The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 5. Chu Chu hits the target. Lin Qi praises Chu Chu and thinks Qian Qian won’t win her in the selection of Younger Rose City Chief.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 5 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 5

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 5.

Lin Qi gives the bow to Qian Qian, and tells her to shoot. But Qian Qian claims that she’s injured. Lin Qi thinks Qian Qian just fears to lose, and Qian Qian admits it. Lin Qi realizes that Qian Qian doesn’t own martial arts anymore.

Lin Qi tells Rose City Chief to add the martial arts test to the selection as people know that Qian Qian’s good at martial arts. But Qian Qian suspects Lin Qi’s intention, and she’s against it. Rose City Chief thinks the test is good for Qian Qian, and tells her not to hurt someone else.

Sang Qi tells Qian Qian that Rose City Chief added the martial arts test because she wished her to show her martial arts. Qian Qian asks Chu Chu why she wasn’t against it as it will be disadvantage to her. Chu Chu thinks adding martial arts test is reasonable, and tells Qian Qian not to hide her power.

Qian Qian walks out of the palace, and Lin Qi tells her to see each other at the martial arts stage. Qian Qian thinks she should avoid the test, and realizes that Han Shuo can help her.

Bai Ji hands over the bamboo tube to Han Shuo, and reveals Qian Qian’s follower Zi Rui ordered 500 bamboo tubes. Han Shuo realizes that Qian Qian fooled him to get his trust. He is furious to break the bamboo tube, and passes out.

Qian Qian runs in the room, and asks Han Shuo to help him. Bai Ji cries to Qian Qian that he won’t forgive her if Han Shuo dies.

Qian Qian takes off Han Shuo’s clothes, and Bai Qi thinks she is a beast. She asks for the medicine, but Bai Ji gives her a big pill.

Qian Qian chews the pill and feeds Han Shuo with her mouth. He wakes up and thinks she is hypocrisy. She spots the bamboo tube, and he asks her if she remembers someone made a bamboo tube to frame him.

Han Shuo asks Qian Qian why she lay to him, and she gets on knees. She explains that she didn’t put the map on the boat, and points out that she wouldn’t ruin the evidence when she takes the bamboo tube.

But Zi Rui leaks that he made 500 bamboo tubes and put it in the backyard. Qian Qian explains that she wanted to save him from the danger so that he would trust her. But Bai Ji tells Qian Qian that Han Shuo won’t trust her.

Qian Qian hugs Han Shuo’s thigh, and she offers to turn the rest bamboo tubes into fireworks. He agrees to it and asks to drink wine with her in the evening.

Qian Qian asks the writers to save the orange, but they think the orange’s worth of death, and tell her to get the medicine for banana.

Qian Qian realizes that Han Shuo will forgive her if she takes the dragon bone for him. But the writers get on knees against it. Qian Qian takes off the skin of the banana, and eats it up.

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Qian Qian takes away the dragon bone and stews it. She runs out with her followers from the kitchen because the dragon bone is too smelly. Bai Yi informs Qian Qian that Han Shuo’s waiting for her at the garden.

Qian Qian and the servants take the stewed dragon bone walking to the garden. Zi Rui reminds them the signal of fireworks. Chu Chu tells her followers to catch the tiger spies, and she uses the signal of fireworks as well.

Sang Qi reports to Rose City Chief that Qian Qian took away dragon bone. Rose City Chief is furious and wants to kill Qian Qian.

Han Shuo asks Qian Qian to drink the wine, and she tells him that she stewed dragon bone for him. He goes to see the stewed dragon bone, and Bai Ji reminds Han Shuo the garden.

Qian Qian pours off the wine and pretends to get poisoned when she sees Han Shuo running to her. She falls in his arms.

Zi Rui plays the fireworks when Chu Chu takes her women to catch tiger spies. The tiger spies rush out and attack Chu Chu and her troop.

Han Shuo tries to wake Qian Qian up, and tells her not to die. Rose City Chief arrives at the kitchen, and she is told that Qian Qian got poisoned.

Han Shuo takes the dragon bone soup to feed Qian Qian with her mouth, and she wakes up. Qian Qian gets Han Shuo to eat the dragon bone soup, and she passes out again.

Rose City Chief tears up and tells Qian Qian that she won’t let anyone hurt her.

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