Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap of Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Ye Lin takes An Jie to the pavilion and tries to touch her. But she avoids him. He asks her if she needs him, and she wants to leave. But he hugs her. She asks him what he is doing after shaking off him. He confesses that he never forgot her the past six years and wants to be in love again.

Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

Love Cures All

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Ye Lin offers to treat the classmates, and Xiao Di asks for the most expensive wine. Jia Zhen asks Xiao Di how she got the handsome husband, but Xiao Di thinks Ya Li is better than her. Ya Li thinks love is about two people love each other, but Jia Zhen points out that Ye Lin and An Jie were in love. Xiao Di thinks Ye Li hooked Ye Lin, but Ya Li claims that she had right to pursue Ye Lin. Ye Lin stops Ya Li, and wonders if An Jia has something to talk with the classmates.

Jia Zhen asks An Jie if there’re many handsome men overseas, and An Jie says yes. Ya Li asks An Jie if she got many boyfriends overseas. Piao Zhen stops the waiter giving wine to An Jie, and Ye Lin wonders why she turned into an obedient woman. She says that everything can be changed after six years. Xi Chen and Nian Yi arrive at the bar, and they see An Jie. Nian Yi wonders why Xi Chen took him there since there’re many bars. An Jie goes to restroom, and Ye Lin follows her.

Xi Chen tells Nian Yi not to be like a dissatisfied housewife when he wants to have a talk. But Nian Yi asks Xi Chen to compensate him for the loss of girls. Xi Chen tells Nian Yi to choose him. Jia Zhen thinks Ya Li took Ye Lin to show off to An Jie, and wonders how Ye Lin knew the place. Jia Zhen asks An Jie if she is uncomfortable. An Jie admits it but it’s not because of Ya Li and Ye Lin. She says that she gets a fever, and Jia Zhen thinks An Jie doesn’t know how to take care of herself, mentioning her right hand.

Jia Zhen reveals Ye Lin lived terrible badly after he broke up with An Jie, but he was in love with Ya Li soon. Jia Zhen thinks Ye Lin cares for An Jie, but An Jie walks out of the restroom. Ye Lin hears An Jie tells Jia Zhen that she won’t be in love with him. An Jie says goodbye to Xiao Di, but Ye Lin stops her. He asks her to drink the wine, and thinks she has more guts than six years ago. Jia Zhen reminds Ye Lin that An Jie isn’t comfortable, but he thinks An Jie just doesn’t drink his wine. An Jie drinks the wine up and passes out. Nie Yi wonders why Xi Chen left.

An Jie looks for Elvis in her dream, and Piao Zhen wakes her up. He thinks she shouldn’t drink so much, and she apologizes to him. He thinks she should apologize to herself instead, and blames her for drinking up the red wine. She reveals she never passed out before, and he asks her to promise him not to drink so much. She accepts it, and he wants to accompany her. She tells him that she is dizzy, and asks him to leave. Piao Zhen leaves, and Xi Chen shows up to get An Jie’s hands into the cover when she falls asleep. She opens her eyes and calls the name of Elvis.

An Jie wonders if Elvis came and thinks it’s her illusion. She is surprised to see Xi Chen with foods, and he wants to pick her up to Jian family. She claims that she can return herself, and asks him to take back the foods. He tells her to throw it away if she doesn’t want to eat, and leaves. An Jie and Piao Zhen walk out of the hospital, but Ya Li stops them. Ya Li asks An Jie for Ye Lin, and thinks he came there. An Jie says that she never saw him since he asked her to drink the wine.

Ya Li thinks An Jie can only reminds Ye Lin those unhappy memory, and claims she won’t let anyone take him away from her. An Jie tells Ya Li that she doesn’t care for their businesses, and Ya Li thinks Ye Lin is right that An Jie is heartless. An Jie returns Jian family, and Mother Lin tells her that Zhen Lin is waiting for her in the study. An Jie goes upstairs and sees the family photo. She thinks Yu Lin is adorable. She walks in the study and knocks at the door.

Zhen Lin confesses to An Jie that he didn’t take the duty as a father and let her stay at St. Petersburg. He apologizes to her, but she thinks he gave her the alimony. He mentions her mom, but she doesn’t want to mention her there as it’s the place making her sad. Zhen Lin points out that they parted after they agreed with it. But she thinks her mom had to agree with it. He tells her that it’s her family since she is his only daughter, but she reminds him that he has a son. She remembers that he wished to get a son. He gives the contract to her and wants to compensate her for it.

