Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 3. Wei Xun calls Mia and tells her that the wine of Monas will be destruction because the wine isn’t good. She admires his action but it means that what they promote is a wine will never appear in the market.

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 3 Recap

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk

Wei Xun calls Mia and tells her that the wine of Monas will be destruction because the wine isn’t good. She admires his action but it means that what they promote is a wine will never appear in the market.

Mia thinks it’s embarrassed. Wei Xun points out that he has reviewed the new wine, and the article can only be written like that.

Editor asks Mia if Xei Xun handed over the article, and she says yes. But he finds out that Wei Xun wrote a review about the wine which cannot get in the market. Mia offers to add the review of third party and makes it into an exclusive interview.

Editor is confused. Mia says that it will shock the industry when Wei Xun made the president of chateau give up the big profit and destroy the wines. So they can do the positive propaganda for Wei Xun.

Mia adds that Wei Xun only provides articles for them, so it will be a positive propaganda for them. Editor is very happy.

Bu Zui is talking with Dad in the yard, and Wei Xun calls her and wants to see her. Wei Xun shares that he has thought about the regular pattern of exchanged gustation.

The first time was at the gate of the hospital. They exchanged the tastes, but his taste was gone after one hour.

The second time was at the Monas Winery. After he tasted the wine of number 92, he kept drinking bitter gourd water. The taste disappeared after 50 minutes.

But Bu Zui says that she has kept thinking about why Wei Xun is so rich. She wonders why he wants to take back his taste, and asks him how much money the taste is worth of. But he thinks she is worldliness.

Wei Xun says that lips contact is just a part of taste exchange, and he wants to find the rest parts. He offers to replay the detail what they met. Wei Xun drives the car, and Bu Zui chases the car. He stops the car, and she is out of breath. She tells him that she smashed his side-view mirror there.

Bu Zui adds that she wanted to take back her plum bottle and Wei Xun asked for her photo id. Wei Xun says that she not only didn’t give the photo id to him but also stepped his foot. She steps his foot again, and says that she stepped back when the car came.

Wei Xun hugs Bu Zui and says that he saved her. He wants to kiss her, but she pushes him over and reveals he lay. He lies on the floor, and hugs her when she wants to give up. He kisses her, and she gives him a slap.

Wei Xun realizes that his taste is back, but Bu Zui asks him to increase her salary. The two drink the water, and Bu Zui learns that the taste is back. Bu Zui says that it’s 40 minutes, and Wei Xun learns that it will reduce for 10 minutes after they kiss each time.

Wei Xun complains that he has only three times, but Bu Zui is startled by the times.

Bu Zui watches the tv, and the mc reveals the person will get the prize if she guesses out the food. Bu Zui thinks she shouldn’t waste her taste.

Mia calls Wei Xun and tells him that the topic is about the new and old wines, when he receives the wines. Wei Xun opens the letter, and learns that Chun Feng wants to challenge him.

Wei Xun calls Bu Zui when she is in the dressing room and wants to take part in the food guess program. He tells her that there is a task for her, and tells her not to be late. Bu Zui complains that she didn’t sell herself, and Yong Yong comforts her that she shouldn’t affected by Wei Xun.

Bu Zui challenges the player, and she is required to taste out the food which covers by the condiments. The mc asks what ingredient the meat is made by. Bu Zui says tofu and the mc thinks she is right.

The mc asks the players to write out the names of the condiments, but Bu Zui fails.

Yong Yong eats with Bu Zui and tells her not to give up the dream of being a gastronome. But he reminds her that Wei Xun will rage if he knows that she is eating lamb kidney.

Mia shows up, and Boss asks Bu Zui to share a table with Mia. Mia orders lamb kidney just like Bu Zui, and Bu Zui treats Mia as friend.

Bu Zui complains that she got the super power but she didn’t know how to use it. Mia complains that the partner is arrogance, mighty and perfectionism. Bu Zui has the same feelings that her boss thinks he is the center of the universe.

Bu Zui doesn’t come so that Wei Xun leaves. Bu Zui realizes that she is late and blames Hao Yong for not reminding her. But he says that he did it.

Bu Zui arrives at the cafe, but she learns that Wei Xun left at 10 pm. She calls Wei Xun but he doesn’t pick up her phone. So she texts him to apologize.

Bu Zui knows that Wei Xun is the dream of girls, and she thinks they should be sober. She calls him and asks him why he didn’t text back. He says that the apology is useless. She tells him that he is disgusted being an arrogant boss. But he reminds her that they’re just symbiosis. He says that he needs to prepare for the supplementary terms, and threatens not to give money to her.

Bu Zui asks Wei Xun if he thinks money is very useful, but she wants to know the content of the treaty.

Wei Xun watches the program Bu Zui took part in, and Dad tells Bu Zui that Wei Xun came very early. Bu Zui asks Wei Xun if he came to have breakfast. But Dad thinks Bu Zui should cook it for Wei Xun even if he wants to have great meal. Because he is her boss.

Bu Zui wonders if Dad got brainwashed by Wei Xun, and Dad reveals he just got educated.

Wei Xun follows Bu Zui to outside, and he asks her if she earned money with his taste. He intends to get Mr. De to talk with her, and she sees Mr. De rushing to her with a club.

Bu Zui explains that she just wanted to return the money she owed to him, and tells him that not all people are lucky like him. He tells her that he wants to sign a new contract with her that she needs to work extra 8 hours for her. So Bu Zui needs to live with Wei Xun.

Mr. Dao drinks at his own bar, and he gets a message from Bu Zui, who asks him why he didn’t come to the amusement park that day. She says that she ran into a jerk who is like Mr. Dao.

Wei Xun takes Bu Zui home, and he tells her to obey him. She lies in her bed and sighs.

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