The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 13 Recap

This is the recap for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 13. Crown Prince tells Wang Lin that he wants to give some money to Jianning Prince. Wang Lin points out that Jianing Prince won’t leave because he’s the great lord. Crown Prince wonders what he wants, and thinks he targets on the throne.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 13 Recap

The Rebel Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 13.

Wang Lin tells Crown Prince that he doesn’t worry about Jianning Prince at all. He reveals Xu Shou’s case and Jianning Prince are related. Crown Prince asks Empress what he needs to do, and thinks someone wants to rob the throne when Emperor is sick. Wang Lin tells Crown Prince not to be scared.

Empress comforts Wang Lin and asks him to tell them what to do. Wang Lin tells Crown Prince that he asked Xiao Qi to take his troops to South River. He wishes him to stop the rebel in Six Town. He adds that he’s not sure if he can defeat Jianning Prince. Empress wonders if she took the wrong step, and mentions they have been in danger after Princess got married with Xiao Qi.

Crown Prince slaps himself and thinks it’s his fault. Wang Lin points out that it’s the world’s fault. He thinks Wang Xuan should take the responsibility as the daughter of Wang family. He says that it’s her destiny, and they cannot stop it.

Yu Xiu tells the maids to leave because she wants to serve Princess alone. Wang Xuan thinks Yu Xiu knows it well. Yu Xiu brings the braised beef to Wang Xuan. But Wang Xuan wants to drink. Yu Xiu tells Wang Xuan that they don’t prepare wine because King doesn’t drink. Wang Xuan sighs.

Wang Xuan drinks with Yu Xiu. She wonders where she learned to drink. Yu Xiu reveals her father forced her to drink. She says that her father passed away, and wishes him to beat her again. Wang Xuan is in tears and wears the blanket for Yu Xiu. She wishes his father to beat her instead of tricking her.

Princess drinks and thinks of Zi Tan. She thinks she cannot smile to him. Xiao Qi accompanies her and carries her to the beg. He tries to take off her clothes. But she stops him and asks him where he went in the wedding night. He thinks she doesn’t let the thing go. He tells her that she will understand it one day.

Wang Xuan tells Xiao Qi that she doesn’t understand it, and asks him who he is to her. He learns that he’s a monster in her mind so that she guards against him. She admits that he is a monster, and hugs him. She asks him why he abandoned her.

Xiao Qi comforts Princess and thinks she’s always the arrogant girl in his mind. He tells her that he tried to take off her clothes because it was wet. She tells him that she doesn’t need him to take care of. She asks him who he’s to her. He says that he’s her husband.

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