Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 11-12

In the 11-12th episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap, Tian Ye confesses to Shan Cai after knowing she found the Shen Wei leaf for him. But Dao Mingsi points out that he is a liar, and reveals he is inheritor of Tian Shi Group. Shan Cai ignores Tian Ye as she hates liar most.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 11

Meteor Garden 2018

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Episodes 11-12.

Dao Mingsi leaves in a hurry, Shan Cai is anxiety. But she thinks it’s best way to be farewell. She doesn’t show up at the airport, so Li Zhen persuades her to see him off. Dao Mingzhuang is furious after knowing Dao Mingsi didn’t have farewell with Shan Cai, and scolds him. He wants to get off when the airliner is going to take off. She has to stun him. Shan Cai misses Dao Mingsi, although she didn’t see him off. Her heart is empty after he left.

Dao Mingsi wants to return to Shanghai since his parents went go business trip. But Dao Mingzhuang disagrees because she fears her mother. He remembers Hua Zelei’s words that Shan Cai fell for him, and calls her office, and lies that he is her dad. Shan Cai is confused, and hangs up.

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He visits the restaurant Fengshui Xuan, the owner Yue Jie is his best friend. She cooked the sweet and sour ribs for him, and he remembers Shan Cai as she is good at making sweet and sour ribs.

Tian Ye is cooking lobster Thermidor, because the Kitchen God is going to examine him. The process is complicated, but it’s very simple if he has Shen Wei leaf. The next day, Tian Ye messes the soup, so Shan Cai has to look for Shen Wei leaf for him.

She goes to Shennong Zhuang, and buys the last plum of Shen Wei leaf. But she is hit by a electric car, and the Shen Wei leaf is broken. An old lady passes by, and gives her the Shen Wei leaf. Shan Cai returns to the restaurant, and gives the leaf to Tian Ye. He cooks the lobster Thermidor which is praised by Kitchen God Qian Shu. Tian Ye thinks he cannot complete the dish without Shan Cai’s help.

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He goes to Shennong Zhuang to buy spices, and finds Shan Cai’s identity card which she left in the shop because of lacking money. The old lady tells him that Shan Cai had car accident to help him. Tian Ye feels guilty, and treats him a meal. He tells her that his mother is dead, and his father doesn’t support his dream. But he wouldn’t give up. She agrees his attitude to life, and he has feelings to her. He confesses to her after dinner, and she doesn’t understand his confessing. Just then Dao Mingsi shows up, and points out he is a liar.

Tian Ye isn’t a poor student, but the inheritor of Tian Shi Group. She ignores him as she hates cheater most. Dao Mingsi sticks Shan Cai to return home, and fights in the living room. Shan Cai’s mother likes Dao Mingsi, and asks him to stay overnight.

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Dao Mingsi sleeps next to Shan Cai, and peeks at her in private. He is satisfied after poking her face. The next day, he breaks into with undress when she is in the bathroom. She is scared, and covers it with the bath towel. But she shows his abdominal muscle to her.

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Dao Mingsi goes to the place F4 gathers, but it’s empty. So he calls Xi Men. But Xi Men tells him that they won’t return if he doesn’t get along with Hua Zelei. Dao Mingsi is flurried, and claims he has a lot of words for Hua Zelei. The three boys show up, and Dao Mingsi apologizes to Hua Zelei.

Dao Mingzhuang is furious about Dao Mingsi’s leave, and tells him that their mother is going to celebrate his birthday, and points out that she won’t like Shan Cai. Tian Ye apologizes to Shan Cai about his lies, but she isn’t furious, and thinks she was oversensitive.

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Shan Cai returns home, and finds out mother is crying. Father owned huge debt, and he asked to get divorced with her because he didn’t want to incriminate family. Dao Mingsi gives his credit card to them after knowing what happened. But Shan Cai returns it to him as she cannot use his money. So he claims the money is to borrow to her, and asks her to attend the Chinese Cooking competition. He asks her to kiss him as interest.

The competition is sponsored by Dao Mingsi’s mother, and he wants to her to know Shan Cai with the chance. Dao Mingzhuang joins his plan, and tells Shan Cai the key to be the winner is to have feelings to dishes. Shan Cai doesn’t understand it, so Dao Mingzhuang gives her the poetry, and asks her to read it.

Dao Mingsi is confident to Shan Cai as she is a tough girl. Dao Mingzhuang shows the dishes she cooked to Shan Cai, and Shan Cai swears to learn it.

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