The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 7. Crown Princess visits Wang Xuan and asks her if she really wants to marry Xiao Qi. Wang Xuan admits it. Xie Wanru thinks it’s not Wang Xuan’s true heart. Wang Xuan tells Xie Wanru that she has looked up on Xiao Qi, and she was saved by him.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap

The Rebel Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 7.

Princess tells Xie Wanru that she wants to marry the hero boy like Xiao Qi. Xie Wanru asks about Zi Tan. Wang Xuan says that some people are destined not to get love. Xie Wanru thinks Wang Xuan is changed. Wang Xuan turns around and thinks the noble daughter’s fate is like that.

Xie Wanru tries to wear the phoenix hairpin for Wang Xuan, and reveals she intended to give it to her when she and Zi Tan get married. Wang Xuan rejects it and tells Xie Wanru to give it to the girl Zi Tan wants to marry. Xie Wanru puts the phoenix hairpin in Wang Xuan’s hand, and tells her to treat it as a wedding gift. She calls her Yuzhang Princess.

Xie Wanru leaves. Princess sees Xie Wanru’s back with tears when she holds the phoenix hairpin. Su Jiner shows up and asks Wang Xuan why she didn’t tell Xie Wanru that she agreed to marry Yuzhang Prince for saving Zi Tan. Wang Xuan reveals she wanted to let Zi Tan know it from Xie Wanru. She thinks he will hate and forget her.

Xie Yuan is released. The follower waits for him. Xie Yuan asks the follower about other people. The follower reveals Wang Lin asked them to leave. Xie Yuan thinks Wang family bullied them too much. He drinks the wine and tells the follower to wait for his message. He adds that Xie family won’t be ruined in his hands.

Xie Wanru tells Zi Tan that Princess is going to marry Xiao Qi. She complains that Wang family still wants to marry off daughter when Xie family is so miserable. But Zi Tan thinks it’s not related to Wang Xuan. She learns that he’s still partial to Wang Xuan. She says that Wang Xuan told her that she volunteered to marry Xiao Qi since the woman he has guarded for ten years.

Xie Wanru yells that Wang Xuan doesn’t have Zi Tan in her mind. She tells him that she wants to get him to see the truth. She reminds him the person who killed his mother. She tells him to take revenge. Wang Xuan holds the phoenix hairpin. Su Jiner asks Wang Xuan if she still waits for the duck lantern of Zi Tan. Wang Xuan thinks Zi Tan won’t look for her because he hates her so much.

Su Jiner points out that Zi Tan won’t hate Princess. Wang Xuan tells Su Jiner not to comfort her. She thinks Zi Tan would send to follower to visit her because he knew that she’s going to marry Yuzhang Prince.

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