Eve K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Eve K-Drama: Episode 8. So-Ra returns home. She’s scared. Yoon-Kyum arrives at the company. He sees the cop asking the guard about the driver of the car. So-Ra takes away the phone from Do-Wan. She breaks it and throws it into the trash can.

Does Yoon-Kyum Admit to So-Ra that He’s Seeing a Woman?


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eve K-Drama: Episode 8.

Eve episode 8 begins with So-Ra grabbing Do-Wan’s clothes. She tells him not to let others know their relationship. Yoon-Kyum is furious to break into the room. He blames So-Ra for bringing the trouble to him. He worries that she will ruin his plan. Pan-Ro walks into So-Ra’s room. He finds out that she’s missing.

Do-Wan leaks that So-Ra is in the hotel. Pan-Ro throws a fit to Do-Wan. He blames So-Ra for bringing the trouble to him as well. Jung-Chul reports to Pan-Ro that Yoon-Kyum came. Moon-Hee watches the news of the traffic accident. She believes that it was done by La-El.

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Yoon-Kyum asks Pan-Ro to tell him the location of So-Ra. He mentions the trouble his wife made. Pan-Ro refuses to leak it. He yells at Yoon-Kyum. Jung-Chul comforts Yoon-Kyum that he will take his wife to see him. Bon-Geun watches the news.

Secretary Jung reports to Bon-Geun that So-Ra is seeing a man. Bon-Geun tells Secretary Jung to look into the man. Eun-Pyeong runs into Pan-Ro. The two feel happy for seeing each other. Bon-Geun shows up. He hands over the USB flash drive to Pan-Ro. He tells him that So-Ra is seeing a man.

So-Ra meets with Yoon-Kyum. He blames her for bringing the trouble to him. But she thinks it’s a good thing because she got the chance to be close to him. She leaks that she just drank with her friend. She asks him if he has a woman.

Yoon-Kyum denies it. But So-Ra knows her husband has a woman after she took a look at his eyes. She wipes off her tears. She tells Yoon-Kyum that she will find the woman. She summons Jung-Chul and asks him to take her to the police station.

So-Ra meets with the chief police. He feels sorry for looking into her. She shows the photo to him. She asks him to look into the thief who stole her husband’s car. Eve lets Yoon-Kyum know what his wife did. Yoon-Kyum tells Secretary Cha to send Yeon-Wook overseas. But Secretary Cha reports to Yoon-Kyum that Yeon-Wook is missing.

La-El remembers what Eun-Pyeong told her that the box will help her. But she finds nothing after she opened the box. Eun-Pyeong calls La-El. He tells her that he trusts her no matter what she does. She mentions she got nothing after she opened the box. He tells her that he wanted to tell her that he will always support her.

So-Ra gets a call from the chief police who tells her that he caught Yeon-Wook. She asks him to give Yeon-Wook to her. Yeon-Wook gets beaten. Jung-Chul asks her to tell him who’s the lady Yoon-Kyum told her to guard. She refuses to leak it. Jung-Chul’s followers continue to beat Yeon-Wook.

How Does So-Ra Find Out La-El is the Woman Yoon-Kyum Sees?

Jung-Chul hands over Yeon-Wook’s phone to So-Ra. So-Ra calls the VIP. La-El calls So-Ra back. So-Ra asks La-El who she is. La-El hangs up. She sends a message to So-Ra. She tells her that she will go to see her. But she asks her to release Yeon-Wook.

Pan-Ro gets angry when he thinks about Yoon-Kyum using him to deal with his father. He wants to know the guy’s plan. Jung-Chul comforts Pan-Ro that So-Ra will get the plan after she meets with Yoon-Kyum. Makeup Artist wants to help So-Ra be the most beautiful woman in the world. So-Ra glares at Makeup Artist. She tells her that she wants to be a parent.

So-Ra takes Da-Bi to show up at the birthday party. She tells Secretary Kim not to let the woman run away after she shows up. La-El shows up. She hands over the flowers to Da-Bi. She walks to So-Ra. So-Ra tells La-El that she’s waiting for the VIP. She thinks the VIP fled.

La-El tells So-Ra that she’s the woman she waits for. She shows off her large necklace. She takes a look at Yoon-Kyum. So-Ra realizes that La-El is the woman after she took a look at Yoon-Kyum’s eyes. She’s shocked. La-El tells So-Ra that she slept with her husband on her birthday.

The reporters interviews La-El and So-Ra. She brings up their last dance. She asks them if they’re best friends. La-El grabs So-Ra’s arm. So-Ra takes off La-El’s hands. La-El asks So-Ra if she wants others to know what she did to her.

Yoon-Kyum walks to La-El. He confesses his feelings to her. She confesses her feelings to him as well. So he wants to meet with her at the house. But she rejects it and reveals So-Ra knew their relationship. He turns around and sees his wife who’s staring at them.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 8 Ending

The episode 8 of Eve ends with Moon-Hee telling Yoon-Kyum not to see La-El. Yeon-Wook wakes up. She finds out that La-El is taking care of her. She tells her to leave, thinking she’s a good woman. La-El smiles. She asks Yeon-Wook to tell her the location of Yoon-Kyum’s party.

Yoon-Kyum returns to the party. Secretary Cha brings a present to Yoon-Kyum. He tells him that it was given by La-El. Yoon-Kyum opens the present. He sees the bandoneon. He reads the note La-El wrote. He learns that she wishes the bandoneon to heal his soul.

Yoon-Kyum turns around. He sees La-El. He walks to her and hugs her. He tells her that he wants to get her forever. Jin-Wook stops Yoon-Kyum. He yells at him that La-El is his wife. La-El takes a look at Jin-Wook. She remembers she summoned her husband to the building.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 8 stars Seo Yea-Ji, Park Byung-Eun, Yoo-Sun and Lee Sang-Yeob.

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