5 Questions I have after Watching Korean Drama Jugglers Episode 13

Jwa Yoon-Yi and Nam Chi-Won’s relationship is exposed by Jo Sang-Moo in Jugglers Episode 13. They face the investigation from ethics committee, as office romance is forbidden, especially the love between boss and personal assistant.There are 5 questions I want to ask after watching Jugglers Episode 13.



Let me tell you what happened in the episode of Jugglers 13 before I ask the questions. This may help you understand my questions and know what I mean if you didn’t watch the drama.

1. Jwa Yoon-Yi and Nam Chi-Won’s relationship is exposed by Jo Sang-Moo, they are nervous and Jwa Yoon-Yi even fears to go outside, although they pretend they aren’t and show their tough sides.

2. The team members of video department support them and tell the ethics committee that their love improve the achievement.

3. Jwa Yoon-Yi thinks Ma Bo-Na steal the data from her phone, but Ma Bo-Na denies it and doesn’t have any guilty.

4. Hwangbo Yool got document from secretary, it indicates that Wang Jung-Ae faked her record before join YB.

5. Do Tae-Geun persuades Nam Chi-Won to move out from Jwa Yoon-Yi’s house and Nam Chi-Won treats Hwangbo Yool as Jwa Yoon-Yi while they are sleeping.

The Jugglers kdrama episode of 13 is full of funny and warm moments although the hero and heroine are miserable. Both their relationship and the department’s futures are gloomy.

5 Questions I have after Watching Korean Drama Jugglers Episode 13

What’s Do Tae-Geun’s Intention?

Do Tae-Geun always stands by Nam Chi-Won’s side when he is in trouble. But he didn’t do that and persuade Nam Chi-Won to move out from Jwa Yoon-Yi’s house until ethics committee has decision regarding their relationship. As we know Do Tae-Geun’s daughter Do Do-Hee falls in love with Nam Chi-Won in Korean Drama Jugglers, he might utilize this opportunity to set him up with his daughter, although he pretended to care him and be nice to him.

Did Ma Bo-Na betray Jwa Yoon-Yi?

Ma Bo-Na and Jwa Yoon-Yi are close friend and trust each other although their bosses are rivals. In the first episode of Jugglers, they talk about their bosses and blame their bad behavior. Ma Bo-Na even places the dish on her boss’s photo. But things are changed after Jwa Yoon-Yi disclosed Jo Sang-Moo’s mistake in the episode 13. Ma Bo-Na gets angry and thinks her friend betrayed her.

Jwa Yoon-Yi recalls Ma Bo-Na borrowed her phone when her phone was out of battery while Nam Chi-Won thinks someone steal her phone and track her down, then taking their photos and posted it to social media.

She asks Ma Bo-Na about it during lunch time, but she denies it and persuades her to check her transfer records. Although Park Kyung-Rye defends Ma Bo-Na and thinks Jwa Yoon-Yi shouldn’t suspect her friend, Jwa Yoon-Yi still doesn’t trust her.

Why didn’t Hwangbo Yool fire Wang Jung-Ae after Knowing she Faked her Identify?

Hwangbo Yool has fired 87 personal assistants and he can easily fires Wang Jung-Ae especial when he knew she faked her identify, but he covered the evidence and persuaded her to go Hong Kong with him. Wang Jung-Ae did many good things for Hwangbo Yool before, this is why he can not give up her. Maybe he is waiting her to confess.

Why Does Woo Chang-Soo stand by Nam Chi-Won’s Side?

Woo Chang-Soo and Nam Chi-Won were enemies after he saw Nam Chi-Won stealing his girlfriend, But why he helps him when the ethics committee is inquiry to him. He reveals he did it for Jwa Yoon-Yi.

What is Ethics Committee’s decision?

Although Nam Chi-Won divorced and is single now, boss and personal assistant’s love is forbidden in ethics committee’s eyes, it just like teacher and student’s love. Hence the result will be Nam Chi-Won or Jwa Yoon-Yi leaves the company.

What I learned from Korean Drama Jugglers Episode 13?

There are few tips I learned from this episode, I share it to you guys below:

1. The best way to kill someone you dislike is to tell others his scandal.

2. Friend usually hurt you most than enemy.

3. Confession is the only way to win Boss’s trust, you’d better to do it in advance.

4. Don’t borrow your phone to others especial your friend.

5. Man should accept most of burden and let your woman feel comfortable all the time.

I wishes this tips on Jugglers Ep 13 may give you some enlightenment when you work and live with others. Because drama is mirror of real world, it gives you tips to avoid the mistakes you are going to make.

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