“Flower of Evil” (2020 Korean Drama): Cast & Summary

Flower of Evil” is a Korean drama which tells a story about the criminal and the cop’s love.

“Flower of Evil” airs on Netflix and the release date is on 29 July 2020.

Lee Joon-Gi and Moon Chae-Won are the lead actors.

Lee Joon-Gi starred “Lawless Lawyer” in 2018. He played the righteous lawyer Bong Sang-Pil with Seo Yea-Ji.

Moon Chae-Won starred “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” in 2018. She played the fairy Sun Ok-Nam.

Flower of Evil (2020)

Flower of Evil

Flower of Evil Wiki

Title: Flower of Evil (Flower of Evil Korean Drama)

Director: Kim Cheol-Kyu

Writer: Yoo Jung-Hee

Network: tvN, Netflix

Runtime: 29 July 2020

Episodes: 16

Language: Korean

Flower of Evil Summary

Ji-Won is a cop who has a perfect husband and a lovely daughter. But she doesn’t expect that her husband is a culprit who killed many people.

Flower of Evil Cast

Lee Joon-Gi as Baek Hee-Sung

He is a culprit who killed many people. He doesn’t tell his wife about his dirty past.

Moon Chae-Won as Cha Ji-Won

She loves her husband so much and doesn’t believe that he is a bad guy.

Jang Hee-Jin as Do Hae-Soo

She is Baek Hee-Sung older sister. She is also the one he must protect.

Seo Hyun-Woo as Kim Moo-Jin

He is the best friend of Baek Hee-Sung. He always helps him even if he beats him.

Flower of Evil Episodes

Flower of Evil Episode 1

Hee-Sung tries to take off the rope in the water, but he fails. Ji-Won jumps into the water and stares at him.

“Should I tell you what kind of person I am?”

“I’ll love you even more from this moment on. I’ll be good to you.”

Ji-Won kisses Hee-Sung.

“Then, before you know it, everything will change in a way that seems unreal.”

Hee-Sung gives Ji-Won a long kiss. She pushes him away and finds out that they’re late. She thinks he has no shame, and worries that the customer will come in. But he points out that he wasn’t the one who let the music get him in the mood. She tells him to clear things up and put their kid Eun-Ha in her best outfit. She leaves to pick up the dry cleaning. He asks her why she is going to all the trouble for a family dinner. Flower of Evil makes Ji-Won see her in-laws.

Hee-Sung drives the car and worries that it’ll be uncomfortable for Ji-Won. She holds his hand and wants to use the chance to see his parents more often. Because they’re Eun-Ha’s grandparents. But Eun-Ha thinks Grandma’s scary, and points out that Ji-Won is scared of Mi-Ja too.

Mi-Ja scolds Ji-Won for not teaching Eun-Ha basic manners. Hee-Sung talks back that Ji-Won remembers Mi-Ja closed the door on them the last time. Mi-Ja points out that they’re the ones who came there uninvited. Ji-Won asks Mi-Ja if she makes it there all right, and hopes it wasn’t tricky to find. Man-Woo says that it was fine. Ji-Won tells Eun-Ha to do what they practiced earlier. Eun-Ha puts her hands on her head and tells Mi-Ja and Man-Woo that she loves them. The tvn drama Flower of Evil has beautiful cop.

Mi-Ja and Man-Woo ignore Eun-Ha. Eun-Ha thinks the two hate her. Ji-Won comforts Eun-Ha that Mi-Ja will be bound to respond if she keeps trying.

Ji-Won and Eun-Ha say happy birthday to Hee-Sung while applause. Hee-Sung blows out the candle. Eun-Ha gives herself to Hee-Sung as a gift. He thinks it’s the sweetest gift. Ji-Won gives him the gift strap, and tells him that his initials are engraved on it. Eun-Ha needs to pee, and Ji-Won takes her to the restroom. Flower of Evil brings the trouble to Ji-Won in the family gathering. Flower of Evil ratings remains high because of the plot.

Mi-Ja asks Hee-Sung if he called them to show off. He asks her why they came, and thinks they came up with an excuse. She asks him if she is not allowed to wish her son a happy birthday. She thinks he feels the life belongs to him. He says that it was never once his so that he doesn’t know how it feels. Man-Woo stops the two while hitting the table with the glass, and reminds them that they’re in the same boat. He tells them not to cause trouble if they don’t want the boat to sink.

