The Love Equations: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Love Equations: Episode 2. Tao Ling and Zhou Xiao run at the track-and-field ground, and Tao Ling offers to fall to the ground. Zhou Xiao wants to get the mood of foaming at the mouth. Fan Zhou shows up and asks Zhou Xiao if she has epilepsy. She says that she was just kidding, and she likes running.

The Love Equations: Episode 2 Recap

The Love Equations: Episode 2 Still 1

The Love Equations: Episode 2 Still 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Love Equations: Episode 2.

Tao Ling asks Zhou Xiao if she knows Fan Zhou, and Zhou Xiao says that it’s an ill-fated relationship.

Tao Ling’s sickly look startles Zhou Xiao, and she wants to do makeup for her. But Zhou Xiao worries that she will get scolded by Fan Zhou. Tao Ling tells Zhou Xiao to imagine that they’re eating iced watermelon, and they hear the wailing outside of everyone else baking in the sun.

Zhou Xiao agrees to it, But Zhu Lu glares at Tao Ling. Tao Ling thinks Zhu Lu was questioning her makeup skills.

Tao Ling suspects Instructor didn’t see her makeup, and pretends to get pain in their stomachs. Instructor tells Fan Zhou that Tao Ling and Zhou Xiao’s makeups are testing his intelligence quotient. Instructor punishes the two to do 30 push-ups.

Tao Ling asks Fan Zhou to let them do less push-ups, but he rejects it. Ya Si shows up and does push-ups for Yao Ling and Zhou Xiao. But Fan Zhou tells Ya Si that it won’t help the two.

The Love Equations: Episode 2 Still 2

The Love Equations: Episode 2 Still 2

Zhou Xiao reminds Ya Si that it’s time to gather, and she tells Fan Zhou that she and Tao Ling completed the push-ups. She gives a military salute to him, and he falls for her.

Zhou Xiao tells Luo Wei to spray the hairspray on the blanket so that it will fold into a tofu shape. Tao Ling puts Zhu Lu’s hair curler into her vacuum flask, but her hair straightener cannot be hidden.

Tao Ling gives the hair straightener to Zhou Xiao when the instructor comes for dorm inspection. The instructor wonders why Zhou Xiao stands nearby the window, and she explains that it’s hot.

Zhou Xiao throws away the hair straightener, and Yi Chun reports it to the instructor. She says that Fan Zhou also saw it. But he denies.

Zhu Lu returns and asks who touched her detector. Tao Ling explains that she concealed her hair curler, and Zhu Lu asks about the smell in her bed. Luo Wei explains that she sprayed some hairspray. Zhu Lu complains that she cannot sleep.

Zhou Xiao looks for hair straightener at the parterre, and she finds a telescope. Fan Zhou shows up and asks her what she’s doing. She puts the telescope in his hand. The woman catches the two, and gets them to clean the yard.

Zhou Xiao finds the hair straightener on the tree, but she cannot reach it. Fan Zhou takes it for her.

The Love Equations: Episode 2 Still 3

The Love Equations: Episode 2 Still 3

The instructor asks Fan Zhou to tell the students about his score of rock climbing. But Fan Zhou forgets it. Zhou Xiao tells him to try it again. He does so, but she thinks he has a criminal record.

Tao Ling complains that she wants to die when she thinks about leapfrog. Zhou Xiao tells Tao Ling to take away her soul if she dies. Ya Si shows up and tells Tao Ling and Luo Wei that Zhou Xiao is weird. He asks the two to take care of Zhou Xiao.

Zhou Xiao points out that Ya Si always eats her foods. He shows the looks Zhou Xiao eats pig’s feet to Luo Wei. Zhou Xiao covers the phone when Fan Zhou passes by. But he tells her that he has seen it. Yi Chun glares at Zhou Xiao, and she leaves.

Zhu Lu yells at Tao Ling for making noisy, and Tao Ling talks back that she’s always so mean. Zhu Lu thinks they don’t like her and excludes her. She says that she will change them all.

Zhou Xiao finds out that Zhu Lu is sick, and carries her to infirmary. The doctor tells Zhou Xiao that Zhu Lu got drunk because of drinking agastache rugosus drink. Zhu Lu wakes up and tells the three that she doesn’t remember anything.

Zhou Xiao tells Zhu Lu that she’s drunk to take the clothes herself. Zhu Lu says that she just grabs the three’s hairs. Zhou Xiao mentions what Zhu Lu said that she she doesn’t remember, and the four laugh.

Tao Ling imitates frog to make sound while doing leapfrog. The instructor tells students to rest. She thinks she used her body to defend everyone’s resting time. But he orders to jump another 100 meters.

Tao Ling, Luo Wei and Zhou Xiao’s legs are hurt, and Zhu Lu sprays the medicine on their legs. Zhou Xiao walks slowly, and Ya Si startles her from her back. The cap drops. She orders him to pick it up. But he moves the cap away, and walks away. She complains that she will kick him to the wall.

Fan Zhou picks up the cap for Zhou Xiao. She feels scared because he just smiled at her.

Zhou Xiao’s asked to find the hidden transmitter. She trips while seeing Fan Zhou. He checks her injury and thinks she gets cerebral concussion. She is scared and gets him to check it for her immediately.

The instructor summons Fan Zhou because there’s a student who’s injured. Fan Zhou tells Zhou Xiao that she’s fine, and he runs away.

Yi Chun picks Zhou Xiao’s detector, and Ya Si asks her why she has two detector. Yi Chun steps on the detector, and tells Ya Si to return it to Zhou Xiao. Zhou Xiao shows up and finds out that her detector is broken.

Yi Chun gives the speech on the stage, but the huge screen says that her speech is trash. Tao Ling wonders who made it, and thinks it’s cool. Zhou Xiao sees Ya Si sitting on the ground to sleep. She wonders who’s it if it’s not Ya Si.

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