The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 30 [Recap]

This is the recap of The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 30. Wen Ning and Wu Xian sell radish, and Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to have enthusiasm while selling. But Wen Ning doesn’t get Wu Xian’s point. The man is selling Yiling ancestor’s stuff, and Wu Xian wants to exchange the compass with his radishes. The man tells Wu Xian to get lost after knowing that Wu Xian is broke.

The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 30 Recap

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 30.

The man is hit by the person, and he finds the radishes the person left. Wu Xian is happy to take the compass, but he runs into Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng takes Wu Xian to the house, but lets Wen Ning stay outside. Wu Xian is surprised to see Yan Li, and she shows her wedding dress to him. She tells him that she is going to get married.

Wu Xian says that he heard the news, but he doesn’t want to see bridegroom. Wu Xian and Jiang Cheng think Yan Li is pretty, but she says that she cannot treat what they said true. Yan Li asks Wu Xian to give a name to her baby, and Wu Xian gives the name Jin Rulan to the baby. But Jiang Cheng thinks the name is like Lan family.

Yan Li stops the two’s fight, and reveals that Jiang Cheng told her to get Wu Xian to give name. She brings lotus root soup to them, and Wu Xian thinks it’s tasty. Yan Li takes the soup to stand up, and Jiang Cheng wonders why she wants to the give the soup to Wen Ning. She says that she brought many soups.

Yan Li feels sorry for only having small bowl, and gives the soup to Wen Ning. He is surprised that he has the soup, and she thinks he cannot stand the soup. He denies and wants to take it back to Wen Yuan. Jiang Cheng takes the bowl and wants to worship Yiling ancestor, Wu Xian tells Jiang Cheng to shut up.

Jiang Cheng asks about Wu Xian’s injure, and Wu Xian reveals he recovered in 7 days. But he blames him for stabbing him. Jiang Cheng says that Wu Xian broke his arm first, and his arm hung for a month. Wu Xian thinks Jiang Cheng could write since he just broke his left hand. Jiang Cheng asks about Wu Xian’s plan, and Wu Xian thinks they will be fine when they don’t provoke the sects.

But Jiang Cheng reminds Wu Xian that they have many ways when they want to hurt a person. Wu Xian claims that he will kill the person if he dares to come. Jiang Cheng thinks Wu Xian will know what he said is right. He reminds him that he won’t see the people he knows well, but Wu Xian says that he will return to see the people he know.

Yan Li gives Wu Xian the jade pendant she found in her father’s study, and Jiang Cheng says that they cannot walk Wu Xian because he worries to get seen by people. Wu Xian leaves when Yan Li is calling his name.

Wu Xian wonders why Wen Ning takes the soup, and Wen Ning wants to give it to Wen Yuan. Wu Xian tells Wen Ning not to tell what happened to Wen Qing. Wen Qing notes that Wu Xian doesn’t drink soup, and he explains that he is just tired of eating radishes. He offers to plant lotus, but she points out that it’s hard to grow potatoes with the dirt quality of the burial mounds. Wu Xian wants to do it, but the people ignore him.

Wen Qing sees Wen Ning feeding Wen Yuan the lotus soup, and asks where it comes from. Wen Ning reveals Jiang Cheng and Yan Li came. Wu Xian takes the jade pendant and asks himself if he would make same choice. Wen Qing throws a bag of seed to Wu Xian, and wants to know if he can plant the lotus.

Wen Ning reminds Wu Xian to see the lotus root, but it gets pulled out by Wen Yuan. Wu Xian scolds Wen Yuan and makes him cry. Wen Qing goes to hug the kid, and Wen Ning tells her that Wen Yuan picked Wu Xian’s lotus root. She tells Wu Xian not to blame Wen Yuan as she is still immature. Wu Xian leaves, and Wen Yuan asks what’s wrong with Wu Xian. Wen Qing says that Wu Xian just misses his sister, and Wen Yuan thinks Wu Xian should visit his sister. Wen Qing asks Wen Yuan to tell it to Wu Xian.

Wen Yuan tells Wu Xian to see his sister if he misses her, but Wu Xian says that she is far away. So Wen Yuan tells Wu Xian to turn into a bird.

Guang Shan sees Meng Yao arranging the wedding, and thinks he does his job well. Zi Xuan tells Guang Shan not to have second thoughts about Meng Yao, but Guang Shan still wants to give his position to Zi Xuan. Zi Xuan agrees with it. Wu Xian notes that he plant the lotus, and people praise him.

One year later

The man shares that Yan Li gave birth to the baby, and Jin family wants to throw the banquet. Wu Xian thrills that he has a nephew.

Guang Shan plays with the baby Jin Ling, and the man reports that Zi Wu and Lan Zhan arrived. Meng Yao wants to hug Jin Ling, but Guang Shan gives the job to nanny.

Lan Zhan asks to invite Wu Xian because he is the elder of Jin Ling. But Zi Xun reminds Lan Zhan that Wu Xian killed people at Qiongqi path. Zi Wu points out that Wi Xian didn’t do anything against the path of chivalry since then. Meng Yao arrives and wants to reprimand the person who makes Zi Xun angry. But Zi Xun thinks Meng Yao cannot reprimand the person.

Guang Shan asks Zi Xun to apologize to Zi Wu and Lan Zhan, and Zi Xun shares that Lan Zhan wants to invite Wu Xian. He asks Lan Zhan what he did at the Burial Mounds. Lan Zhan reveals he went to visit an old friend, and Zi Xun thinks Wu Xian killed many people. Zi Xuan shares that Yan Li misses Wu Xian, and wants to call Wu Xian back. Zi Wu thinks it’s good to get Wu Xian to return to good path, and asks for Guang Shan’s opinion.

Guan Shan thinks he can forgive Wu Xian but he worries about the evil tiger symbol and Wen Ning. Meng Yao offers to invite Wu Xian to the golden stage and ask him to hand over the evil tiger symbol. Zi Xun is sick and leaves. Meng Yao asks Lan Zhan to give Wu Xian the invitation, and Lan Zhan agrees with it.

Yan Li is happy to tell Jin Ling that his uncle will take part in his banquet. Meng Yao tells Zi Yun that Guang Shan did it for the four families, but Zi Xun yells at Meng Yao. Meng Yao asks Zi Xun if he has any revenge with Wu Xian.

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