The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 7-8

These are recaps of The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 7-8, Min-Ik wonders what Gal-Hee looks like when she is pressing his point. She asks him why he stares at her, and he thinks she is different from what he expected. She goes to call a taxi, and refuses him to take her home as she doesn’t like to owe anyone, and returns the suit to him.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 7

The Secret Life of My Secretary

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 7-8.

Min-Ik asks Gal-Hee if she doesn’t like the food. and she shares that her stomach feels comfortable. He takes out the wine, and she recognizes it as she is the one who ordered it. He pours the wine for her and offers to cheer to their first rendezvous.

Ha-Ni arrives at the club and remembers Jung-Soo told her not to greet him like she knows him and pretend like she knows nothing. She joins the secretaries and asks where Gal-Hee is. Se-Young share that Gal-Hee left after she got a phone call, and worries that she didn’t pay.

Myung-Jung thinks Gal-Hee is busy slaving away for her boss. Gal-Hee asks Min-Ik to pick up her fork for her, and claims that she never bends down in front of anyone. He asks the waiter to give him a new fork, and hands it over to her. She asks him to wipe the food off for her, and shares that she never does anything herself.

He is on knee and wipes the food. Gal-Hee finds out the food contains peanut, and slaps Min-Ik’s back to make him spit the food out. She gets the water for him and asks him to rinse his mouth. She tells him that it’s peanut, and complains that the hotel serves peanut sauce.

She asks him if there is sauce on his mouth, but he reminds her that she caught it with her hand. Gal-Hee washes her hands in the restroom, and complains that she is destined to be a minion. She thinks a conglomerate’s daughter would never catch the food Min-Ik was eating with her hand.

Min-Ik asks Gal-Hee how she knew that he is allergic to peanuts. She shares that his secretary told her when talked over the phone. But he asks her where her car is. She explains that she didn’t drive there. So he asks her about the driver, but she says that she sent to driver on vacation.

Gal-Hee wants to walk home, but Min-Ik reminds her that it’s going to rain soon. She says that she feels a little bloated, but he offers to walk her. Veronica Park wonders why Dae-Joo gave her the business card since their parents are their business cards, and asks him who is his father.

He shares that he never had a father, and his mom raised him all by herself. He says that his mom worked for Chairman Do as his secretary, and she passed away. Veronica Park thinks Dae-Joo’s grandfather is very impressive. But he says that he was just a farmer who grew chili peppers, and thinks she doesn’t like her business card.

But she says that if his business card is lame, she will find something from his face. He share that he turned out pretty well growing up without a dad, and he is free from debt and have a great job. But she thinks Hae-Yong should get some credit for Dae-Joo’s business card, and mentions he set her up with him instead of his own nephew.

He gives her the project proposal for the exclusive run of Cinepark, but she claims not to meet people after six. So he says that he will visit her before six sometime as a person. She offers to have some drinks. But he rejects it and shares that he is paying for the dinner with the company credit card.

So she offers to buy their drinks, but he says that water is fine. She threatens him that he might ruin everything by acting like that, but he points out that she is quite unique, and he believes that she has her own standards. He thinks she is truly worth being called the Master of Movie Success. She grins and claims that she only believes in money.

She tells him that she will throw out the proposal, if it’s trash. Min-Ik walks Gal-Hee, and she worries that he walks to her place. When it’s raining, she takes out umbrella and holds it for him. But he wears his suit on on her and thinks he should hold it as a man. He wipes off the water from her hair, and she asks him if he still felt bloated.

He shares that he skipped lunch because his secretary was out during the lunch hour today. She asks him if he cannot have lunch without his secretary, and he shares that he is tired of eating lunch looking at people’s faces. She tells him to press the point and shares that her mom used to do it for indigestion when she was young. He wonders if Seok-Ja did it.

Min-Ik wonders what Gal-Hee looks like when she is pressing his point. She asks him why he stares at her, and he thinks she is different from what he expected. She goes to call a taxi, and refuses him to take her home as she doesn’t like to owe anyone, and returns the suit to him. She feels sorry and gets in the taxi.

Seok-Ja visits Hae-Ra and asks her what Min-Ik said. Hae-Ra shares that Min-Ik thought Veronica Park was very nice. Gal-Hee tells herself that it was just a dream, and worries to see Min-Ik’s face. But she hits him. He asks her what she wants to forget, and thinks she had a nightmare last night. She is awkward and wants to do something for him.

He mentions the light in his room went out, and she goes to buy a new one. But he stops her and wants her to look at his face when she works. Gal-Hee gets a call from Veronica Park, so she flees out to pick up the phone. She tells her that if she told them that she didn’t show up, it would have upset Seok-Ja and Hae-Ra, and Min-Ik would have thought he got stood up.

So she offers to tell them that they met each other. Veronica Park likes the idea and asks for Dae-Joo’s phone number. Dae-Joo meets with Eul-Wang and shares that Chairman Do paid the tuition for him, and they ordered pork cutlets to celebrate it. She tells him that no matter what happens, she is on his side, and no matter what happens, he is on her side.

