Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 13-14

In the 13-14th episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap, Shan Cai has to join the Chinese Cooking competition to pay off her father’s debt. She lost her confidence after Tian Ye tells her that the competitor Zhou Caina is very tough. But Dao Mingsi cheers her up, and persuades her not to give up.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 13

Meteor Garden 2018

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Episodes 13-14.

Shan Cai learns cooking skills from Dao Mingzhuang, and sleeps at her house. Dao Mingsi is pleased when seeing her looks of sleeping. The next day, she cooks some dishes, and he thinks it tastes good. But Dao Mingzhuang asks her brother to give advise.

Shan Cai takes her dish of sesame ball, and asks Chen Qinhe and Li Zhen taste it. They’re scared by her lady style which was trained by Dao Mingzhuang. Tian Ye persuades Shan Cai not to join the competition, and reveals her competitor Zhou Caina is very tough.

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Shan Cai is moved, and takes her luggage intention to leave. But Dao Mingsi says that the Shan Cai he knew isn’t such girl. She feels wronged. He takes her to rest, and thinks she gets too much stress. He takes her to play bridge, and she fails. He draws pig on her face, and she is indomitable.

He asks her why she is indomitable while playing bridge, but scared of cooking competition. They play game until midnight, and sleep together. He laughs when seeing the drawing on her face, and takes photos to stick on the wall.

Dao Mingzhuang worries about Shan Cai since the Chinese cooking cannot be mastered in a short period, but she praises her after tasting her roast chicken. Tian Ye apologizes to Shan Cai for persuading her to quit, and doesn’t want to give up her. But she has Dao Mingsi, so he has to bless her as a friend. She tells her parents that she is going to join the cooking competition, they support her. So she is confident.

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Shang Cai sees Zhou Caina at the competition. She is pretty and confident. F4 goes to cheer up Shan Cai at the auditorium. The first dish is simmer cuisine, so Shan Cai chooses braised meat balls in brown sauce. The second dish is fast hand cuisine, she chooses Crystal River Shrimps. Shan Cai is promoted after judges reviewed it.

The second section is about dessert. Zhou Caina cooks Water Lily Crisp. Shan Cai cooks Dong Sugar, and she moves judges after telling her a story about the dessert.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 14

Dao Mingsi thrills to jump after knowing Shan Cai reaches the finals. The players who failed think Shan Cai bribed judges, Zhou Caina argues with them.

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The players has to cook a dish in 45 minutes, Dao Mingzhuang worries about Shan Cai. Shan Cai doesn’t know which dish she is going to use. Dao Mingsi rushes to the stage, and wants to cheer her up. But he is blocked by the guards. So he draws 100, and shows to him. She thinks he reminded her that she has 1,000,000 debts, and gets it when he cheers her up when being blocked by glass. She picks two pineapples as ingredient. Zhou Caina cooks Wenchang chicken.

People thinks Shan Cai’s dish Babao Spicy Noodles is too normal, and judges ask her why she used pineapple to cook the dish. She says that it comes from her lifestyle. Xi Men knows she was enlightened by Dao Mingsi’s head. Although Shan Cai doesn’t get the champion, but she gets the prize of 500,000. She tears up, and thanks Dao Mingsi as she won’t get it without his helps.

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Dao Mingzhuang treats the dinner, and celebrates for Shan Cai. Shan Cai cooks Babao Spicy Noodles for her friends. Dao Mingsi stares at her, and asks for date. She is embarrassed, and asks Xi Men to go with her. But he has the appointment. So She has to accept Dao Mingsi’s request, and drinks up the wine. She is drunk, and finds out she slept at home. Her parents want to use Babao Spicy Noodles as the specialty of their restaurant.

Shan Cai dates with Dao Mingsi, and runs into Ms. Wang’s son Xiao Long. Ms. Wang asked Shan Cai to take care of her son for one day. Dao Mingsi is furious after knowing she takes a child, but he gets along with Xiao Long then.

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