“Legend of Fei” (2020 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Legend of Fei” is a new Chinese historical drama which comes out in 2020. The drama tells a story about a girl Zhou Fei who is born to be a blade master. But her mother doesn’t teach her any blade art because she wants her nephew to inherit the blade art of South Blade. Zhou Fei’s fate is changed after the emperor Xie Yun broke into the village which she lives. She knows that there is many martial arts master in the world. She challenges them one by one.

“Legend of Fei” is adapted from Priest’s novel ““Bandit”“.

Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo are the lead actors.

Zhao Liying starred Chinese historical drama “The Story of Ming Lan” in 2018. She played the girl Sheng Minglan who tries her hard to live in Sheng family. She gets a perfect marriage after she gets married with the young master of Gu family. She also starred “Our Glamorous Time” in same year. She played a designer Lin Qian.

Wang Yibo starred Chinese historical dramaThe Untamed” in 2019. He played a young master of Lan family. He also starred “Gank Your Heart” in same year.

Legend of Fei (2020)

Legend of Fei


Title: Legend of Fei

Director: Wu Jinyuan

Writer: Zhang Ji

Network: Tengxun Video

Runtime: From Dec. 15

Episodes: 51

Language: Chinese


Zhou Fei is a girl who likes blade art. But her mom Li Jinrong doesn’t teach any blade art to her even if she is the South Blade. She cares Li Sheng more than Zhou Fei when both make mistake. Xie Yun breaks into 48 Villages and wants to give general Wang Lin’s letter to Zhou Yitang. But Li Jinrong doesn’t want her husband to receive the letter.


Zhao Liying as Zhou Fei

She is a successor of South Blade. She isn’t good at using blade in the beginning. But she becomes a strong blade girl after she learned blade arts from many masters. She is called the light girl because her grandfather Li Zheng was a gentleman who helped many people.

Wang Yibo as Xie Yun

He is the previous emperor of Chen Kingdom. He isn’t interested in the throne. He is a strong martial arts master but he can only use jump art because he was poisoned by Lian Sheng. He cares for Zhou Fei very much. He uses pushing cloud palm three times for her. It makes his illness get worse.

Zhang Huiwen as Wu Chuchu

She is just a weak girl in the beginning. She is hunted by Disha sect because she takes the treasure “The Color of Ocean and Heaven”. She encounters Zhou Fei and becomes the best friend of her.

Chen Ruoxuan as Li Sheng

He is the successor of 48 Villages. His father passed away for saving Zhou Fei. He is furious to leave 48 Villages after knowing Li Jinrong thought Zhou Fei is better than him. He wants to prove that he isn’t a trash.

Sun Jian as Yin Pei

His father is Yin Wenlan who is respected to everyone. He thinks the honor is a burden after his families got killed. People wish him to be the light boy like his father. But he turns evil for taking revenge. He dies in front of Zhou Fei after he protected her. He becomes a good person in the end.

Zhou Jieqiong as Li Yan

She is a silly girl who wants to be the follower of Zhou Fei. But she always gets bullied. She is also a trouble maker.

Dong Xuan as Duan Jiuniang

She wants to teach her skill “Withering Hand” to Zhou Fei after knowing she is granddaughter of Li Sheng. But Zhou Fei rejects it because she is the successor of South Blade.

Ruan Shengwen as Ji Yunchen

He is North Blade. He kidnaps Yin Pei after Yin Wenlan rejected to fight with him. It kills Yin Wenlan. Ji Yunchen regrets and spends all his life to repay the sin until he is killed by Zheng Luosheng.

Geng Le as Shen Tianshu

He is the chief of Disha sect. He kills many good persons for his ambition.

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