Min-Ik finds the USB stick and remembers he lost it. He asks Dae-Joo about it, and Dae-Joo mentions he gave it to him and said he should watch it. Min-Ik wants to hear Dae-Joo’s precious secret, and Dae-Joo says that he will quit the company. He shares that he wants to film a road movie with a strange woman. But Min-Ik is against it as Dae-Joo has been with him for over 20 years, and he cannot resign without discussing it with him.

Dae-Joo yells at Min-Ik when he has to stay as his minion. But Min-Ik leaves. Jung-Soo gives the phone to Min-Ik and wonders why he didn’t turn the light on. Min-Ik reveals the light went off, and Jung-Soo spots Min-Ik putting the USB stick into the drawer.

Gal-Hee wonders why the secretaries charged her the parking fee, but Se-Young thinks Gal-Hee is lucky not to get charged for the clothes and the hairdo. Gal-Hee gives the cashes to Myung-Jung, and Myung-Jung offers to eat jokbal. Jung-Soo gets in Min-Ik’s office after he left.

But Min-Ik forgot his car key and returns to his office. Jung-Soo finds the USB stick, but Min-Ik walks in. So Jung-Soo has to take out his knife, and Min-Ik recognizes him.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 8

Min-Ik catches Jung-Soo and tries to hit him. But Gal-Hee stops him and shares that the person is his driver. She thinks he can find the box cutter in each desk drawer. Min-Ik asks Jung-Soo why he is in his office, and Jung-Soo shares that he tried to fix the lights. Gal-Hee finds the blood on Min-Ik’s hand.

Min-Ik asks for some medications and shares that he almost killed his driver. Seok-Chan mentions Dr. Park arrived, and tells Min-Ik to have someone to nurse him. Gal-Hee walks in and thinks Min-Ik should call the police. She says that he has become too sensitive because he couldn’t catch the criminal.

Jung-Soo walks in and tells Min-Ik that he didn’t recognize him because it was dark, but he reports to his boss that he got the USB stick. Min-Ik tells Gal-Hee that there is a blanket, but she wants to leave. So he gives his card to her and asks her to take a taxi home. He tells her that he doesn’t know if he is talking to a monkey, or a ghost without her.

Gal-Hee arrives at the airport and tries to explain it to Nam-Hee. Nam-Hee thinks something happened to his boss, and Joong-Hee guesses that Gal-Hee lost track of time while handling the situation. Gal-Hee thinks her legs cannot rest, but her mouth can. She gives a new phone to Nam-Hee and asks for the old one.

Gal-Hee asks Nam-Hee to says something to their mom, and thinks she is always watching them. Nam-Hee tells Gal-Hee that she will make people who bullied her kneel down in front of her at any cost, and asks her to understand if she gets disappointed by her. The nurse asks Min-Ik where his guardian is, and gives him the guardian pass.

He presses the point Veronica Park pressed for him, and draws her looks on the window. Gal-Hee notes that it’s raining and wonders if Min-Ik is doing ok. Dr. Park suggests Min-Ik not to do the surgery because of the side effects, and Min-Ik finds out that he forgot his own face. He returns the office and finds the yellow umbrella Veronica Park left.

But he conceals the umbrella when Gal-Hee walks in. She asks him if his mom visits him, but he claims he slept so well so that he didn’t note it. He asks her for Veronica Park’s number, and she yells that people just call her secretary. So he asks for the secretary’s number. She gives her own number to him as Veronica Park’s number.

He calls the number, and Gal-Hee picks it up by mistake when she is trying to reject him with the texting. He wants to return the umbrella to her, but she tells him to throws it away. But he wants to drop by and gives it to her. Min-Ik notes that Gal-Hee turns her back to him while talking with someone over the phone, and gets her to face him.

Gal-Hee cuts off, and he asks her why she turns her back on him. He thinks she doesn’t want to see his face. But she explains that the chair is broken, and asks for taking the afternoon off. Dr. Park tells Seok-Chan that the patient can recognize the face when his blood pressure goes up, and he asks when it happened. Hae-Yong is informed that Min-Ik attacked his driver, and the security walks in.

Veronica Park places the envelope on the desk and tells Dae-Joo that she will read the first page after their first meeting, and they should meet at least 30 times since they’re 30 pages. But he thinks she will turn the page immediately once she reads the first page. She thinks his grandpa passed down a lot of confidence to him, but she deletes his number and claims she isn’t the woman who calls the man first.

She wants to go to the second page, but he rejects it and calls Eul-Wang if she checked the message board. Eul-Wang is getting questioned by cop that if she met with Dae-Joo that day. Gal-Hee notes that Min-Ik didn’t take the umbrella and asks him why he wants to see her. He shares that when he thinks of her, he has a fun feeling in his stomach. Dr. Park says that the moment the patient met someone he loved, he saw the woman’s face clearly.

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