The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 5. Su Jiner tells Wang Xuan that she and Zi Tan’s marriage will be successful if Crown Prince marries Xie Wanru. But Wang Xuan doesn’t want to get her happiness with Xie Wanru’s pain.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

The Rebel Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 5.

Zi Tan visits Emperor and asks him if he promised to marry Princess to him. Emperor admits it. Zi Tan tells Emperor to give marriage to him and Wang Xuan because he doesn’t want to see her getting bullied. Emperor asks Zi Tan if he only loves Wang Xuan all his life. Zi Tan says yes.

Wang Lin visits Xiao Qi and thanks him for saving Wang Xuan. Xiao Qi says that he just passed by. Wang Lin tells Xiao Qi that he wants to marry Wang Xuan to him. Emperor asks Zi Tan if he does it for the world because everyone knows that the person will get the world if he gets the daughter of Wang family. Zi Tan tells Emperor that Wang Xuan is his world in his mind. Emperor promises to give the marriage. He tells Zi Tan not to regret.

Xiao Qi doesn’t want to marry Princess because he knows that she loves Zi Tan. Wang Lin mentions his daughter was caught by him when she fell. He thinks he’s match for his daughter. Xiao Qi tells Wang Lin that he doesn’t think about marriage because he’s going to leave capital. Wang Lin tells Xiao Qi that he will visit him again.

The follower Song Huaien mentions Wang Lin gave them so much money, and asks Xiao Qi why he refused Wang Lin. Xiao Qi thinks there’s no pie falling from heaven. He gets Song Huaien to give the money to the families of the dead soldiers.

Su Jiner brings the snack to Wang Xuan and tells her to eat some. Wang Xuan tells Su Jiner that she cannot let it go. Su Jiner comforts Wang Xuan that it’s not her fault. Wang Xuan points out that it was because of her. Princess walks Xie Wangru and tells her that she will accompany her to cry if she wants to cry.

Xie Wanru tells Wang Xuan that she cannot cry because she doesn’t have any tear. Wang Xuan asks Xie Wanru if she agreed to marry Crown Prince. Xie Wanru tells Wang Xuan that she prefers to marry Crown Prince than a poor clan. She says that it’s the dream of each woman to be Empress. Wang Xuan wonders if Xie Wanru really thinks so.

Xie Wanru says that it cannot be changed since it happened. She tells Princess that she knows the destiny of women after she almost died. She thinks she cannot run away from the destiny. Su Jiner drags Wang Xuan out and tells her to take a look at the Duck Lantern of Zi Tan. Wang Xuan follows the Duck Lantern and arrives at the wall. She asks Zi Tan if he’s there. He tells her that Emperor agreed to their marriage.

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