Ji-Won shows up with Eun-Ha, and tells Hee-Sung that she needs to leave. He wants to give her a ride. But she wants to take a cab. Mi-Ja asks Ji-Won if she takes revenge because she didn’t welcome her last year. Ji-Won denies and says that she wishes to treat them to a nice dinner. She worries that she upsets her in-laws again. Hee-Sung comforts her that it’s fine. Flower of Evil ost is stunning. Flower of evil netflix is good.

Mi-Ja thinks Ji-Won is dumb. Man-Woo says that they didn’t know Hee-Sung’d end up having such a successful marriage. Hee-Sung reveals he and Ji-Won are made for each other. Mi-Ja laughs and thinks it’s a joke as Hee-Sung has dirty past and Ji-Won is a cop. Man-Woo asks Hee-Sung if having a kid together made him develop a special kind of bond with Ji-Won.

Hee-Sung reveals Ji-Won only believes what she sees and he only shows her what she wants to see. He thinks he can see through her, and tells the two not to worry about them. Flower of Evil’s actresses are pretty.

Ji-Won arrives at the police station, and the follower Ho-Joon reports to her that the boy In-Seo was found unconscious with a serious head injury at an apartment emergency stairs. In-Seo was sent to the hospital, and he told the cops that his dad Sang-Jin tried to kill him. Flower of evil kdrama is good.

It flashes back. In-Seo climbs the stairs and feels exhausted. But Sang-Jin tells him to go down, and reveals he gets angry while seeing him as he doesn’t believe that he is his son. He kicks him down the stairs. The actors of Flower of Evil are handsome.

Sang-Jin tells Jae-Sub that his son is lying to him. But Jae-Sub thinks Sang-Jin tried to kill his son. Sang-Jin says that what his son said isn’t the truth. He explains that he left because his friend called him out, and they were drinking together. Jae-Sub smells Sang-Jin and asks him if he had ribs with soju and beer with his friend. Sang-Jin admits it. Flower of evil korean drama is good.

Ho-Joon doesn’t believe Sang-Jin hurt his son as he looks like a nice guy. But Jae-Sub points out that eighty percent of child abuse is committed by their own parents. Ji-Won thinks Sang-Jin is accused of something he didn’t do. She hints Jae-Sub to take a look at Sang-Jin’s slippers, and thinks he came running as soon he heard about his son’s injury. She adds that this is why only one of his socks is dirty. The slippers don’t even fit him properly, so they probably came off while he was running. Flower of Evil are talked about on soompi.

But Jae-Sub tells Ji-Won to look at the person before she looks at the evidence. He thinks his instincts could tell that Sang-Jin is a bad guy, and tells Ho-Joon to make a choice between him and Ji-Won. Ji-Won reveals Ho-Joon told her that she is his role model. But Jae-Sub points out that Ho-Joon said same thing to him. Ho-Joon explains that they’re both who he admires. Flower of evil is worth of watching.

Woo-Cheol calls the three into his office, and Jae-Sub thinks coffee shops provide packaging to help Woo-Cheol carry more than one when Woo-Cheol is drinking alone. Woo-Cheol admits it. Jae-Sub complains that Woo-Cheol only buys coffee just for himself. Woo-Cheol tells Ji-Won to collect statements from those close to Sang-Jin and check the security footage from the accident site. Jae-Sub thinks he will be sent to beat the truth out of Sang-Jin. But Woo-Cheol just tells Jae-Sub to check Sang-Jin’s whereabouts during the time of the accident. Ji-Won volunteers to talk to Sang-Jin’s wife Ae-Young. Flower of Evil airs on viki.

The reporter Moo-Jin asks Ae-Young if her husband ever been bossy to his son or bullied him. She reveals Sang-Jin trends to hate it when things don’t go as planned. He asks her if she has ever thought that he lacks empathy. Ji-Won shows up and thinks she is already intrigued by what the headline will be. Moo-Jin shows the article to Ho-Joon. Ho-Joon thinks Moo-Jin seems too excited about it, and asks if he has to let that show at the hospital. Moo-Jin claims that this is a kind of story he lives for if he’s being honest. Ho-Joon tells Moo-Jin that he has been enjoying the articles he posts online, and mentions the serial murders in Yeonju city. Moo-Jin says that it was dreadful and the whole town was in shambles.

