Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 21-22

These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 21-22, Xiao Feng falls asleep and dreams Gu Xiaowu tried to grab her wolf teeth necklace when they fell off. He promised to be nice to her, and she asked him not to betray her. He promised to get punishment if he betrayed her. She said that she will drink the water of Wangchuan and forget him.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 21

Good Bye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 21-22.

Gao Zhen thinks empress dowager is very tough to ruin her family of prince of Zhong’s tie. But Gao Kun points out that empress dowager keeps their lives. Gao Yuming agrees it but wonders emperor killed crown prince. Gao Kun knows that his father sighed emperor was ruthless. Emperor visits empress dowager and tells her not to be sad. She blames him for being ruthless. He says that the princes will do same thing to him if he doesn’t punish crown prince. She is trembling and asks him why he has to make princes fight with each other, and reminds him they’re their children. She points at him and thinks he trained crown prince.

He thinks crown prince was too stubborn, but she points out that he should give the title of crown prince to a kind person. He tells her the palace and court are two different places. Chai Mu asks 5th prince what he worries about since crown prince is dead. Chen Yin remembers crown prince told him that their existing is rebelling. He reveals he wasn’t intention to make crown prince rebel, but he made many people bleed. Chai Mu says that crown prince’s rebelling isn’t related to Cheng Yin. Cheng Yin mentions Xiao Feng almost lost her life because of prince’s war. Chai Mu thinks Chen Xin’s heart was too soft, so crown prince spotted his weakness. Goodbye My Princess episode 21 is so good.

He tells him that he won’t just lose a older brother if he cannot keep calms down, and he can only protect the person he wants to protect when his heart is like a rock. Yong Niang gets the snacks for Xiao Feng and worries that she will hurt her health. Xiao Feng thinks the crown prince she marries is the one who steps others blood. Yong Niang tells her that the next crown prince is a nice person. After Yong Niang leaves, Xiao Feng thinks Yong Ninag just said something to coax her. She thinks she doesn’t have to get married when crown prince is dead, and wants her father to pick her up to return home.

After emperor plays chess with princes, he asks for the eunuch Cao Ji’s opinion. Cao Ji thinks Cheng Yin was going to win but he said that he fails. Emperor agrees that Cheng Yin is very smart because he gave up when he would win. But emperor feels regret. Cheng Yin spots Shouren palace and wants to see Xiao Feng when his man thinks he is intention to see Se Se. Cheng Yin wants to walk away when Xiao Feng sees him. She asks him why he is there. He tells her that he just went out from Hongwen palace, but she points out that Hongwen palace is at opposite direction, smiling. He says that he won’t visit palace frequently.

She returns the Kongming lock to him as she doesn’t like the complicated stuff. He says that the palace is like Kongming lock, and tells her not to trust anyone. She asks him if he can be trusted when holding the lock. He doesn’t reply her and leaves. Xiao Feng visits empress and wants to give the fur to her, but spots that empress wears one. Empress says that the fur is given by envoy of Xi Zhou but it is too colourful. She likes Xiao Feng’s gift and tells her that she is going to marry crown prince. Xiao Feng mentions crown prince is disabled. But empress says that there will be another crown prince, and she is the only crown princess. Goodbye My Princess episode 21 is amazing.

Xiao Feng cries in Mi Luo’s bar and says that she wants to go home. She tells Mi Luo that she is like the fur being given and returned. Gu Jian stares at Xiao Feng when she is drunk, and remembers she told him that she doesn’t want to get married. When Mi Luo closes shop, Pei Zhao visits with blade and asks her about Xiao Feng’s whereabouts. She blinks that she only answers guest’s question, and gives a pot of wine to him. But she says that Xiao Feng didn’t come when he drinks up. He is drunk outside, and she tells him that Xiao Feng is fine. He guesses Gu Jian took Xiao Feng away. She thinks Gu Jian will protect Xiao Feng. But he thinks she knows nothing and leaves. Mi Luo smirks and regrets for didn’t give him two pots of wine.

