Jugglers Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

This is first episode of Jugglers Kdrama, Jwa Yoon-Yi is outstanding personal assistant who can deal with all kinds of troubles for her boss. She meets Nam Chi-Won in the car accident, but she kicks his leg when he is going to send her to hospital.

Jugglers Kdrama Recap: Episode 1


Mr. Bong orders his assistant Jwa Yoon-Yi (Baek Jin-Hee) to take new shirt for him after he noticed his mistress left the lip sign on his shirt and his wife is going to visit him. But it’s rain when Jwa Yoon-Yi takes the shirt and is going to return and she is hit by Nam Chi-Won’s car on her kneel. She tells him that she is ok after Nam Chi-Won checked his wound and was going to send her to hospital. Jwa Yoon-Yi hits his leg and tells him that he needn’t to be responsible for her injury.

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Jwa Yoon-Yi changed the shirt for Mr. Bong and pretended he works hard on his office before his wife arrives. However Mr. Bong’s wife is curious why the GPS showed his husband was on a hotel yesterday, Jwa Yoon-Yi tells her that she took her boss’s phone and dated with her boyfriend on the hotel. Mr. Bong’s wife believes what she said and lets her watch her boss for her, she even gives the VIP card of her shop to Jwa Yoon-Yi.

Ma Bo-Na and Park Kyung-Rye have a dinner in Jwa Yoon-Yi’s house. Jwa Yoon-Yi thinks she should be awarded a medal because she stopped a fight between Mr. Bong’s wife and mistress. Park Kyung-Rye persuades her not to work too hard after knowing she is in injury on her kneel. Ma Bo-Na puts dishes on Jo Sang-Moo’s photo because her boss canceled the plan which she designed for him.

Jwa Yoon-Yi begs Ma Bo-Na and Park Kyung-Rye to stay with her for one night, but they refuse her and think there are ghosts in her house. Jwa Yoon-Yi is scared by the ginko tree when she looks outside in the evening.

Gong Yoo thinks Nam Chi-Won is cold since he did many works but the boss didn’t give him any warm word. Wang Jung-Ae (Kang Hye-Jung) calls Jwa Yoon-Yi and asks her to visit her on weekend because she is harassed by her creditors, but Jwa Yoon-Yi is busy in buying her boss phone and bra. Meanwhile a camera is capturing when she is out of shop. Then, she gives the new phone and red bra to his boss, and tells him that only his mistress and she knows the number. Mr. Bong is satisfied on her job, but he lets her wear shirt instead of pant and ignores the wound on her kneel.

Do Tae-Geun visits Nam Chi-Won (Daniel Choi) on the comic shop, Do Tae-Geun is interested in his notes from comic book and reads it although Nam Chi-Won tries to stop him. Do Tae-Geun thinks Nam Chi-Won needs a assistant, but Nam Chi-Won disagrees and doesn’t want someone to dig his personal information.

In senior managing director’s mother-in-law’s funeral, Jwa Yoon-Yi is in tears and shows off her great acting skills and hugs hostess which is seen by Nam Chi-Won. Then Jwa Yoon-Yi mistakes him as Do Tae-Geun’s assistant when she sees him siting beside Do Tae-Geun.

She runs into him beside a vending machine and asks about his position. Nam Chi-Won thinks she is interested in her, but she denies it and tells him that she just asks him about his injury since she kicked him. To her surprise, he repeats the words she speak to hostess and praises her acting skill. She is wrong about he is going to hit her, he just throws a soda can to the rubbish bin actually.

Hwangbo Yool’s assistant leaves, although Baek Soon-Bae tries to detain her. Baek Soon-Bae blames what Hwangbo Yool did on his assistant, but Hwangbo Yool asks him why he recommends his daughter as his assistant and is curious on how many daughters he has.

Mr. Bong lets Jwa Yoon-Yi discuss his contract with his client because he has a talk with his mistress, but Jwa Yoon-Yi is poured water by Mr. Bong’s wife as she thinks she trusted her so much but Jwa Yoon-Yi betrayed her when she has a dinner with the client. Then she grasps Jwa Yoon-Yi’s hair and takes her to outside. Meanwhile, Jwa Yoon-Yi leaves her shoe in the hall and is seen by Nam Chi-Won and his wife.

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