The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 31 [Recap]

This is the recap of The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 31. Wen Yuan takes the lotus to eat but hurts his teeth. He thinks Wu Xian bullied him, and Wu Xian tells Wen Yuan that the lotuses cannot be eaten. Wen Ning brings the invitation to Wen Qing, and she tells Wu Xian that he can visit his sister.

The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 31 Recap

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama: Episode 31.

The group talk about that Jin family invited Wu Xian to the banquet, and they don’t intend to attend. Wu Xian hears their talk and buys the stuff. He shows the stuff to Wen Ning, and Wen Ning thinks it’s pretty. But Wu Xian reveals the money Wen Qing gave him is all emptied out, and thinks they will get scolded.

Wu Xian asks Wen Ning to defend him if he gets scolded. Wen Ning agrees and thinks Jin Ling will like the present, but Wu Xian points out that it’s just a small pendant. Wen Ning asks Wu Xian what present he prepared, and Wu Xian shows the string of beads to Wen Ning.

Wen Ning thinks the string of beads is incredible, and asks Wu Xian if he made it from demon palace. Wu Xian admits it and thinks the demons won’t be close to Jin Ling when he wears it. He reminds Wen Ning not to touch the beads as he thinks he will get hurt.

Wen Ning tells Wu Xian to hold back when he sees Zi Xuan, and Wu Xian promises not to talk bad about Zi Xuan. Wen Ning thinks Zi Xuan is a nice person, and he catches the arrow when Wu Xian is going to get hurt.

Zi Xun shows up with the archers, and asks Wu Xian to undo the evil curse from him. He shows the evil curse to him, and Wu Xian recognizes that it’s thousand wounds hundred holes. Zi Xun thinks Wu Xian is the only person who can do it, but Wu Xian points out that he would tell the whole world about it if he wants to kill a person.

Zi Xun tells Wu Xian that he will kill him, and Wen Ning carries the rock to block the arrows for Wu Xian. He flies to the mountain and fights with the archers. Zi Xun catches the chance to attack Wu Xian because he doesn’t take any sword.

Zi Xun takes the black box, and thinks it’s the present Wu Xian wants to give to Jin Ling. Zi Xuan shows up and stops the two. He blames Zi Xun for what he did, and Zi Xun asks Zi Xuan to keep it a secret from Yan Li. But Zi Xuan thinks there’s still things to look back on for this case.

Zi Xun asks Zi Xuan if he saw the things on his body, and thinks he cannot wait anymore. He asks him if he doesn’t care about his brother’s life for the sake of Yan Li. Zi Xuan thinks the curse wasn’t done by Wu Xian, and asks Zi Xun where he wants to set Yan Li’s position.

Zi Xun thinks Wu Xian doesn’t have any qualification to attend the family gathering, and reminds Zi Xuan that he will have a stain if he invites Wu Xian. Zi Xun rages to break the black box, and Zi Xuan asks Wu Xian to stop Wen Ning.

But Wu Xian wants Zi Xun to stop first, and thinks he will get killed by the arrows if he stops Wen Ning. Wu Xian asks Zi Xuan if he knew Zi Xun’s plan when he decided to invite him. Wu Xian plays the flute, but Wen Ning stabs Zi Xuan from his back.

Zi Xuan tells Wu Xian that Yan Li is waiting for him to attend the child’s full month banquet, but he falls down in front of Wu Xian. Zi Xun tells the archers to shoot, but Wen Ning kills him. Wu Xian is shocked by Zi Xuan’s death.

Jiang Cheng wonders why Zi Xuan doesn’t arrive, and Yan Li thinks something delayed Zi Xuan. Lan Zhan visits and asks if Wu Xian arrived. Jiang Cheng denies, and Yan Li thinks something happened. Meng Yao arrives, and Lan Zhan asks Meng Yao why Ze Wu’s men left with Zi Xun.

Meng Yao shares that Zi Xuan and Zi Xun went to Qiongqi path, and the man reports that Zi Xuan was killed by Wen Ning. Yan Li feels sad and tears up.

Wu Xian lies in the bed, and the demon tells him that he waited for the day for a long time. Wu Xian opens his eyes and kicks Wen Ning. He asks him if he knows who he has killed, and glares at Wen Yuan who runs to Wu Xian with a bamboo butterfly. Wen Yuan cries, and the old woman takes him out and promises to make a big butterfly for him.

Wu Xian grabs Wen Ning’s clothes and asks him what he wants him to do since he killed Zi Xuan. Wen Ning trembles to make an apology, and Wen Qing inserts a nail into Wu Xian’s shoulder. Wen Qing gets Wu Lian to lie, and tells him that they talked about it.

Wu Xian asks Wen Qing to take out the needle, and Wen Ning shares that they decided to go to golden stage asking for forgiveness. Wen Ning adds that the Jin family asked Wu Xian to hand over Wen Qing and Wen Ning, and she tells Wu Xian that the needle will lose efficacy after three days.

Wu Xian says that he didn’t do the evil curse on Zi Xun, and reveals the curse will rebound to the person who carries out the curse. He offers to find the person who takes the rebound mark, but she thinks they aren’t willing to wait for it. She thinks who did the curse isn’t important, and the important things is that Wen Ning killed Zi Xuan.

Wu Xian thinks he should go instead of Wen Ning, and Wen Qing points out that they don’t have the excuse when Wu Xian’s knife Wen Ning goes to there. Wu Xian reminds Wen Qing that Wen Ning’s fate, but she thinks they deserve it. She says that the days are what they have gained, and tears up to thank Wu Xian. Wu Xian falls asleep and is with tear as well.

Wen Ning and Wen Qing walk to golden stage, and Guang Shan swears to grind their bones and scatter their ashes. Wen Qing holds Qing Ning’s hand when they’re surrounded by the swordsmen. Yan Li hugs Jin Ling and stares at the memorial table of Zi Xuan.

Wu Xian is in the woods with fog, and calls Yan Li’s name. Yan Li asks him to go home with her, and says that nobody blames him. He wakes up from his dream and runs outside, but finds out that nobody is there.

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