The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 15-16

These are recaps of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 15-16, Feng Mian takes his men arriving, and rushes to save Zi Yuan. But he is lost to the enemies, and gets stabbed on chest. Zi Yuan doesn’t want to live alone, and laughs to stab her heart with the knife.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 15

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 15-16.

Chief Yao takes his alive men asking for shelter to Feng Mian. He falls on the ground with blood and tells Feng Mian his wronging. Feng Mian asks people to prepare the room for Chief Yao.

Jiang Cheng worries that Wen family won’t forgive Jiang family, and Lotus dock isn’t safe place to Chief Yao. Feng Mian decides to take Chief Yao to Jin family with Yan Li, and asks Wu Xian and Jiang Cheng to protect Lotus dock.

Wen Chao reports to Ruo Han that tortoise died, and the weapon suppressed the monster is gone. Ruo Han is upset because of evil iron, and his body’s exception occurs. He rages to ask Wen Chao to find the suppressing stuff. Wen Chao gets the task and prepares to ruin Lotus dock.

Ling Jiao takes her men arriving Cloud Dream and arrests people with supposed sins. She gets in Lotus dock and wrongs disciples of Jiang family having evil intent to Wen family. Zi Yuan cannot stand Ling Jiao and asks for her intent. Ling Qiao shares that Wu Xian didn’t respect Wen Chao, and asks Zi Yuan to punish Wu Xian.

Zi Yuan knows the future trouble will be infinite if she doesn’t punish Wu Xian. So she whips Wu Xian with Purple Electricity. But Ling Jiao asks Zi Yuan to cut off Wu Xian’s hand, and makes him never forget it.

Zi Yuan rages to ask the maid to close the door. Ling Jiao is pleased and thinks Lotus dock is the supervision site they set in Cloud Dream. But Zi Yuan gives Ling Jiao a slap and makes her fall down. Zi Yuan knocks down Ling Jiao’s guard with Purple Electricity, and grabs her chin.

Ling Jiao rages but she isn’t Zi Yuan’s opponent in martial arts. So she keeps shout. Zi Yuan treats Ling Jiao as cheap maid, and thinks she doesn’t match to deal with her family. She steps on her face. So Ling Jiao has to mention Wen family. Zi Yuan claims she cannot lose today, even if Wen family ruins Lotus dock.

When Zi Yuan is going to kill Ling Jiao, Zhu Liu saves her. Zi Yuan sneers at Zhu Liu that he forgot his ancestor. Zhu Liu’s face falls, and he fights with Zi Yuan. Ling Jiao wants to send signal. Wu Xian is injured, so he asks Jiang Cheng to stop Ling Jiao. But Jiang Cheng gets smacked by Zhu Liu for protecting Zi Yuan. Ling Jiao catches the chance to send signal.

Zi Yuan’s maids block Zhu Liu, and Zi Yuan takes Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian to the boat, tying them up with Purple Electricity. She asks Wu Xian to protect Jiang Cheng with his life, and kicks away the boat. Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian know that Zi Yuan will be dead, but they cannot get out of Purple Electricity. They run into Feng Mian and Yan Li. Feng Mian ties up Wu Xian, Jiang Cheng and Yan Li, and asks them to seek refuge with the grandmother. Feng Mian returns Lotus dock alone, and he wants to die with his wife.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 16

Purple Electricity relieves the imprisoning. Wu Xian and Jiang Cheng stroke to return to Lotus dock. Yan Li stays to wait for security. Lotus dock is lost in the blood sea, and the disciples of Jiang family were killed. Zi Yuan is desperate to resist, and she is seriously injured. Feng Mian takes his men arriving, and rushes to save Zi Yuan. But he is lost to the enemies, and gets stabbed on chest. Zi Yuan doesn’t want to live alone, and laughs to stab her heart with the knife. On the last moment of her life, she still holds her husband’s hand. She closes her eyes then.

Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian arrive, and they lie prone on the roof, seeing the bodies carried out. They see Feng Mian and Zi Yuan lying on the floor, and their hands grab tightly. Ling Jiao leans in Wen Chao’s arms, and abuses Zi Yuan. Wen Chao ignores the bloods in the room, and flatters the beauty in his arms.

Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian grab their fists and tear up. They’re anxious to eat Wen Chao and Ling Jiao alive. Jiang Cheng is sad to fall off the roof, and rushes towards field. Wu Xian follows Jiang Cheng, and Jiang Cheng realizes that he needs to collect his parent’s bodies, and desperately wants to take revenge. Wu Xian stops Jiang Cheng, and doesn’t allow him to give death. Jiang Cheng cries to grab Wu Xian’s neck, and blames him for helping Wang Ji. Wu Xian lets Jiang Cheng beat him, and Jiang Cheng release Wu Xian because he is feeb. He lies on the grassland, and wants his parents to get back. But he cannot return to before.

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Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian stay at field for one night, and Wu Xian takes Jiang Cheng to get up. They take the rancor, but Yan Li is waiting for message alone. They arrive at the woods, and Yan Li gets the answer when she sees the brothers red eyes. She cannot accept the truth when Wu Xian tells everything to her, and cries out.

Yan Li is excessive grief and gets wet in the rain. She gets fever and is laid up. Wu Xian goes out to buy Yan Li medicine, and sees people of Wen family search. Wu Xian prepares to fight, but they catch the suspect. Wu Xian returns to hotel, but finds out that Jiang Cheng is missing. He asks Yan Li to hide in the place of Grandma Liu, and promises to take Jiang Cheng back.

Wu Xian walks to Lotus dock and runs into Wen Ning, knowing Jiang Cheng is arrested by Wen Chao. Wu Xian intended to kidnap Wen Ning, but he cannot bear to take action. Wen Ning offers to help Wu Xian save Jiang Cheng, and Wu Xian chooses to trust Wen Ning. Wen Chao throws a banquet and hangs Feng Mian and Zi Yuan’s bodies on the door. But he doesn’t know Wen Ning dropped the medicine into the wine. Zhu Liu detects the thing in the wine, but he doesn’t disclose. Wu Xian is nervous to wait for Wen Ning, and wishes him to save Jiang Cheng.

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