Cheng Yin runs into Pei Zhao in the street. Pei Zhao tells Cheng Yin that Xiao Feng ran away from home again, and worries that empress knows it. But Shi En reminds Cheng Yin the appointment of Se Se. Cheng Yin thinks the time is still early. Gu Jian carries Xiao Feng, and she grumbles that she doesn’t want to be crown princess. Se Se waits for Cheng Yin. The maid thinks Cheng Yin forgets the date, and offers to return home. But Se Se thinks he is delayed by something. Cheng Yin spots Gu Jian and Xiao Feng, and offers to escort her home. But Xiao Feng hugs Gu Jian and refuses to return palace. Cheng Ji asks Gu Jian if he knew Xiao Feng before. Gu Jian says that he met her in Xi Zhou. Goodbye My Princess episode 21 is worth of watching.

Cheng Yin takes off Xiao Feng’s hands from Gu Jian and hugs her. Pei Zhao glares at Gu Jian. Gu Jian remembers Cheng Yin claimed nobody can take away Xiao Feng and placed his hand on the sword. Cheng Yin places Xiao Feng in bed, and she tells him not to leave her alone. He tells her that he is Cheng Yin. She asks for water. He tells her not to run away and be drunk when feeding her with water. She says that she wants to go home. He tells her it’s her home. She cries that Xi Zhou is her home and thinks she is a stuff. She tears up that nobody really cares about her. He says that he will care her and protect her. But she thinks he belongs to Se Se and falls asleep.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 22

Xiao Feng stares at the mirror and wonders how she returned yesterday. Yong Niang reveals she asked Pei Zhao a favor, and he found Xiao Feng in the kitchen. Xiao Feng asks Yong Niang if there was anyone else. Yong Niang denies. A Do is in anger. Xiao Feng tells her that she won’t leave her alone next time, and asks her to show a smiling. A Do does it. Cheng Yin picks the gifts from Xi Zhou and wants to relieve her missing to hometown. He chooses the wolf teeth, and the wolf rushes at him. Cheng Yin is startled to throw the wolf teeth. Se Se visits and reveals she waited for him all night. Chen Yin explains that empress summoned him yesterday.

Se Se picks up the wolf teeth and is interested in it. Cheng Yin says that it’s taken back from Xi Zhou, and warns her the wolf teeth is evil stuff. But she thinks it matches her because her father is Lord of Dan Chi. She asks him to give it for her as compensation of missing appointment. She thrills because it’s first gift he gives to her, and asks him to wear it for her. Goodbye My Princess episode 22 is the best episode.

Chai Mu steps in Mi Luo’s bar. Mi Luo welcomes him. Ming Yue arrives. Chai Mu peeks at Gu Jian. Gu Jian walks to Ming Yue and asks her why she comes. She explains that she is intention to pay wine debt for him. He offers to walk her home, but she wants to drink with him. Ming Yue spots Chai Mu and calls him father while hugging him. Chi Mu sighs and comforts her.

Xiao Feng meets with Yong Ning and Luo Xi, and wants to bury the new wine under the tree. She thinks it’s sweet when she opens it next year. She spots Luo Xi’s box, but Luo Xi doesn’t allow Xiao Feng to touch it. Yong Ning reveals that today is human day, and they need to cut picture. Yong Ning takes away the scroll from Luo Xi and shows the picture of flower to Xiao Feng. Luo Xi reveals it’s Hibiscus flower.

Yong Ning reveals Luo Xi wins in the cutting picture competition each other. Luo Xi claims she did it for empress dowager. But Yong Ning thinks Luo Xi did it for Pei Zhao. Luo Xi is in anger to chase Yong Ning. But Yong Ning hits Pei Zhao at the stairs. Xiao Feng wants to thank Pei Zhao for taking her back, and gives Luo Xi’s handkerchief to him. Goodbye My Princess episode 22 is so good.

