The Song of Glory: Episode 37 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for The Song of Glory: Episode 37. Lu Yuan rebels after knowing Yi Kang died in the battlefield. Li Ge tries her best to stop him.

The Song of Glory: Episode 37 Recap & Review

The Song of Glory

This The Song of Glory recap contains spoilers.

Lu Yuan sets a trap in episode 36 for Yi Kang, and he breaks into the palace after knowing his plan is successful. He asks Queen Ye to give the tiger badge to him with her son’s life. She has to do what he says. But Yi Xuan doesn’t understand it, and blames her mom for raising a wolf.

Lu Yuan gets the power. He intends to go to see Emperor and replace Yi Kang since Yi Kang is dead. Li Ge shows up from sky and breaks the order. She does the job well to protect her husband. Lu Yuan arrives at the gate and he wants to see Emperor. He tells people that Yi Kang is die. But the door is opened, and Yi Kang shows up.

The episode 37 shows how Lu Yuan is complacent after he got rid of his enemy in the end. The evil man always do bad things to hurt people. But he welcomes his own bad ending when Yi Kang shows up. He doesn’t know it is Yi Kang’s plan when he thinks his plan is successful.

Because Queen Ye will always take Lu Yuan’s side if Lu Yuan doesn’t show his fox tail to hurt her. That is why Yi Kang pretended to die. So Lu Yuan thinks he can do what he wants without Queen Ye. He gives up her, but he loses her support.

Queen Ye wishes Yi Kang to die. Because he isn’t her son, and she wishes his son Yi Xuan to take the throne. But Yi Xuan lacks power, and he likes Yi Kang. So she has to protect Lu Yuan as they come from same clan. She trusts him more than Yi Kang even if they’re like mother and son in people’s mind.

Li Ge loves Yi Kang most after knowing he is a good prince, and she becomes the princess. This is why she doesn’t hesitate to fight with Lu Yuan’s follower Xue Qiu when she isn’t sure if Yi Kang leaves or not. She does all she can to guard the city which is Yi Kang’s city as well.

She isn’t the killer who is asked to ruin the nation anymore. She has duty to protect the people in the city.

Yi Xuan supports his brother no matter what happens. He doesn’t give in even if his life is threatened by the blade.

The Song of Glory shows some brave people and some evil people. Their battle is attractive.

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