“Hello Mr. Gu” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Hello Mr. Gu” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Zhou Jianqiang who has to draw manga to earn money after her family went bankrupt. But the president Gu Nanzhou shows up and asks her to get married with her.

Yan Zhichao and Chen Jingke are the lead actors.

Zhang Han starred Chinese historical drama “The Legend of Jin Yan” in 2020.

Hello Mr. Gu (2021)

Hello Mr. Gu


Title: Hello Mr. Gu

Director: Ma Hongwen

Writer: Da Boluo

Network: Tengxun Video

Runtime: From Mar. 30

Episodes: 30

Language: Chinese


Zhou Jianqing thinks Zhang Yi is right that Man Xing doesn’t have any human nature. She complains that Gu Nanzhou wanted to leave after he stepped on her drawing. She adds that she almost killed him if she didn’t have any reason. Zhang Yi thinks Gu Nanzhou deserved it. He gives Zhou Jianqing the red dates tea. She’s surprised that he begins to care for his health. But he points out that he did it for her hair.

The lawyer gives the testament to Gu Nanzhou, and reveals his father left some shares to him. But Chairman Zhou wished Zhou Jianqing to take care of his old friend’s daughter Zhou Jianqing. Lu Ziming tells the shareholders to get someone to replace Gu Nanzhou because he doesn’t show up in the meeting.

Jiang Xiaochuan reminds Gu Nanzhou that Lu Ziming can replace him if he unites with other shareholders. He gives him the photo of Zhou Jianqing. Gu Nanzhou recognizes Zhou Jianqing, and remembers the lawyer told him that Zhou family helped Gu family ever.

Gu Nanzhou tells Jiang Xiaochuan that he wants to get married with Zhou Jianqing because it’s his father’s last wish. He asks him if he can make a proposal directly because he doesn’t have time to date the girl. Jiang Xiaochuan is against it, and tells Gu Nanzhou to leave it to him.

The loan sharks visit Zhou Jianqing and ask her to repay the money. Gu Nazhou shows up and saves Zhou Jianqing. She stares at him after she got into his car. He asks her why she stared at him. She thanks him and wonders why he was there. He tells her that he intended to visit her, and asks her to get married with him.

Zhou Jianqing tells Gu Nanzhou that she cannot marry him because she doesn’t have feelings for him. He tells her that he can solve the problem her parents made. She wonders how he knew it, and asks him what he wants to do. He takes off his suit, and wants to wear it on her. But she mistakes him, and beats him. She gets off her car and runs away.

Zhou Jianqing tells Su Youxia that Gu Nanzhou asked her to marry him. Su Youxia thinks Gu Nanzhou had bad intent, and reveals she heard someone tricked girls with marriage. Zhou Jianqing tells Su Youxia that she fled when Gu Nanzhou was stunned.

Zhou Jianqing prepares the heart-shaped flowers on the ground. Gu Nanzhou shows up and thinks she did a great job. She recognizes him and asks him if he got her to do that. She asks him what he wants to do. He shows the ring to her, and asks her to marry him. She steps back and starts the button by mistake. The fireworks appear.

The girls thrill and tell Zhou Jianqing to agree to Gu Nanzhou’s proposal when he tries to put the ring on her ring finger. But she takes back her hand and refuses him. He hugs her and tries to kiss her. But she steps on his shoe. She’s furious to leave.

Gu Nanzhou asks Jiang Xiaochuan why his methods didn’t work. Jiang Xiaochuan tells Gu Nanzhou his last method. Zhou Jianqing sees the apology gifts Gu Nanzhou gave to her. Zhou Jianqing visits Gu Nanzhou, and tells him to take back his gifts. But he wants to talk about it later. Because he’s very busy. But she rejects it. She tells him that she won’t leave if he doesn’t give her an answer.

Gu Nanzhou tells Zhou Jianqing that she needs to marry him if she wants him to take back the gifts. She asks him why he wants her to be his wife. He tells her that he’s blind and kisses her when he tries to stop her from falling.

Gu Nanzhou passes out after seeing the girls. Jiang Xiaochuan shows up and sends Gu Nanzhou to the hospital. Zhou Jianqing apologizes to Gu Nanzhou and tells him that she can take the responsibility. He tells her to marry him. He grabs her hand and tells her that he just needs her to marry him.

Madam Gu spots the two and asks Zhou Jianqing how she knew her son. Zhou Jianqing tells Madam Gu that Gu Nanzhou left a big impression to her after he reviewed her manga. Madam Gu feels happy and tells Zhou Jianqing that Gu Nanzhou hasn’t any girlfriend. Zhou Jianqing is surprised. Madam Gu asks Zhou Jianqing if she’s free tomorrow.


Chen Jingke as Gu Nanzhou

He’s the president of Gu Group. But the director wants to replace him. He learns that his left some shares to him but he needs to get married with the girl he dislikes. He begins to pursue Zhou Jianqing.

Yan Zhichao as Zhou Jianqing

She has a fight with Gu Nanzhou because he stepped on her drawing. But the person asks her to marry him. She rejects it because she knows nothing about him.

Guo Yunqi as Zhou Zixuan

He’s the older brother of Zhou Jianqing. He cares for his younger sister, and always gets Su Youxiao to give snack to Zhou Jianqing.

Zhu Danni as Su Youxia

She’s the best friend of Zhou Jianqing. She likes Zhou Zixuan.

Ding Jianwen as Zhang Yi

He is the assistant of Zhou Jianqing.

Zhong Weilun as Jiang Xiaochuan

He’s the secretary of Gu Nanzhou. He teaches his boss how to pursue Zhou Jianqing.

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