Radio Romance Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

This is first episode of Radio Romance Kdrama, Song Geu-Rim (Kim So-Hyun) lost her job in the radio station, as she didn’t keep DJ Kang Mi-Nu (U-Kwon). The producer Lee Gang (Yoon Park) promises to her that she can be main writer of his radio show if she can invite hot actor Ji Soo-Ho (Yoon Doo-Joon) as the show’s DJ.

Radio Romance Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

Radio Romance

Song Geu-Rim and her team is blamed by their boss Kang Hee-Seok because they didn’t control DJ Kang Mi-Nu and let him mess the show Radio Romance, Song Geu-Rim promises to Kang Hee-Seok that Kang Mi-Nu will appear in the show next day. She tries to contact Kang Mi-Nu’s manager but he doesn’t know where he is. Writer Ms. La tells Song Geu-Rim to take care her job because and claims she isn’t the show’s writer but Ms. La.

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Kang Mi-Nu calls Song Geu-Rim’s name with other friend while they are drinking, he accepts to her that he will attend Radio Romance tomorrow. She tells him that she will kill him if he flees again. Ji Soo-Ho runs into Song Geu-Rim in the elevator, his con-worker thinks he knows the girl while he presses the button of the elevator, but Ji Soo-Ho denies it.

Ji Soo-Ho runs into Song Geu-Rim who takes drunk Kang Mi-Nu in the elevator again, he pushes Kang Mi-Nu’s head to the the wall while seeing his head leans into Song Geu-Rim. She thinks to him for what he did and asks him to her show, he tells her that he will accepts it if he can take her to hotel. She thinks he is a jerk.

Song Geu-Rim tells her friends what Ji Soo-Ho did on her, but they don’t believe it and reveal that Ji Soo-Ho’s family pretends to be harmony. Ji Soo-Ho refuses his manager Kim Joon-Woo to drive him home when he stands besides his car. He has a bad dream after he returns home.

Song Geu-Rim serves her colleagues but they are only interested in Kang Hee-Seok, Ms. La lets her control Kang Hee-Seok and buy her sandwich when Song Geu-Rim tries to give her some advises on writing. Lee Gang robs Song Geu-Rim’s sandwich and bites, she is stunned since he wears weird. Kang Hee-Seok is happy for Lee Gang’s returning as he knows he is going to save his show.

Just then reporter finds out Kang Mi-Nu is going to leave Korea, Ms. La yells at Song Geu-Rim since she promised it. Kang Mi-Nu arrives airport and calls Song Geu-Rim saying sorry. Song Geu-Rim catches Kang Mi-Nu at airport and wants to take him to return the show, but he refuses it and thinks it’s stupid. Song Geu-Rim yells at him and reveals the show is her whole life and wants him to obey this promise, but DJ Kang Mi-Nu leaves Korea in his fan’s help.

The show Mi Nu’s happy 6pm is cancelled and Song Geu-Rim is fired, she gets a call from her mother while she is going to return home. They drink beer and recall Song Geu-Rim drew what she saw for mother after she got a eye surgery. Lee Gang calls Song Geu-Rim in the morning and tells her that he will let her to be main writer if she can invite Ji Soo-Ho as DJ to his show.

Song Geu-Rim searches about Ji Soo-Ho on the internet and targets his manager Kim Joon-Woo. A fan tries to shoot Ji Soo-Ho through her camera when Ji Soo-Ho and Kim Joon-Woo are taking a break in the van. Kim Joon-Woo catches the fan and drives her off. Just then Song Geu-Rim catches this chance and invites Ji Soo-Ho to her radio show as Dj with his favorite foods, but he pretends he doesn’t remember it when she mentions he promised that he will join it if she asks for in the elevator.

Ji Soo-Ho forgets his lines while filming, PD thinks it’s weird as he never made the mistake before. Then the heroine Jung Da-Seul stops the filming as she fears to jump into the water. A double is needed as Ji Soo-Ho is going to another shooting.

Song Geu-Rim tells PD that she can fall into water for Jung Da-Seul when PD blames his assistant because he didn’t have enough preparing regarding filming. Song Geu-Rim hopes Ji Soo-Ho can help her about the invitation since she helps him this time, but he complains that why she always appears in front of him. He worries her and tries to save her when he sees she doesn’t appear after falling into water.


Radio Romance Kdrama shows us a girl who tries her hard to be a writer of radio show, but she is bullied by main writer Ms. La and boss Kang Hee-Seok . It seems like hero Ji Soo-Ho knows Song Geu-Rim, but he tries to avoid her because of their past. Lee Gang is the only person who stands by Song Geu-Rim’s side in the radio station and wants to train her to be successful write.

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