Moo-Jin asks Ho-Joon what the father does for a living. Ho-Joon reveals he is a lawyer. Moo-Jin tries to write down something but his pen is really bad. Ho-Joon gives his pen to Moo-Jin and reveals Ji-Won’s husband made these for members on her team. He says that he is a metal craftsman. You can watch Flower of Evil on Netflix.

Ji-Won asks Ae-Young if her son ever complained about his father. Ae-Young grabs Ji-Won’s hand and tells her that her son isn’t the one who lies. So Ji-Won asks if Ae-Young’s husband hurt her child. Ae-Young gets angry and yells there’s nothing going on in her family. Ji-Won asks if there is an insurance contract taken out under her son’s name. Flower of evil episode 1 is so good.

Ji-Won doesn’t believe Sang-Jin would kill his son for money since the family doesn’t have any financial trouble. But Moo-Jin thinks there never needs to be a grand motive for murder, and mentions some men killed seven people just for kicking and burying their bodies in the woods. He adds that the wife that was said to have left him was found there too. She asks him who he’s talking about. He tells her that the killer was a metal craftsman like her husband, and asks if the details on the case are worth the fancy pen. She smiles to give him Hee-Sung’s business card, and asks him to say good things about it on social media. Flower of Evil is the best Korean drama in 2020.

Ho-Joon wonders why Ji-Won is formal with Moo-Jin when he’s not with her. Ji-Won says that Moo-Jin is a year older than her. But Ho-Joon points out that Moo-Jin is a year younger than her. Moo-Jin walks away. Ji-Won gets angry and hits Ho-Joon. Flower of evil drama is good.

Ji-Won tells Hee-Sung that the victim’s mother who’s also the suspect’s wife, and her son woke up after nearly dying and accused his father of attempted murder. But Ae-Young says that her family is perfect. Ji-Won wonders why Ae-Young is so clueless, and she doesn’t know if she is avoiding the truth or covering it up. Ji-Won gets changed and is going to leave. Hee-Sung asks her if she really heads back at the time after changing. She says that she does it all the time, and asks how angry were his parents. He tells her not to let it get to her, and she doesn’t know why they hate her so much. Because she isn’t the one who is widely hated. She brags that she has a good personality and wears a smile on her face, and says that she even gave birth to their granddaughter. Ji-Won hugs Hee-Sung and asks him if he is upsetting because of her. She thinks she wouldn’t have seduced him if she had known it. The cast of Flower of Evil are pretty good.

Hee-Sung takes Eun-Ha to the school, and he gives the teacher the breakfast he cooked. The teacher thinks Ji-Won is a lucky woman. Flower of evil netflix is very nice.

Moo-Jin reads the article about Min-Seok, and gets a call Soon-Gil who says that he cannot come because of the customers. Moo-Jin asks Soon-Gil if she is sure it was Hyun-Soo. Soon-Gil says that he cannot forget Hyun-Soo.

Hee-Sung visits Mi-Ja and tells her to call Ji-Won. She asks him if he wants her to call his wife and throw a fit. He tells her not to make Ji-Won expect anything from her as Ji-Won thinks things will be improved when she works hard. She learns that he doesn’t want her to see his daughter and wife, and gets angry. She takes his clothes and claims that she also has a right over his life. He comforts her that his life is hers as long as he lives as Hee-Sung. Lee Joon-Gi does a great job on Flower of Evil.

Ho-Joon wakes Ji-Won up and thinks the kid in the elevator saw something. Jae-Sub visits Eun-Suk and asks if Sang-Jin looked different yesterday. She says that things changed when Sang-Jin got a call saying his son got hurt. He asks her why she didn’t go with Sang-Jin to the hospital, and thinks they don’t have anything to hide. He mentions she treated In-Seo before. She explains that she was drunk yesterday. He smells her and agrees that she still reeks of alcohol. He makes his coins fall off his pocket, and tells her to pick it up for him. He catches the chance to take away her phone.

Jae-Sub gets his friend to open Eun-Suk’s phone, and finds the group photo of Eun-Suk and Sang-Jin. Jae-Sub laughs and says that he smelled women’s perfume on Sang-Jin and the perfume belonged to his so-called friend. I fall for Moon Chae-Won after watching Flower of Evil. Her acting skill is improved since she starred Criminal Minds.

