“Love Designer” (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary

Love Designer” is a romantic comedy on the theme of design and love.

Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang are the lead actors.

Love Designer (2020)

Love Designer


Title: Love Designer

Director: Shen Yang, Ben Fang

Writer: Li Ranning, Wang Fang, Zhang Ziwei

Network: Aiqiyi, Youku, Tenxun Video

Runtime: From May. 19

Episodes: 51

Language: Chinese


It is the romantic comedy where an unknown designer wants to become successful but his president boyfriend hampers her dream.


Dilraba Dilmurat as Zhou Fang

The unknown designer who wants to chase her dream.

Johnny Huang as Song Lin

The president of Wan Feng group who loves Zhou Fang.

Viann Zhang as Qin Qing

An jewelry designer who is the best friend of Zhou Fang. She loves Zuo Yulin but always conceals the loves to him.

Yi Daqian as Zuo Yulin

The manager of Wan Feng group who has loved Qin Qing for many years since childhood.

Zhang Doudou as Luna

An actress who falls for Song Lin. So she always gives hard time to Zhou Fang.

Hu Bing as Su Yushan

The president who helps Zhou Fang many times. But he just uses her to hurt Song Lin.

Wang Yiming as Shen Di

He is Zhou Fang’s nephew, and likes Song Luo.

Zhu Ying as Li Ruhui

The mom of Zhou Fang who doesn’t like Song Lin.

Zheng Shuijing as Song Luo

The younger sister of Song Lin who wants Zhou Fang to be her sister-in-law. But she gets benefits from Luna as the same time.

Wang Quanyou as Zhou Yunian

The dad of Zhou Fang who always supports his daughter no matter what she does.

Shi An as Wang He

The friend of Song Lin who always supports Luna because he has fallen for her over ten years.

Zhao Xin as Shen Peipei

She was the rival in love with Zhou Fang before. But the two become friends.

Cao Yichen as He Chendong

The classmate of Zhou Fang. But she doesn’t know he loves her.

Cao Yichen played Jin Zixuan on The Untamed.

Wang Jiaqi as Quan Ye

The famous designer thinks Zhou Fang is up because her background. So she dislikes her.

Zhang Xingze as Wang Ziyang

The ex-boyfriend of Zhou Fang who cheated on her.


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