Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 45-46

In the 45-46th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, emperor thinks Wei Yingluo cheated on him after seeing her hair pin dropped from Fu Heng’s clothes. Fu Heng realizes he is framed, but the servant saw him changing clothes lied to emperor.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 45

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 45-46.

Emperor goes to visit Consort Chun since she was cold to her, and she claims that she doesn’t expect too much. He is relieved to her kindness, and admits he likes her most in the palace. Consort Chun hints him that Wei Yingluo still loves Fu Heng, and he minds their past. So he doesn’t visit Yanxi Palace when he passes by, and Wei Yingluo lost emperor’s favor which is what Consort Chun wants.

Imperial Concubine Little Jia is upset because of being punished for bullying Wei Yingluo, and knows emperor is cold to Wei Yingluo. She tells emperor that she bullied Wei Yingluo because of jealousy. He knows women are jealous of their lover, and records it in his mind.

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Imperial Concubine Little Jia hears emperor is going to give a house to Hu Heng, and suggests him to name the house “Yu Jin”. “Yu Jin” comes from the poem of gardenias, and she points out Fu Heng likes to collect handkerchiefs of gardenias. Emperor knows Wei Yingluo loves gardenias as well, and is furious to drive Imperial Concubine Little Jia away. She is pleased as her goal is achieved.

The rumor is spread at the palace, and emperor doesn’t want to see Wei Yingluo. He visits empress, and talks about it. Empress claims she believes Wei Yingluo, but wants to see how they fight after emperor left. Ming Yu hears the rumor, and persuades Wei Yingluo to figure the way out. But Wei Yingluo thinks the rumor is ended to wise women. Just then Fu Heng shows up.

Fu Heng wants to talk with Wei Yingluo since it’s their first meet after he returned. The maid sees it, and reports it to Consort Chun. Wei Yingluo is sad to see Fu Heng, but she has to keep the distance to him. Consort Chun tempts emperor to see the scene of Wei Yingluo and Fu Heng’s meet, and emperor thinks they still love each other. He takes the gardenias in Yanxi Palace to scent toilet sink, warning Wei Yingluo. Ming Yu doesn’t know what he means, but Wei Yingluo guesses he saw the scene of the date.

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The servant dares to steal the property of Yanxi Palace after Wei Yingluo lost emperor’s favor, Ming Yu arrests him, and takes him to Wei Yingluo. But Wei Yingluo releases her, and claims she has a plan. The servant Xiao Quanzi dates with Lan Er, and he was instigated by Imperial Concubine Little Jia to steal jewelry to frame Wei Yingluo. He gives the hair pin to Lan Er, although all of the jewelry were kept by Wei Yingluo.

Consort Chun knows queen likes the landscapes of South China, and asks her followers to build the landscapes. So queen doesn’t have to go out of palace to enjoy the landscapes. But empress points out that the treasury is empty, and asks concubines to make donations. Consort Chun’s plan is broken by empress, and she is furious.

Wei Yingluo sells wine in the market with the dialect of Suzhou, and queen praises her talent. Emperor thinks her wine isn’t right after tasting it. Wei Yingluo knows he isn’t anger to her, and asks for money. He doesn’t take money, so he gives her his jade pendant.

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Emperor goes to Yanxi Palace, and Wei Yingluo imitates Imperial Concubine Little Jia’s tone. She tells him that she and Fu Heng are just friend, and claims she won’t cheat on emperor. But emperor thinks it wouldn’t happen if she didn’t meet up with Fu Heng. But she says people will think she feels guilty if they don’t meet up, and nestles in his arms.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 46

Queen walks around the market, and finds out her stuff is sold in there. Wei Yingluo is intention to tell queen that what she lost is in the market as well, and points out that the market are full of stolen goods. Queen’s face falls, and leaves. Consort Chun is embarrassed, and her image of good person is destroyed by Wei Yingluo. Imperial Concubine Yu knows Consort Chun hates Wei Yingluo, and tells her that she can get rid of Wei Yingluo for her.

Wei Yingluo rewards Xiao Quanzi who sold stolen goods to the market, he appreciates her. She tells Ming Yu that he knows the rumor was spread by Imperial Concubine Little Jia and Consort Chun, so she framed Consort Chun. Ming Yu reminds her to be careful since the anniversary of previous empress’s death is upcoming. Er Qing takes off her clothes, and wants to sleep with Hu Heng after seeing he let Fu Kangan lean in his arms, and fed him with dessert, although Fu Kangan isn’t his son. But Fu Heng refuses Er Qing as he doesn’t have any feeling on her.

Qin Lian reminds Fu Heng not to be lost in the past, but he needs time to forget it. He worships previous empress, and his clothes is wetted by the servant. The maid Fei Cui suggests him to change the clothes in the palace.

He runs into Wei Yingluo, and guesses she wants to take revenge previous empress. But she doesn’t want to involve him, and persuades him to return to the army. Just then Imperial Concubine Little Jia takes emperor to catch them, and emperor stares at Wei Yingluo, asking for the explaination.

Imperial Concubine Little Jia points the hair pin in Fu Heng’s clothes, and says that Wei Yingluo cheated on emperor. Fu Heng realizes that he is framed, and says that the clothes was just changed, and wants to confront with the servant. But the servant is bribed, and claims he didn’t see the hair pin which Imperial Concubine Little Jia asked her follower to steal from Wei Yingluo.

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