Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 7

This is 7th episode of Black Knight Kdrama, Sharon doesn’t want to give up and dominates Jung Hae-Ra’s body after she was refused by Black Knight. Jang Baek-Hee discovers there are weird words on her shoulder and warns Sharon that she will kill her if she does it again.

Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 7

Black Knight Kdrama

Sharon calls Moon Soo-Ho and pretends to be drunk in the pub after she transferred into Jung Hae-Ra. She refuses to go home when she is told that Jung Hae-Ra lives with Moon Soo-Ho and sleeps in the pub, hence Moon Soo-Ho has to lift her and go outside. Sharon feels warm but makes excuse to flee as the body belongs to Jung Hae-Ra.

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Jang Baek-Hee goes to Sharon tailor to visit her, but nobody is in there except Jung Hae-Ra. Jang Baek-Hee is very nervous when she fails to wake up her. Meanwhile, Sharon visits Choi Ji-Hoon and lets him do 100 push-ups when he claims that he loves her so much. She kisses him and tells him that she won’t go home tonight, but he thinks it’s too fast even if he loves her.

Moon Soo-Ho worries Jung Hae-Ra and looks for her after he waits for her so long but she doesn’t come back. He gets a call from Jang Baek-Hee and visits Sharon tailor. Jang Baek-Hee lets him wake her up and carry her home after she knows Moon Soo-Ho met Jung Hae-Ra.

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Sharon tells Choi Ji-Hoon that she needs to go home when she notices her voice is changed. Lee Sook-Hee asks Moon Soo-Ho what’s the matter when she sees he carries Jung Hae-Ra who falls asleep. He tells her that Jung Hae-Ra drank wine yesterday, but Lee Sook-Hee finds out Jung Hae-Ra wan’t drunk after she smells her nose.

Jung Hae-Ra goes outside to exercise after she wakes up. She is curious why she fell asleep yesterday because she didn’t do that before. Lee Sook-Hee persuades her to take more meats, Jung Hae-Ra thinks it’s a good idea and tells her that she is going to accept Mr. Park’s offer when Lee Sook-Hee mentions he promised to give her a store.

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Moon Soo-Ho gets a call from a grandmother who is harassed by Mr. Park’s henchmen when he is going to send Jung Hae-Ra to her office. Moon Soo-Ho beats up those henchmen in Jung Hae-Ra’s help after they arrive. She asks why he wants to prevent from being sold of the grandmother’s house, he tells her that the house contains the memories of their childhood.

Jang Baek-Hee notices there are words “wandering ghost” on her shoulder and it cannot be removed. She asks Sharon what she did on Jung Hae-Ra, but she denies it. Jang Baek-Hee finds out there are same words on Sharon should too and beats her up, she thinks she needs to do something otherwise they are end. But Sharon thinks the words are pretty good.

Park Chul Min thinks he needs to get marry again and has his child, but Park Gon tells his father that nobody will marry him because he is too stingy, and promises to help him if his father can give Jung Hae-Ra a store. Park Chul Min refuses it.

Park Gon gives Choi Ji-Hoon some cashes and lets him keep watch on Moon Soo-Ho. Choi Ji-Hoon visits Moon Soo-Ho who is discussing with his assistant about buy lands. He reports to Park Gon about it once he knows their plan. Park Gon finds out Choi Ji-Hoon knows law well.

Choi Ji-Hoon has pains to his back when he visits Kim Young-Mi’s shop. Lee Sook-Hee takes care of him and sends him to hospital with Kim Young-Mi. Meanwhile, Choi Ji-Hoon sees Sharon and calls her Seo Rin on the road to the hospital. He recalls he failed to chase Seo Rin after she left a note and said good bye to him. Kim Young-Mi thinks he falls in love with Lee Sook-Hee when he calls Lee Sook-Hee older sister in the ambulance.

Jung Hae-Ra uses a pan to hit the rider when she sees someone riding motorcycle to hit Moon Soo-Ho. She carries a bicycle from a child to throw him after the rider avoids the pan.

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