My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

These are recaps of My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4, Yun Zhen calls Tie Jingzhi and asks her to help him because the human being wants to kill her. She takes room card in the hallway and is confident in her acting. But when she walks in the room, the lady Ye Meixiao treats Tian Jingzhi as Yun Zhen’s mistress.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

My Amazing Boyfriend 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4.

Tie Jingzhi offers to be friend with Xue Lingqiao since they broke up peacefully. He agrees and thinks the moon is beautiful, but she doesn’t see any moon in the sky and thinks he is a different person. Bai Lu watches them leave.

The next day, Tie Jingzhi returns home and finds out Xue Lingqiao prepared meal for her. She accuses him of sneaking into her room, so he asks her to call the police. But she rejects it and worries that he finds out her pregnancy.

Yun Zhen calls Tie Jingzhi and asks her to help him because the human being wants to kill her. She takes room card in the hallway and is confident in her acting. But when she walks in the room, the lady Ye Meixiao treats Tian Jingzhi as Yun Zhen’s mistress.

Tian Jingzhi claims the room belongs to her, and complains that his husband treats her as slave even if she is pregnancy. She says that she got flu, so Ye Meixiao leaves. Tie Jingzhi asks Yun Zhen why he is afraid of Ye Meixiao, and he says the woman always clings him.

Yun Zheng asks Tie Jingzhi to go overseas and give birth. Because he believes she will get married with him. She thinks he is a sponge. Tian Jingzhi’s father explain to his wife that sponge is a kind of biological organisms who have no brain when he is dropping some fish foods into the fish tank.

He finds out Tian Jingzhi is fired, so he calls Feng Dongdong with anger. Feng Dongdong explains that the manager will hire her when she restores to health. The couple visit Tian Jingzhi, and she explains to them that she is fine. But she finds out her wound cures itself when she hurts thumb by mistake. She is scared to get in his room.

Feng Dongdong walks Tian Jingzhi’s parents outside and spots Xue Lingqiao. He waves him to get in, so the couple don’t see Xue Lingqiao. Feng Dongdong asks Xue Lingqiao to live together, so he will take care of Tian Jingzhi. Xue Lingqiao agrees it but he feels disgusting when Feng Dongdong confesses his feelings to him.

Xue Lingqiao sneaks into Yun Zheng’s room and arrests him. Yun Zheng wants to compete with Xue Lingqiao for Tie Jingzhi. But Xue Lingqiao points out that Tie Jingzhi doesn’t like Yun Zheng at all. So Yun Zheng asks Xue Lingqiao to open the curtain, and Xue Lingqiao spots Ye Meixiao is staring at him with the telescope.

Yun Zheng tells Xue Lingqiao that Ye Meixiao always clings him when he goes out with girls. But Xue Lingqiao isn’t interested in it, and asks Yun Zheng about S group. Yun Zhen there is a member of S group, who can find super human likes easily. Her name is bat. Yun Zhen thinks Xue Lingqiao is targeted by bat since he was in relationship with Tian Jingzhi.

Xue Lingqiao spots someone is sending flower to Tian Jingzhi, and finds out the person is Yun Zhen. So he throws the flowers into trash can. But Tian Jingzhi spots it. Bai Lu shows up and asks Xue Lingqiao to fix faucet for her when Tian Jingzhi questions Xue Lingqiao. Tian Jingzhi is jealous.

Li Yanzhi puts the kimchi into Tian Jingzhi’s fridge, and mentions his mother wants to get them together. But she says that they can only be the brother and sister. So he warns her not to go outside because there is a killer who murdered some women. But Tian Jingzhi falls asleep when talking.

Li Yanzhi calls 120, but tells it to Feng Dongdong when he is ordering the cake. Feng Dongdong fears he will get fired if Tian Jingzhi is discovered that she has a monster baby. So he calms Li Yanzhi down. Li Yanzhi takes the doctor into Tian Jingzhi’s house, but she disappears. The doctor warns Li Yanzhi not to waste medical resource.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Xue Lingqiao asks Yun Zhen to contact S group for him. Yun Zheng agrees when Xue Lingqiao begs him. Feng Dongdong bursts into and blames Xue Lingqiao for didn’t block the ambulance when he is watching My Amazing Boyfriend season 1. Xue Lingqiao tells Feng Dongdong to check Tian Jingzhi’s house first.

Xue Lingqiao wakes Tian Jingzhi up and tells her it’s time to test her acting. She explains to Xiao Yan that she was just anemia, and spots Feng Dongdong. She asks Feng Dongdong if he told Xue Lingqiao that she was sick. He denies and realizes Xue Lingqiao knew her pregnancy. She remembers Xue Lingqiao told her that he returned to confirm something.

Tian Jingzhi visits Xue Lingqiao and blames him for returning because of their baby. But he asks her to get rid of the baby because he thinks the baby is going to hurt her. But she disagrees. Xue Lingqiao takes the express for Tian Jingzhi and finds out someone blackmails her. She blames him for taking express, and threatens to send him to the lab to get researched.

Tian Jingzhi spots Bai Lu watching the cat under the Xue Lingqiao car. Bai Lu thinks human being have flaw to produce pain. Tian Jingzhi mentions the poem of Gu Cheng and leaves. Bai Lu grabs the bug, and we sees the bug on Xue Lingqiao’s car. Feng Dongdong thinks Bai Lu likes Xue Lingqiao just like Tian Jingzhi when she is running. Tian Jingzhi doesn’t like his words and refuses it when he asks for a pay rise.

Tian Jingzhi lies to Feng Dongdong that she fixed faucet for Bai Lu. He says that Xue Linqiao and Bai Lu would fall in love if he fixed faucet for her. Tian Jingzhi remembers Xue Lingqiao and Bai Lu’s clothes were wet when fixing the faucet. Xiao Yan meets with Xue Lingqiao and thinks he will bring trouble to Tian Jingzhi. But Xue Lingqiao says that he will get rid it if it occurs.

Xiao Yan suspects Xue Lingqiao killed Tian Jingzhi’s ex-boyfriend Hong Shiguang. But Xue Lingqiao says that he gave up to kill Hong Shiguang when he turned into a old man with white hair.

Xue Lingqiao visits Tian Jingzhi, but spots Feng Dongdong is drunk. Feng Dongdong says that he is drunk for Tian Jingzhi, because little monster deprives her ability of being drunk. He persuades Xue Lingqiao to get along with Tian Jingzhi. But Xue Lingqiao says that he cannot do it this time.

Xue Lingqiao touches Tian Jingzhi’s hair when she falls asleep, and wants to leave. But she grabs his hand and is afraid that little monster gets eight legs.

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