Cheng Yin stops Pei Zhao and asks him to give the handkerchief to him. He finds out it came from Luo Xi, and returns it to Pei Zhao. Cheng Yin stops Xiao Feng when she passes through with the pot, and asks her what it is. She tells him that she wants to bury the wine under plum tree. He reminds her that she was drunk in the royal kitchen. She remembers she saw him last night. He thinks she dreamed about him, and she leaves with temper. Xiao Feng wonders why she dreamed about Cheng Yin and buries the wine.

Xiao Feng spots Se Se’s wolf teeth necklace and wants to take a look. But Se Se refuses it because it’s precious stuff. Se Se leaves when Xiao Feng wants to take her necklace. Xiao Feng tells A Do that she spottted wolf teeth on Se Se’s neck, and thinks it belongs to her. She guesses she knew Se Se before. A Do thinks the wolf teeth doesn’t belong to Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng wants to find the chance to ask for it.

Ming Yue eats with Chai Mu and asks him when he ran into Gu Jian. He says that he met Gu Jian twenty years ago, and he was the only alive person of Gu family when he found him. Ming Yue questions her father why he didn’t visit her and her mother. She realizes that he knew his family are in danger but didn’t save them. She reveals her families were buried, and her mother protected her and told her that her father would save her. Ming Yue tears up and asks Chai Mu where he was. Goodbye My Princess episode 22 is amazing.

She tells him that they’re his families when he only saved Gu Jian. Chai Mu explains that he had difficulties. But she thinks it was not the excuse to abandon his wife and daughter. Ming Yue walks out. Chai Mu follows her and calls her real name Yan Er. She turns around and tells him that her father Chen Zheng is dead. She says that she has lived alone so long, and she will continue living alone. She doesn’t need family just like him. Ming Yue takes off apron and leaves the house.

Prince of Rong’s mother visits empress. Empress mentions Prince of Rong talked about relative intervenes emperor’s business. She says that her uncle helped her, and asks Prince of Rong’s mother if it’s relative intervenes emperor’s business. She takes the paper maid gives her, and mentions Prince of Rong’s relatives bullied citizens. She thinks emperor will punish Prince of Rong since he killed crown prince. Prince of Rong’s mother is scared to be on knees, and asks empress for a good path.

Prince of Rong rushes to his mother, and doesn’t believe empress’s relatives didn’t do evil thing. He wants to look into empress. But she says that empress gets rid of them just like getting rid of an ant. He cannot stand it and thinks it’s the position of crown prince. She stops him and thinks it’s important to be alive. She grabs his hand and asks him to ask emperor for a land, and they live there. Goodbye My Princess episode 22 is wonderful.

Emperor gives the state of Shu to Prince of Rong. Prince of Rong thanks his father with tears. Xiao Feng and A Do follow Se Se in the market. She wonders where Se Se wants to go when she hides herself. Cheng Yin blocks her line of sight, and thinks she wants to see him so that she follows Se Se. Xiao Feng explains that she just walks around, and wants to invite Se Se to visit clothing shop.

Xiao Feng chooses the red clothes for Se Se. But Se Se remembers Cheng Yin doesn’t like red, so she rejects it. Se Se agrees when Xiao Feng just asks her to try it on. But Xiao Feng wants to take off Se Se’s clothes in the dressing room. So Se Se calls her maid Jing Er in. Xiao Feng admits that she wants to take a look at the wolf teeth. But Se Se doesn’t remember she wore the wolf teeth, and leaves.

Xiao Feng falls asleep and dreams Gu Xiaowu tried to grab her wolf teeth necklace when they fell off. He promised to be nice to her, and she asked him not to betray her. He promised to get punishment if he betrayed her. She said that she will drink the water of Wangchuan and forget him. Yong Ning asks Xiao Feng who she is going to forget, and startles Xiao Feng. She invites her to watch lanterns, and Cheng Yin and Pei Zhao will accompany them. Goodbye My Princess episode 22 makes me tear up.

They run into Cheng Yin and Pei Zhao. Yong Ning asks Xiao Feng about Cheng Yin. But Xiao Feng doesn’t know. Yong Ning tells Xiao Feng that she is going to marry Cheng Yin. Xiao Feng is surprised.

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