mei asks Shi Yi what kind of guys she likes. Shi Yi falls for Zhou Shengchen when he shows up. She tells A Mei that she likes professor. Zhou Shengchen takes Shi Yi to visit the workshop. He Shan is surprised to see Shi Yi. Shi Yi learns that Zhou Shengchen never took girls there. She smiles. He Shan wants to have dinner with Shi Yi. She agrees to it.

Shi Yi tells Zhou Shengchen’s colleagues that she dubbed “One and Only”. Zhou Shengchen leaves to pay the bill. The colleague brings up that Zhou Shengchen has a fiancee. Shi Yi is embarrassed. She decides to leave. Zhou Shengchen gives her a ride. The two are silence in the car.

Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen get off the car. She tries to walk into the hotel. He stops her and tells her that he doesn’t have any fiancee. She smiles and takes a look at his palm. She tells him that they knew each other in the previous life. He believes in what she said, and asks for her number. She is surprised and tells the number to him.

Shi Yi returns to her room and tells Hong Xiaoyu that Zhou Shengchen told her that he doesn’t have any fiancee. Hong Xiaoyu thinks Zhou Shengchen has feelings for Shi Yi. She tells her not to pretend not know it because she sees her smiling.

A Mei tells Shi Yi to ask Zhou Shengchen where he lives. Because she thinks long-distance relationship won’t take too long. Shi Yi calls Zhou Shengchen. But he doesn’t pick up her phone.

Zhou Shengchen returns to his hometown Zhenjiang. His sister Zhou Wenxing welcomes him, and notes that he lost weight. Zhou Shengchen sees Zhou Shengren. He thinks he grows up. Zhou Wenxing laughs. She tells Zhou Shengchen that Zhou Shengren just missed him very much.

Zhou Shengchen calls Shi Yi and tells her that he wants to pick her up and eat with her. She runs out of the office and almost trips. He holds her arm and helps her. She asks him why he insisted on picking her up. He says that he worried that she would got hurt in the evening. She smiles. Shi Yi is surprised that Zhou Shengchen has a car. She thinks he got a nice job.

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