Ae-Young wakes up and intends to take vitamins, but a cockroach climbs out of the bottle. It startles her. Ji-Won and Ho-Joon spot it. Ho-Joon asks Ae-Young if she knows the kid on the photo. She says that the kid named Ji-Hoon, and asks Ji-Won to make sure if Sang-Jin eats properly. Jae-Sub texts Ji-Won that Sang-Jin has an affair, and tells her to ask Ae-Young for a statement. But Ji-Won doesn’t tell Ae-Young about it.

Moo-Jin visits Hee-Sung and recognizes him. Hee-Sung asks Moo-Jin if he knows his wife. Moo-Jin admits it. Moon Chae-Won knows how to manage her role Cha Ji-Won on Flower of Evil. She is still beautiful after she starred Korean movie Mood of the Day. Flower of evil drama is stunning.

Ho-Joon drives Ji-Won and asks if she felt sorry for Ae-Young. She denies and claims that she didn’t tell Ae-Young because she doubted the admissibility of the evidence. But he thinks Ae-Young would give them the important information if she knew her husband was cheating. But she tells him to think that the cheating is irrelevant to the case. Jae-Sub texts Ji-Won that Sang-Jin asked his colleague about divorce and child support. But she texts back that the son and the dad were very close as they have gone hiking for 7 years.

Hee-Sung gets tea for Moo-Jin. Moo-Jin thinks he recognized Hee-Sung because they grew up in same neighborhood. He feels hot. Hee-Sung thinks Moo-Jin’s body temperature going up because he wants to say something. He tells him to ask him the question that popped into his head the moment he saw him. Moo-Jin denies and wants to leave. But Hee-Sung thinks Moo-Jin wants to know the truth. Moo-Jin reveals there was a murder that the village foreman died when Hee-Sung left. He asks him if he was involved. Flower of evil kdrama is stunning.

Ji-Hoon reveals In-Seo fell off the stairs himself when his dog was close to him as he bit him before. Mom scolds Ji-Hoon for not telling her about it. He mentions that Ae-Young warned to have the dog put down if he bites her son again.

Ji-Won tells Jae-Sub that the murderer is a dog. He wonders why the kid lied. She thinks he was nervous because of diet, and mentions what he said that investigating a case based on a wrong theory is the definition of wasting one’s time. Jae-Sub hangs up and tells Sang-Jin to leave as there’s a witness. Flower of Evil’s story is fresh.

Hee-Sung tells Moo-Jin that everyone thinks he killed the village foreman. Moo-Jin asks Hee-Sung why the murder weapon was found in his backpack. He thinks he should submit to police investigation if he’s innocent. Hee-Sung asks Moo-Jin why he knew the police are still after him. Moo-Jin is nervous and wants to leave. Hee-Sung asks Moo-Jin if he will run straight to the cops and tell them that he saw him. Moo-Jin denies.

Ji-Won visits the pharmacy and finds out that vitamin color is different than the one Ae-Young took. She visits In-Seo and asks if he was the one who put the cockroach in the vitamin bottle to prevent his mom from taking them. She tells him that they should let his mom choose on her own. In-Seo lets Ae-Young go out as he doesn’t want to let her hear it. Flower of Evil is the top drama you should watch.

In-Seo reveals he went hiking with Sang-Jin. Eun-Suk gave the medicine to Sang-Jin. He said that the medicine made Ae-Young show and dense.

Ji-Won goes out and arrests Sang-Jin. Hee-Sung intends to give a gift to Moo-Jin, and tells him to write down his address. But Hee-Sung closes the door.

Ji-Won thinks Ae-Young knew what Sang-Jin did on her, and reveals she would take the pill if she could delay the truth by just one day. Jae-Sub agrees what she says, and claims he will eat it if his wife gives him something with poison. Ji-Won thinks she was right that Sang-Jin didn’t kill his son, and asks Ho-Joon to make a choice between her and Jae-Sub. Flower of evil korean drama is amazing.

Mi-Ja calls Ji-Won and thinks she isn’t match for her son as her mom nagged his dad to death. She adds that she shackled her son down by getting pregnant, and she is using her daughter to barge into their lives. She tells her to treat each other as dead. Ji-Won is in tears, and tells Mi-Ja not to let Hee-Sung know their talk as she worries that he will get hurt.

Ji-Won returns home and gives Hee-Sung and Eun-Ha a hug. Moo-Jin wakes up and finds out that he is tied up in the basement.

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