Delicious Destiny Episode 1 – Song Jia Ming and Li Yu Zhe First Meet

Shanghai is not only a big city, but also known as gourmet city. Song Jia Ming was born in Shanghai. She is kind-hearted and optimistic. When she was a child, her mother left her. Her father raises her relying on the traditional pan fried shop.

Delicious Destiny Episode 1 Recap Part 1:

Delicious Destiny

One day, Song Jia Ming gets a call from her colleague that movie star Lucy refuses to eat fire pot in their show. As a producer director, she has to deal with this condition, however, a car destroys her mirror on motorcycle. This makes Song Jia Ming go crazy. She drives the motorcycle and chases the car. However, the carton block her road. The wrecker is disappear. She only remembers the number is 8848.

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When Song Jia Ming back to the tv station, Lucy is going to leave with angry emotion. Song Jia Ming begs Lucy stay her office and tells her how great is about their product – black coffee. She even promises Lucy will be very beautiful in their video. Lucy accepts his request, however she still refuses to eat hot pot.

Song Jia Ming commends Lucy for her popularity on Weibo and claims she is a big eater knowing the meaning of food. Lucy agrees her at the end. As the show recorded successfully, the leader Zhao Han praises her for what she has done.

Delicious Destiny Episode 1 Recap Part 2:

Li Yu Zhe is a handsome boy. He graduated from a famous cooking school in Paris. As a Chinese, he gets a gold award in top cooking competition. He manages a western restaurant after returning home from abroad. Li Yu Zhe only provides top food for limiting customer. His father Li Jian Guo owns a real estate firm and he wishes his son can take over his career. But, Li Yu Zhe is only interested in food.

As Li Jian Guo’s assistant, Ye Yi Lan handled the buzzes from media regarding their firm and placated shareholders. There is a problem at the building site. So, she asks Li Yu Zhe for help. When Li Yu Zhe meets a traffic jam on the road to the building site. At the same time Song Jia Ming recognizes the wrecker. He is Li Yu Zhe. His car number is 8848. Ye Yi Lan requires him to apologize, however Li Yu Zhe refuses and think the girl is a blackmailer. So he gives her money to solve this issue. This makes Song Jia Ming crazy. She bit the man on the arm. However she decides to help him and send him to the building site after she know he is going to help his father.

Li Jian Guo is kidnapped by his employees Xiao Zhao. Xiao Zhao claims he need money. While Ye Yi Lan gives cash to Xiao Zhao, she gets injure from him. Song Jia Ming recognizes Xiao Zhao comes from her hometown – Ningbo. So, she stops him and promises to invite him to eat lard oil dumpling.

As their show “Delicious Moment”rating is too low. Boss Zhou decides to close the show. This means Song Jia Ming will lose her job. After she watched the video about Li Yu Zhe gets gold award from Paris. She decides to invite him. Boss Zhou agrees it.

Song Jia Ming visits Xiao Zhao and brings lard oil dumpling to him in the hospital. However she decide to not give him the food after she see Xiao Zhao signed the suspicious contract from Li Yu Zhe.

Li Yu Zhe, Ye Yi Lan and Zhao Han have a party in the restaurant. When Ye Yi Lan is going to the washroom, Li Yu Zhe holds her hand. This makes Zhao Han crazy. He remembers Li Yu Zhe’s father killed his father. He tells himself he will take it back at one day. Zhao Han bought shoes for Ye Yi Lan and let Li Yu Zhe give her. After he see his goddess is very happy, he begins to feel lonely.

After checking Li Yu Zhe’s info from internet, she knows the guy she want to invite is the wrecker. She Knows Li Yu Zhe will refuse her invitation. But she won’t give up.

Song Jia Ming ordered many dishes at the western restaurant and ask for meeting. But Li Yu Zhe refuses it and lets her pay the expensive bill. The girl complaints the man is very cold and greedy when she calls Zhao Han.

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