Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 34 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 34. Baili Empress cooks the soup for Yong King. He tastes the soup and finds out that the flavor is the same as back then. He adds that she cried in his arms after she was hurt by Third Prince’s horse.

Why Baili Empress Killed Yi Ge?

Who Rules The World

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 34.

Yong King tells Baili Empress that he began to have feelings for her after she had taken care of him for three days and three nights. He tells her that he swore to be nice to her all his life at the time. Baili Empress tells Yong King that she wants to accompany him all her life.

Yong King is confused because Baili Empress is accompanying him. She asks him to give the crown prince position to Feng Ju. But he rejects it. Feng Ju visits Baili Empress with eunuch clothes. He tells her that he worried about her because he heard that she’s sick. She tells him that she has heart illness. She adds that Feng Lanxi knew she killed his mom with the poison.

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Baili Empress tells Feng Ju that she wants to take her life because Feng Lanxi intends to tell people what she did. She tells Feng Ju to rebel. She reminds him that he has lost his mom if she didn’t kill Yi Ge. She reveals Yong King doesn’t intend to give the crown prince position to Feng Ju.

Baili Empress thinks Feng Ju did a great job to build the troops. He asks her to help him. She agrees to it because they’re mother and son. He promises not to make her feel wronged. She asks him to protect since Feng Lanxi wants to take revenge his mom. Feng Ju leaves.

Zhong Li hands over the list to Fang Lanxi. He tells him that the list contains the ministers who wronged Yi Ge. Feng Lanxi finds the name of Duke Liang. Baili Empress leaks that Feng Lanxi went to empire city. She thinks he went to empire city for seeing his uncle Chunxi Emperor. Yong King thinks Feng Lanxi is close to Dadong Empire.

Mr. Jia reports to Feng Ju that he prepared the evidence. Feng Ju thinks he’s the one who laughs until the end. Feng Lanxi ties Duke Liang up. He tells him that he has known that he united with Baili Empress to kill his mom. He shows the letter to him.

Feng Lanxi asks Duke Liang why they did that. Duke Liang reveals they did it for the crown prince position. He adds that Yong King didn’t take part in their plan. Feng Lanxi asks Zhang Zhongge if he recorded it. Zheng Zhongge shows up. He admits it. Feng Lanxi tells Duke Liang that he will forgive his families if he tells Yong King what he and Baili Empress did. But Zhong Li reports to Feng Lanxi that Feng Ju wants to rebel.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 34 Ending

Feng Ju visits Baili Empress’s palace. He reveals Yong King let him see her before he leaves. He thinks Yong King cares for him. He opens the door and finds out that his mom is dead. He cries and he’s mad. Feng Lanxi visits Yong King. Yong King tells Feng Lanxi that he decides to give the crown prince position to him.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 34 stars Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.

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