Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episodes 15-16 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episodes 15-16. Cheng Shaoshang asks Fu Deng to look for the love books for her. He persuades her not to read the books because she doesn’t get married. She scolds him and tells him that she will badmouth him in front of Lian Fang.

Why Doesn’t Xiao Yuanyi Wish Cheng Shaoshang to Get Married with Lou Yao?

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episodes 15-16.

Episode 15 of Love Like the Galaxy begins with Fu Deng asking Cheng Shaoshang to tell Lian Fang that he’s a good man. She agrees to it as long as he finds the books for her. Lou Yao shows up from the window when Cheng Shaoshang reads the book.

It startles Cheng Shaoshang. Lou Yao tells her that he brought the wine to her after he heard that she’s studying. She stops him when he tries to open the book. He tells her that he read the books when he stayed with other men. She blames him for doing so.

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Lou Yao mentions what Teacher Kong said that food is love. Cheng Shaoshang invites Lou Yao to study with her. She’s furious to throw away the book after the book told her to flatter her husband. He agrees to what she said, thinking women can achieve their dreams as well.

Cheng Shaoshang thinks the best love is that women and men are equal. Cheng Yao praises her for what she said. He drinks with her. He asks her if she will get together with him if Xiao Yuanyi keeps stopping them. She comforts him that she will take his side.

Cheng Shaoshang thinks she and Lou Yao should know how to be in love. Lou Yao points out that they’re in love. She realizes that she doesn’t how to study love from the book. She wants to put their love in the book. She adds that the people will learn it from them. She throws away the books.

Sang Shunhua meets with Xiao Yuanyi. She thinks she wouldn’t have the happy life if she got married with Huangfu Yi. Xiao Yuanyi learns that Sang Shunhua doesn’t want her to stop Cheng Shaoshang and Lou Yao. Sang Shunhua asks Xiao Yuanyi why she doesn’t like Lou Yao.

Xiao Yuan thinks Lou Yao is a good person. But she doesn’t want Cheng Shaoshang to jump into the fire pit. Sang Shunhua reminds Xiao Yuanyi that Wang Yanji won’t bully Cheng Shaoshang since she’s very weak. Xiao Yuanyi worries that people will scold her if Cheng Shaoshang gets married first because Cheng Yang is the elder daughter.

Does Huangfu Yi Have feelings for Sang Shunhua After He Gave Up Her?

Huangfu Yi is drunk. He thinks Sang Shunhua would choose him if he didn’t get together with the woman. Yuan Shen points out that Sang Shunhua will choose Cheng Zhi because Cheng Zhi cares for her very much. He tells Huangfu Yi to give up because Sang Shunhua is married. Huangfu Yi shouts.

Cheng Shaoshang walks Ling Buyi out of the house. She asks him if there’re wolves in the house. She reveals she heard the howl of wolves. Lou Yao shows up with the carriage. Cheng Shaoshang finds out that the horses got replaced. Ling Buyi leaks that he replaced the horses for their trip. Lou Yao finds out that Yuan Shen isn’t there. Ling Buyi reveals Yuan Shen didn’t slept well because of the howl of the wolf.

Huangfu Yi wakes up Yuan Shen up. He mentions what he told him to be moderation. Yuan Shen remembers Huangfu Yi cried when he called Sang Shunhua’s name. Huangfu Yi wants to visit Sang Shunhua. Yuan Shen tells his master to do it. But Huangfu Yi doesn’t have the guts. He shouts again.

Cheng Shaoshang returns home. Sang Shunhua asks Cheng Shaoshang what Huangfu Yi said to her. She reveals he wrote a letter to her. Cheng Shaoshang thinks Huangfu Yi is a bad guy. She mentions he wants to get Sang Shunhua after he gave up her.

Sang Shunhua disagrees. She thinks Huangfu Yi just has the disadvantages of men. She tells Cheng Shaoshang not to give up herself for men. Cheng Shaoshang smiles. She believes that she will get together with Lou Yao all their lives.

Cheng Shaoshang cries to tell Sang Shunhua to take care of herself. Cheng Zhi comforts Cheng Shaoshang that he will take care of his wife. He tells her to obey her parents. Xiao Yuanyi blames Cheng Shaoshang for not turning around before she went to Hua County.

Cheng Shi wonders why Xiao Yuanyi knew Cheng Shaoshang didn’t turn around. He asks her if she went to see Cheng Shaoshang. Cheng Shaoshang leaves with her parents. Lou Yao rides the horse to chase her. He tells her to wait for him. Sang Shunhua smiles. She doesn’t expect that Cheng Shaoshang would accept Lou Yao.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 16 Ending

Episode 16 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Cheng Shaoshang telling her parents that she won’t find a man like Lou Yao if she gives up him. Xiao Yuanyi reminds Cheng Shaoshang that she won’t have a happy life after she joins Lou family because she has a bad personality.

Xiao Yuanyi tells Cheng Shaoshang that she cannot protect her if she brings trouble in Lou family. Cheng Shaoshang thinks her mom looks down on Lou Yao. She reveals she and Lou Yao planned to leave capital. She adds that it’s the marriage she wants to get.

Xiao Yuanyi tears up. She tells Cheng Shaoshang that she and Cheng Shi won’t stop her. Cheng Shaoshang leaves. Xiao Yuanyi sighs. Cheng Shi comforts his wife that Cheng Shaoshang will understand her good intention in the end. He thinks it’s not a bad thing that Cheng Shaoshang marries Lou Yao.

Xiao Yuanyi tells Cheng Shi that she wishes to look for a good husband for her daughter. She thinks Lou family is a den of tigers. Cheng Shi points out that Ling family is worse than Lou family. He reveals Ling Buyi wants to look into the case of Fan Chang.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episodes 15-16 star Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei.

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