But An Jie returns the contract to Zhen Lin and says that she doesn’t need money. He knows that she doesn’t wish him and his wife to live in the house, and says that they can leave, as long as she can stay in the house. He says that he is old, and tells her to visit her mom. Qing Yu is happy to see An Jie at the stairway, and asks her to she knows him. An Jie says that she knows her even if Qing Yu turns into ashes, and Qing Yu asks An Jie to take down those things. She reminds her that they’re families and asks to get along well. But An Jie walks away.

Piao Zhen finds Ye Lin in the club, and Ye Lin asks Piao Zhen if An Jie got driven away from home. Piao Zhen admits it and wants to beat Ye Lin. He shares that An Jie got her stepmother to be abortion by accident, and the family thought she is murderer. So she was sent overseas to learn drawing. Piao Zhen thinks it’s exile. Qing Yu gets dishes to An Jie, but An Jie doesn’t want to eat it. Qing Yu tells An Jie to get along well since they’re families. But An Jie thinks they’re not families.

Xi Chen explains that Qing Yu wishes they can be like family. An Jie thinks there isn’t any family since her mom passed away. She returns her room and thinks she returned to get along with them. But she takes thorn to hurt someone else and herself. She thinks she shouldn’t return. Xi Chen appears at the balcony and wonders how to take off coat with thorns for An Jie. He wants to help her return to her real family. Zhen Lin wants to knock at An Jie’s door, but he gives up on the end.

An Jie has a dream that she pushes Qing Yu from the stairs, and she is startled to see Yu Lin. She asks him to get lost, and he asks for a hug from Xi Chen as An Jie talked to him. Xi Chen hugs Yu Lin and asks what An Jie said to him, but An Jie asks the two to leave. Yu Lin invites An Jie to have breakfast, but she tells him not to call her older sister. Xi Chen thinks Yu Lin likes An Jie, but she thinks it isn’t her business. She tells them to leave as she needs to get changed.

An Jie eats with Yu Lin, and he notes that she is using left hand. She reveals that her right hand was disabled after traffic accident, so she can only use left hand. Xi Chen reminds An Jie that Yu Lin is a little, but she tells him to get Yu Lin to stay away from her if he doesn’t want to get hurt. Xi Chen thinks An Jie doesn’t dislike Yu Lin, and reminds her that she isn’t coward when she can see her disadvantages. She thinks he keeps aiming at her, and wants to leave. But he stops her, “Only useless people hurt herself to protest.” She thinks it’s not his business, and Xi Chen comforts Yu Lin that he didn’t fight with An Jie. He says that they just acted.

Ya Li visits Ye Lin’s younger sister Xiao Xiao at the hospital and brings foods to her. Xiao Xiao notes that Ya Li smiles to forget eating breakfast, and asks her what makes her so happy. She claims that she treats her as her older sister, but Ya Li doesn’t want to be Xiao Xiao’s old sister. So Xiao Xiao treats Ya Li as her sister-in-law, and Ya Li tells Xiao Xiao what made her smile. Xi Chen tells Nian Yi that he saw the person in the wedding the first time and saw him at the cemetery the second time.

It’s flashback. Xi Chan sees An Jie in Zhen Lin and Qing Yu’s wedding, and An Jie brings the umbrella to him when he is standing in front of his parent’s grave. He sees her running away.

An Jie visits her mom’s grave and tells her that she misses her. She thinks her mom will disappoint because she didn’t become painter. Nian Yi asks Xi Chen why he wasn’t at home when he visited him. Nian Yi says that he lives in Jian family, and Nian Yi mentions Xi Chen thought he is uneasy to stay at Jian family. Xi Chen says that there is a reason offsetting all the uneasy. Ye Lin joins An Jie and holds umbrella for her. He reveals he saw her calling taxi and followed her.

Ye Lin takes An Jie to the pavilion and tries to touch her. But she avoids him. He asks her if she needs him, and she wants to leave. But he hugs her. She asks him what he is doing after shaking off him. He confesses that he never forgot her the past six years and wants to be in love again. But she reminds him that he offered breaking up first. She reveals that she wanted to call him even if they broke up. She thinks she was a girl selling match and needs his warm. So she called him. An Jie reveals she thought Ye Lin would changed his mind after calling him. But Ya Li picked the phone up and told An Jie that Ye Lin doesn’t want to pick up her call.

Ye Lin yells at An Jie that if she thinks it’s disgust when he says that he has waited for her the past six years. She tells him to forget their past.

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