It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 4 Recap & Review

Moon Kang-Tae doesn’t believe Moon-Young will like him until he hears that she was almost killed by her father on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 4 Recap & Review

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay recap contains spoilers.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay begins with Gi-Do making his father fail in the election. Mom is furious to give him a slap. Gi-Do feels the mother love he hasn’t gotten for a long time through the slap. He feels happy even if he lost everything.

What Gi-Do says about maternal love reminds Kang-Tae his childhood. Kang-Tae was told that his existing is to protect and take care of Sang-Tae. Mom gave all of her love to Sang-Tae, and scolded Kang-Tae when he didn’t take care of his brother well.

Gi-Do is sent to OK Psychiatric Hospital. Kang-Tae worries about Moon-Young and gets in her car. She reads his mind and promises to take him away like what she did on Gi-Do when he wants to run away. Kang-Tae feels warm and expects something on Moon-Young.

Sang-In calls Kang-Tae and tells him not to believe that he is pretty and Moon-Young wants to get him. Because Kang-Tae is just a yummy dish Moon-Young wants to eat.

Moon-Young says that she doesn’t want to waste time to take care of her dad. Kang-Tae realizes her heartless nature, and he is furious to get off her car. She confesses her feelings to him for keeping him. But he ignores it. She gets angry as she doesn’t know what Sang-In told to Kang-Tae.

Ji-Wang talks with people about how to deal with Kang-Tae and Moon-Young. He knows Joo-Ri is the best friend of Kang-Tae, so she asks her for her opinion. She tells him to fire Moon-Young for keeping Kang-Tae. But she regrets.

Moon-Young returns home. Sang-In waits for her and tells her to get back to Seoul. But she rejects it. He visits the pizza shop of Jae-Soo, and runs into Joo-Ri who intends to get drunk. Sang-In falls for her and invites her to eat together. But she rejects it.

Man-Su takes his men to visit OK Psychiatric Hospital, and tells Ji-Wang to punish Kang-Tae and Moon-Young. Kang-Tae stops Joo-Ri contacting Moon-Young, and he decides to take the responsibility. Kang-Tae thinks Man-Su shouldn’t lock his son up in OK Psychiatric Hospital. Man-Su gives Kang-Tae a slap. Ji-Wang films what Man-Su beats Kang-Tae, and wants to take revenge Kang-Tae.

Moon-Young wants to make Kang-Tae not get angry, so she comes to the hospital and walks Dae-Hwan. She runs into Sang-Tae, and he feels happy for seeing her. Kang-Tae worries that Sang-Tae will get hurt, and tells him to leave Moon-Young. Sang-Tae is scared to flee to the kitchen, and he doesn’t want to see Kang-Tae.

Moon-Young sees the swollen in Kang-Tae’s face, and cares for him. But he points out that she just pretends to care for him, and she doesn’t know what is love. She feels that she gets hurt. Joo-Ri comes with Dae-Hwan. Dae-Hwan recognizes Moon-Young and wants to kill her.

Moon-Young is in tears because of Dae-Hwan’s action. She feels regret for coming to the hospital, and walks in the street. Kang-Tae sees her from the bus but he doesn’t get off.

Kang-Tae misses Moon-Young and reads her book. The book tells a story about a kid who lives like a zombie without appetite. Mom cuts off her limbs to feed her when they lack food. The zombie girl hugs Mom’s body to feel the warmth of maternal love. Kang-Tae is in tears as he wanted maternal love when he was a kid.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ends with Jae-Soo telling Kang-Tae that Moon-Young was almost killed by her father. Kang-Tae finds Moon-Young in the rain and wears his clothes on her when she gets wet. She cannot bear it and leans in his arms.

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