While You Were Sleeping Stills: Suzy Cries to Lee Jong Suk

While You Were Sleeping, this most popular drama is hot because of Suzy and Lee Jong Suk‘s joining and a amazing story.

While You Were Sleeping

Viewers want to know more details about this drama since it’s on air. The SBS drops stills of Suzy and Lee Jong Suk on ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

From the stills you can see, Nam Hong Joo (Suzy) and Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) sit on a long chair. She cried and wipes her tears through his tie. He looks at her and comforts her, just like a boyfriend.

Maybe you are curious why Nam Hong Joo cried. It’s not Jung Jae Chan’s problem but Kang Dae Hee who is arrested by police.

To view more details about Suzy’s crying, you can view it on upcoming episode of ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

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