The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Emperor gives the title “Yuzhang King” to Xiao Qi and tells him to be loyal to him. Xiao Qi promises it. The banquet begins. Zi Tan walks to Xiao Qi and thanks him for saving him. Xiao Qi drinks with Zi Tan and tells him the stuff in the cup is water. Zi Tan thinks it’s fine.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

The Rebel Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Crown Prince leaves the banquet and arrives at Light Palace. He tells the servant to drive everyone away. The servant sees Xiao Qi and tells him to return to the banquet. Xiao Qi asks the servant if he orders him to do so, and tells him to leave.

The maid takes Princess to Light Palace. Wang Xuan wonders why there’s nobody in the palace. The maid tells Wang Xuan to get in the palace because Empress is waiting for her. Wang Xuan looks for Empress. She sees Crown Prince staying in the bed with another. She is scared to flee to the gate. But the gate is closed.

Crown Prince runs to Wang Xuan and tells her not to yell. He wonders why she is so late, and asks who was the woman. He tells her that he likes her, and intends to hug her. She takes a stick and keeps beating him. But he’s not hurt and hugs her.

Princess kicks Crown Prince away and climbs to the wall. He thinks he’s better than Zi Tan, and tells her to get down. She walks alone the wall but she falls off. She wishes Zi Tan to come to save her. But she finds out that the person who caught her was Xiao Qi. She passes out.

The maid gets on knees and tells Empress that Crown Prince mistook Xie Wanru as Wang Xuan. She adds that she doesn’t know about it. Xie Wanru tears up.

It flashes back. The maid visits Xie Wanru and tells her that Empress wants to see her. Xie Wanru arrives at Light Palace. She sees Crown Prince. He walks to her and tells her not to leave because he mistakes her as Wang Xuan. He confesses his feelings to her, and carries her to the bed.

Consort Xie comforts Xie Wanru that she will give her an explanation. Crown Prince keeps slapping his face. Empress thinks it was a misunderstanding because Crown Prince only likes Princess. Consort Xie asks Empress if the daughter of Xie family can be insulted. Empress stops the two and promises to find the truth.

Crown Prince tells Emperor that he thought the person was Wang Xuan. Emperor kicks Crown Prince and reminds him that he can take away his position. Crown Prince gets on knees and tells Emperor that he knows his fault. Emperor kicks Crown Prince again.

Crown Prince cries and tells Empress to beg Emperor. He thinks Princess should marry to him. Empress reminds Emperor the reputation of Crown Prince. Emperor tells Xu Daoan to give the poison wine to all of maids in Light Palace.

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